8 Center-Parted Box Braids Hairstyles for You

Box Braids has a well known for hairstyles lover. Some of the braids lover like center-parted box braids. Its one of the easiest and professional hairstyle this age. Here are the 8 best Center-Parted Box Braids Hairstyle for making stylish you.

Center Parted Brown Braids: Black girls can color their hair brown and can try center-parted easily.

Center Parted Brown Box Braids
Image: Center Parted Brown Braids          Source: Pinterest

Black Parted Braids: Easy black box braids with center parted. Women can try this as the picture.

Black Center Parted Box Braids
Image: Black Center Parted Box Braids      Source: Pinterest

Center Parted Long Braids: Long Hair girls can try this long center-parted braid as the picture.

Center Parted Long Braids
Image: Center Parted Long Braids                                   Source: Pinterest

Pretty Girl Center-Parted Braids:

Pretty Girl Center-Parted Braids
Image: Pretty Girl Center-Parted Braids                            Source: Pinterest

Center-Parted Braids with Beads:

Center-Parted Braids with Beads
Image: Center-Parted Braids with Beads                                Source: Pinterest


Box Braids Two Small Bun:

Box braids with Two Small Bun
Image:  Two Small Bun                    Source: Pinterest

Cute Girl center-parted box braids:

Cute Girl center-parted box braids
Image: Cute Girl center-parted braids                                           Source: Pinterest

Long Box Braid with End Loose:

Long Box Braid
Image: Long Box Braid                                         Source: Pinterest

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