Top 10 African-American Bob Haircut for Women

A congruous bob haircut is a symbol of confidence to every man and women. But not people of all ethnicity are capable of styling their hair in the way they like. In this regard, The African-American women are luckiest people on the planet, as they can shape their hair whatever they like. Among all popular hair styles of women, bob hair cut has been a great choice from a long time ago to the present days. Specialists suggest bob haircut as the most stylish, fashionable and confident haircut for African-American women.  In this article will reveal the world’s top 10 bob hairstyles for African-American Women.

1. Rich Curly Bob Hairstyle:

This hairstyle is for the romantic women. Women with conventional hair always desire for a beautiful curly hair; which makes you the luckiest lady on Earth. Because you naturally have curled hair. And this hairstyle goes best with curly hair. It will highlight your facial features and boost your confidence level.

 Rich Curly Bob Hairstyle


2. Bold Bang Bob Hairstyle:

This is a classic hairstyle for the women with heart-shaped face and longer forehead. This haircut can help you boost your confidence level wherever you go. Among classical bob haircuts, this one is mostly suggested by the hair stylists.

Bold Bang Bob Hairstyle

3. Creamy Chocolate Long Bob Hairstyle:

Want a seductive look with a sexy hairdo? Try creamy chocolate bob. You can opt for longer hairs but be careful that hair doesn’t go below your shoulders. If you want to add an extra sensational effect, try a fringe. Sweep the hairs on a side and make your surrounding amazed.

Creamy Chocolate Long Bob Hairstyle

4. Black Blue Short Cut:

Most of the people have a misconception regarding colored hair with dark skin. This bob hairstyle is a perfect answer to that misconception. Big waves, short hair, straight cut ends of blunt bob will make everyone turn their head

Black Blue Short Cut

5. Bob Hairstyle with Striking Blonde Highlights and Curls Galore:

Now, look at the gorgeous look. A shiny contrast between natural hair color and the illumination of the golden highlights make you glittering. You will get the tight curled galore as an extra bonus. This bob hairstyles are on great demand on the eve of holidays and festivals.

Bob Hairstyle with Striking Blonde Highlights and Curls Galore


6. Tri-Ombre Asymmetrical Bob Hair Style:

Wants Hair color designs in bob hairstyles?  Let’s try something like asymmetrical bob hairstyle which is available in black, silver and blue color.  This haircut gives you an X-Men-esque look. These colors put together create a stunning combination.

Tri-Ombre Asymmetrical Bob Hair Style


7. Bronze Curly Bob Hair Style: 

Like this simple and dreamlike haircut. Here well-arranged curls drift perfectly like melted bronze, which can surely be defined as dreamy or a vintage film poster. The beautiful long bob is curled on its junior half which looks like a mid-length bob and brushed to the adjacent to produce a pin-up effect.

Bronze Curly Bob Hair Style 

8. 3D Crochet Braids Bob Hair Style

Anyone can do a simple A-line bob. But, do your A-line bob up in 3D crochet braids and you have something really special at hand. This side parted look is nothing if not edgy and badass. Add a few bronze beads and put on your best clothes to take the world by storm.

Bob Haircut on Natural Hair


9. Straight Bob Hair Style with Weave Bang:

Well, now let’s talk over a picture-perfect bob hairstyle for African-American women. This hairstyle allows a blending a style that fuses both your regular and some imitation curls. If you add some shading just to the mid-front of your flashes, it will add an ingenious touch to your appearance.

 Straight Bob Hair Style with Weave

10. Asymmetrical Short Bob Hairstyle:

And the last but not the lease are for those who like Weaves but not like conventional course. There are a lot of insolent forms to challenge when you’re going for a touchier look. This is a longer hair style at a verge on one side with the beneath hair clipped dumpy. The long hair can be smoothly explored over the tinier area when you want a class of straight-bound look.

Bob Haircut


So, what are you waiting for? Grab your bob hairstyle now and get ready for a trendy look. No matter it is a festival or not put smartness to your casual life. The world will turn its head towards you with a handy bob hairstyle.

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