22 Dominating Short Faux Locs of This Era

Short faux locks are an exclusive kind of hairdo that provides you with a very different yet fashionable appearance. When you are tired of using the boring hairstyles, the shortened faux locks can be a great option for you on your natural hair. Nowadays, African American women are very much fond of this artificial braiding hairstyle which are modern and trendy these days.  Many of us confuse the faux locks, dreadlocks and the goddess locks but the faux locks are a little dissimilar from dreadlocks or the goddess locks. Short Faux locs look really eccentric. Faux locks permit every African American women to experiment with varieties of patterns, textures, lengths, and colors. These styles are very easy to be carried on a daily basis.

However, this article is aimed at taking you to a voyage of short faux locks hairstyles which are collected from huge internet research and from the suggestions of the expert hairstylists. In this journey, we want to give you the opportunity to experience the best 22 short faux locks hairstyles which are specially designed for the African American people to wear on their natural hair. So let’s kick-start the journey.


  1. Black with Beads

The first one we have brought you is the black short faux locs with the beads. We need to say nothing about the faux locks as you already familiar with this sexy hairstyle. And the beads are the additional part of this hairstyle.  When you will wear this cute locks with lovely dazzling beads you will just look like a living princess and everyone around you will be enchanted with you magical charm.


13. Pure Blonde with Beads

  1. Crisscross Hair Guarder and Beads

I am very much excited to let you know about this unique hairstyle. In most of the cases, the use of hair guarder and some other accessories are seen to be applied on the short faux locks hairstyles. This hairstyle is all about the crisscross hairs guarders on the beautiful short faux locks. The youngsters and young women of the African American ethnicity are crazy for this hairstyle.


Criss Cross Hair Guarder and Beads


Criss Cross Hair Guarder and Beads


Criss Cross Hair Guarder and Beads


Criss Cross Hair Guarder and Beads

  1. Short Faux Locs Bun

There are no such women in the world who does not love the bun hairstyles. In different parties, gatherings, weddings and other get together, the bun is a must do hairstyle to the women all over the world and the African American women are no exception to this. I know you already tried the bun hairstyles with different types of braids and straight hair or Afro. Now it’s high time you did a bun hairstyle with the lovely faux locks. And you yourself can see the beauty and the effects of this bun hairstyles.




  1. Bob Shaped

The short faux locs are flexible enough to let you shape your locks as bobs. Just like the pictures below, you can try this awesome bob hairstyle with the faux locks. The charm and enchantment of this hairstyle will surely make anyone fall in love with them. From working women to the women performing in the households, the bob shaped faux locks can make them perfect and comfortable.

Bob Shaped


Bob Shaped

  1. Curly Faux Locs

Curls are very closely related to the lives of African American women. So, most of them always feel empty without a curl in their hairstyles. So, for the curls lovers, we have picked this sexy curly short faux locks. These locks will give you a princess looking charmed and an enchantment like the heavenly angel. Look at the picture carefully and you will understand the passion and glamour in it.

Curly Faux Locks

  1. Blonde Topknots

Hey, you will not find anything which is more flexible than this short faux locks. You can actually play around with this super cool locks. You can make a topknot or ponytails or anything for the summer seasons with this royal locks. Do it and you will be full of enjoyment.

Blonde Topknots

  1. Thick Braided Bob

Here comes the Thick Braided Bob. Which is actually is synthetic hair braids with blonde and black color. If you notice carefully, you will find some natural and wild beads too in the hairstyle. Moreover, the braids are gigantic and huge. Anyone at any place and tie will fall, in love with this hairstyle.

  1. Wild

Here comes another wild and tribal look with the short faux locks. The braids are common and already discussed I this article previously. Here we have presented this hairstyle for the crowns only. The Glittering crows of the head are the attractive part of this full package. You will get a charming, wild and tribal look with this awesome hairstyle.


  1. Shoulder Length

There is nothing special in the braids than the previous ones. But the length is of course special. The braids here are shaped as shoulder length. And only this characteristic has made this hairstyle demanding and lucrative.

Shoulder Length

  1. Simple Blonde

Simplicity has the power to rule the world. This hairstyle is just an authentic example of the above statement. I think I should not discuss anything else about it.

Simple Blonde

  1. Crisscross with Hair Guarder

We have previously discussed the crisscross hair guarders with the short faux locks earlier. But the main difference here is the absence of beads. With only some colorful crisscross hair guarders you can make this happen.

Cris Cross with Hair Guarder


Cris Cross with Hair Guarder


Cris Cross with Hair Guarder


Cris Cross with Hair Guarder

  1. Traditional- Conventional

Now take look to the traditional and conventional look of the short faux locks hairstyles. In the world of modification, the real or actual hairstyle may be the trending one.

Traditional- COnventional

  1. Pure Blonde with Beads

This hairstyle comes to you from the editor’s desk. Yes, this one is elected as the beast one from the examples above. So pick this one and hurry up to make a short faux lock with the blonde locs and beads.

short faux locs

So, how was our discussion? Let us know through in the comment box. We will be waiting for your response.

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