10 Ways to Wear and Style 360 Waves Haircuts

In the 90s, wave hairstyles became acutely popular among African American women. And after the 2000s, in the form of 360 waves, wavy hairstyles became popular among black men. Although the wave hairstyles are different for men and women, the wave styles are mainly used by men and women. But as a whole, 95% of these hairstyles are used by men only.

Today, you will see 12 paramount and foremost wave hairstyles for black men. We expect you will be much amazed watching this great collection of wave hairstyles of black men. Let’s start.

360 waves + Sunglasses + Chin Strap: The Complete Package

We start with the complete package: the waves, sunglasses and chin strap beard. It’s a Badass style trending among the black men right now. The glamour and smartness of this hairstyle will bring you the attraction of the whole crowd around you.

 Sunglasses + Chin Strap
Waves + Sunglasses + Chin Strap

Dreadlocks with Weaves, the Ponytail Extension

Waves can be of both artificial hair (wig) or natural hair. And the fun part is, you can also add extensions and accessories with the wavy hairstyle. In this image, you will find a lovely dreadlocks ponytail with puffy waves. Remember, the more unique you are, the more handsome you are. And here is the unique one.

 Dreadlocks Ponytail
Waves with Dreadlocks Ponytail

Side Faded Waves for Black Men

Fades add a killer effect to any men’s hairstyle. And with almost all hairstyles, the fades adjust themselves nicely. What if we use the fade undercut with the waves? The proof is in the image below. Your Wavy hairstyle will become more manly and more attractive with the fade undercut.

360 waves with Fade
360 waves with Fade

Waves with Full Beard and Mustache

Some of us consider that no makeover is manly enough without beards and moustache. But all of the modern haircuts and hairstyles do support the bread and moustache. In the case of a waves haircut, you will be lucky enough to add the additional effect of full beards and mustache with it. Now you can enjoy your great manly view.

Blonde Highlighted Waves

Highlights in haircuts and hairstyles make yourself highlighted among many. And who does not want to be underlined? In waves, you can highlight your hairstyle with blonde colour with a separate partition. The highlighted waves are one of the most popular forms of wave hairstyles used by African American black women.

Blonde Highlights
Blonde Highlighted 360 waves

Shaved Textures, Patterns and Designs with Wavy Haircut

According to some people, pure waves are boring and stale. But don’t think that it is well said. Instead, we suggest wavy cuts with various patterns, designs, and textures, just like the image below. On the one hand, it will remove your boredom and present you with a brand-new haircut to impress anyone you want.

Designs with Waves
Designs with Waves

Do Kids Go with It?

Is the wavy hairstyle good for kids? Or how do they look with it? Here is the answer to your question. Like the adults, the kids (the male kids) looks incredibly handsome and smart with wavy hairstyles. In the image below, you can see the black kid with this haircut and realize the haircut’s effect.

Kids 360 waves
Kids 360 waves

Waves in Stubble Hair: The Insignificant Waves

Yeah, you can still get this haircut with stubble hair. With stubble hair, you will get insignificant waves like the man in the image below. But the little waves do not mean an insignificant or blur hairstyle.  Its one of the top used and tremendously popular haircuts among the black men of African American ethnicity.

Undercut + Waves + Royale Beards

How is the combination? The sides undercut, the prime portion of the head waved, and attractive Royale beards on your face; all these elements have assembled to create this incredible creation. The young generations are liking these haircuts much more than any other hairstyles and haircuts the black men ever used.

Undercut with Waves

Waves with Petite Goatee

Likewise, the Royale Beards combined with the waves haircut, the Petite Goatee beards hairstyles are also mixable with the wavy haircut. And, one thing we want you to remember that almost all styles of waves are fully mixable with any beards style.

Pettie Goatee
Waves with Pettie Goatee


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