14 Black Man Bun Styles with Images

For men with long hair, a man bun is a style that includes a pigtail or pack of hair, packaged together someplace on the crown. You can follow different man bun styles. At the point when the bun is set high on the head, it’s generally alluded to as a topknot. There are various styles of man bun, some less adequate than others. Man buns additionally in some cases show up with an undercut, where hair is left long on top however shaved tight on the back and sides. Once in a while the difference among top and base is extraordinary, like a separated undercut. Basically, bun is a popular method for pulling your hair back and tying it to a bun. While like the man braid, top bunch, and samurai hair, the key contrast is this long hairdo is tied in a bun by contorting and circling the hair. What’s more, the best part about the man bun is that there are a few distinct approaches to style it. For a change, folks can style an undercut bun or get shaved sides, a low blur, or include a beard.

Messy Man Bun: 

Messy Man Bun

Do you think your hair is messy! So here is the messy bun style for you. In this style you need not go to a barbershop for cutting .you can do it by yourself within a short time. Messy man bun looks amazing if you can tie it right. This style can suit you in different occasions as well as daily life. Think you are in a hurry and don’t have enough time to trim your hair, so the best solution is messy man bun. It adds an extra masculine look.

Undercut Man Bun Style:

Man Bun Undercut

It is now top trending haircut for men. There are so many undercut styles for you. Allows you to style a long slick back. If you have proper beard and you want a badass look, definitely you can go for man bun undercut. Undercut fade can also be a good choice for you.

Man Bun Fade:

Man bun Fade

This is a cool hairstyle; it looks fresh and clean-cut finish. Side fades gives you planet of options for your hairstyle. There can be so many different bun styles with man bun fade. If you have low, medium or high fade, you can go for man bun with it. It will look amazing .Man bun fade can go with all kinds of hairstyles and hair type including curly hair. It can be blend with your style perfectly.

Man Curly Hair Bun:

Man Bun

Man bun styles for curly hair are popular. It is definitely worth the trouble. Other guys can’t get the trendy finish, which don’t have curly hairs. If you have curly hairs it will require effort styling and growing. But when it will do, it can make your style very cool textured look. You can boost volume for the style. The best way to do curly hair man bun is to grow your hair longer and healthy.

Low Fade with Man Bun:

If you want low man bun, ask your barber for a low fade on the sides and back that drops down to the neckline. It is the classiest hairstyle that can make your look manlier. You can style your man bun pulled back with this low fade. You can make the bun back of your head or on top.

Braided Man Bun:

Man Bun Styles

Man bun braid is another stylish hairstyle for man. In this hairstyle, you need to fade the sides and make the bun top of your head. Then you can make the braid and tie it with the bun .easily you can get the braided man bun if you follow this. Braided man bun creates a strong personality that can match your style.

Man Bun with Beard:

Combining a man bun with beard is the most muscular look for men. If you have long beard that can add more style in this man bun with beard.tie the man bun back of your head and keep the beard long. By this, you can get a very manly look.

Man Bun with Fade Sides:

Man Bun Styles

If you grow out your hair, it will be easy to make the hairstyle. First, you need to fade sides of your head. You can choose low, medium or high fade as your hair type. Then you can make the bun top of your head. Man bun with fade sides looks so manly. It suits almost everyone with good hair type.

Man Bun Styles with Textured Long Hair

Man Bun Styles with Textured Long Hair

If you have long hair with long beard, this style is perfect for you. All you have to do is just make the bun top of your head or in the back. If you try Man bun with textured long hair, it will make your hairstyle very attractable.

Short Man Bun

Short Man Bun

A man bun with short hair looks good. To highlight the style you need undercut or fades. So tell your barber for the cut. You can make different hair style ideas with short man bun. You can try thick beard, hard part or line up along the hairline.

Dread Bun

Dread Bun

Styling dreads can make your look classier. You can experiment different dreadlock styles including dread fade. It is the most unique hair style for you if you have dread hair. So try out the dread bun and become classier.

Rugged Man Bun and Stubble

Rugged Man Bun and Stubble

For those of you with stubble or anybody as of now chipping away at growing a beard, exploit the manner in which a tightened blur can integrate your entire look. You can try this with thick beard and undercut.

Full Man Bun

The most desired man bun style is full man bun. If you have medium or longer hair, in both you can try this style. First brush your hair and then tie it with the bun on top of your head. You can wrap the ends around your hair tie to cover up the band in for a little knot. It can fit with your personal styling needs.

Full Man Bun

Man Bun with Wrap Around

One of the unique styles for man. If you have longer hair you can apply the style easily. You need to wrap your hair with the bun tie which will give you extra ordinary look. If you have medium or long beard, then man bun with wrap around will suite you the most.

Man Bun Styles

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