2 Goddess Braids to the Side

Goddess Braids are hot hairstyles right now for black African American women. Natural hair women can try these 6 pretty Goddess Braid for a day.

2 Goddess with Blonde End:

Feed goddess braid with the blonde end for long hair black African American women. The two sides hair is braided into three parts. There is also one slight braid in the middle. And the big ones are totally twisted with half blonde and half black hair.

2 Goddess with Blonde End
Image: 2 Goddess with Blonde End               Source: Pinterest

Side Goddess Braids with pure Black Hair:

 This hairstyle is only applicable to the fully black hair. Middle hair is totally straight. The twisted braids situated beside the ear. Twisted hair starts with thin, then thick and at the end, it turns to a very much thin position.

Side Goddess Braids with pure Black Hair
Image: Side Goddess Braids with pure Black Hair          Source: Pinterest

Jumbo Goddess Braids 2 Side:

Jumbo Goddess Braids can be very much adjustable with the curly hair. Because it needs to be tied very strongly, otherwise it cant stay long. Jumbo Goddess Braid hairstyle is at the two corner of the head. The starting point is divided into two parts but the end point is one only.

Image: Jumbo Goddess Braids 2 Side                   Source: Pinterest

Lovely Goddess with Glasses:

This one is for the straight and thin silky hair holders. Very much natural hairstyle with two twisted braids with two different ending point. Last hairlines are as thin as the tale of a snake.

Image: Lovely Goddess with Glasses                 Source: Pinterest

Fashion Forwarded 2 Side Braided:

Fashionable goddess braid to the side with black long hair for women. There is a big cut line at the exact middle point of the head. The braids start with cross shape and turn into very thick at the end.

Image: 2 Side Braided        Source: Pinterest 

 2 Side Goddess with Blonde Mix:

This is a two side Goddess hairstyle. Two braids are in round shape with the blonde highlights end.

Image:  2 Side Goddess with Blonde Mix     Source: Pinterest

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