2 Goddess Braids with Weave

Goddess braids are very spiritual & ghostly hairstyles to African American women. But they love it. And some are like 2 Goddess Braids with Weave. So, these are 17 neoteric 2 Goddess Braids with Weave hairstyles for African American women.

2 Goddess Long Braid:

Goddess long hair style for African American women. Forehead is smooth with maintaining high space. One-sided braid and hair go thick to thin from up to down.

2 Goddress Long Braid
Image: 2 Goddess Long Braid   Source: Instagram

2 Goddess Braids for Medium Length Hair:

Goddess hair with medium length. Two main hard and thick hair bun. Lots of slice braid with minimal space. This style is very much popular among African American children.

2 Goddess Braids for Medium Length Hair
Image: 2 Goddess Braids for Medium Length Hair   Source: Instagram

2 Goddess Braids with Feed in Braids:

Three main hard buns. There is no braid in the middle part of the hair. Feed in Braids exists on two sides near to the ear.

2 Goddess Braids with Weave
Image: 2 Goddess Braids with Feed in Braids   Source: Instagram

Butterfly Goddess Braids:

This hairstyle’s shape looks alike butterfly and that’s the reason it named as Butterfly Goddess Braids. Two main hair bun. Another bun or braid is in the exact middle point of the head.

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Butterfly Goddess Braids
Image: Butterfly Goddess Braids   Source: Instagram

Multi Braids with Purple Blonde Mixed:

One of the finest hairstyle and popular among African American women. Lots of colorful or Multi braids with three or four chop in the middle aside. Purple with minimal brown color makes this blonde mixed hairstyle is very much alive.

Image: Multi Braids with Purple Blonde Mixed   Source: Instagram

2 Goddess Braids Bun:

Hair length is long but the size of the main two buns is very much short around shoulder. Hair is divided between two parts from the middle. The yellow cross sign hairbands also make it brisk.

Image: 2 Goddess Braids Bun   Source: Instagram

2 Goddess Middle of Hair:

Braid and Bun are exactly in the middle of the head with long length. Two Buns looks perfect where excess bun or braids can make it disaster.

Image: 2 Goddess Middle of Hair   Source: Instagram

Goddess Black Blonde Mix:

This is the mixture of braid and bun with one ending point. Two braids start from two different points and joint up at the middle point up to the end. Black with off-white blonde mixture color makes it pure bold.

Image: Goddess Black Blonde Mix              Source: Instagram

Semi-Circle Braids:

This one is the newest hairstyle for African American women. Two Braids with two different starting and ending point. Braids shape looks like slight circle and that’s the reason it is named as Semi-Circle Braids with silky hair.

2 Goddess Braids with Weave
Image: Semi-Circle Braids   Source: Instagram

S shape Goddess Braids:

This is another new experience for African American women with perfectly S Shape Goddess Braids. Two braids with long length and a perfect S shape in the middle.

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S shape Goddess Braids
Image: S shape Goddess Braids   Source: Instagram

Brown Goddess for Cute Girl:

Two different Buns. Not perfectly braid but can be called as semi braid. Lots of semi braid with a long range straight chop in the middle. Brown color is used but Black also can be a smart choice.

Image: Brown Goddess for Cute Girl   Source: Instagram

2 Goddess Braids with Weave:

A particular style or manner in which something is woven. A hairstyle created by weaving pieces of real or artificial hair into a person’s existing hair, typically in order to increase its length or thickness.

Image: 2 Goddess Braids with Weave    Source: Instagram

2 Goddess Braids for Natural Hair:

This is a pure natural hairstyle for natural hair. It is applicable for messy, curly, long, medium, natural etc. for any kind of hair.

Image: 2 Goddess Braids for Natural Hair   Source: Instagram

Small Goddess with Braids:

Two tiny or small braids around shoulder. Straight chop in the middle. Braids are in brown color and rest are in pure black color looks it totally unique.

2 Goddess Braids
Image: Small Goddess with Braids Source: Instagram

Pretty Braids For Black Women:

This is a very much cute and cute hairstyle for African American women. Two braids, shapes look alike shrimp. Braids are turn tiny from shoulder.

Image: Pretty Braids For Black Women Source: Instagram

2 Goddess Braids for Long Hair:

This two Goddess Braids looks like the face of predator, which can make you a devil look. These Goddess braids are for long and silky hair, not applicable with the messy or curly hair.

2 Goddess Braids with Weave

Image: 2 Goddess Braids for Long Hair    Source: Instagram

Center Parted Goddess Braid:

This braid is the shortest one among all the style. It does not even touch the shoulder. Totally blocked with a huge thick braid and sided short braids. Black and brown is the most appropriate color for this style.

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Center Parted Goddess Braid
Image: Center Parted Goddess Braid                 Source: Instagram

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