18 African American Dreadlocks Hairstyles

Trendy dreadlocks hairstyles have become popularized by a number of celebs Like Bob Marley. These natural locks, as it has crossed a long way from Africa to American, have been modified, redesigned, and restructured. Well, the journey of African American Dreadlocks may be boring and frustrating, but the ultimate fruit is sweet enough to make a good smile on your face. However, when you have grown your own locks, you are free to designs and decorate them as per your preference. But before you for additional styling, we have some to show and something to recommend. Yes, we are talking about some of the finest creations with the dreadlocks. And we have specifically picked these designs and styles for the African American fashion-conscious women of the 21st century.

We have picked 18 of the greatest examples of Dreadlocks hairstyles that will take you to another level of amazement. So, do not miss this hot cake!

01. Topknot Hairstyles with Blonde Highlighted

Hey, here is the first one which I want you to wear in this big season. Look carefully, you will find a lovely floral effect on the top in the form of topknots. And to add some additional stun, the blonde color has been used as a highlight. As a whole, this hairstyle is made with the lovely rope dreads. in the postmodern society, these locks can be a great option to wear for proving your competence.

Dreadlock Braided Topknot
Image Source: Pinterest

2. Curly Locks, with the Blonde Color Of Course

I have said previously that the dreadlocks braids are flexible enough to shape your imagination and desire. This girl in the picture has worn lovely curly braids with dreadlocks. If you want to be super sexy like this girl, you have no other option but to wear this gorgeous hairstyle.

Curly Dreadlocks
Image Source: Pinterest

3. Dreadlock Threads
This dreadlocks braids are shaped as threads. Threads braids are so much popular among the African American people all over Europe and America. This dreadlock threads can be colored naturally or as you like. You may use some other accessories like lipstick and sunglasses to get the ultimate effect of this hairstyle.

Dreadlock Threads
Image Source: Pinterest

4. Curls and Threads with beads
This is what happens when you combine threads and curl with dreadlocks. This dreadlocks hairstyles get completed when some natural or artificial beads are used on them. Can you explain the beauty of the girl in the picture with braided beads and dreadlocks? She is super sexy and stunning. What do you say?

Curls and Threads
Image Source: Pinterest

5. Bob Shaped Threads for Male
The dreadlocks braids are used by both male and female. Both the guys and the girls look gorgeous in this wild hairstyle. The guys in the picture have used tiny and thick dreadlocks braids as bob hairstyle. And for sure they are looking smart and handsome.

6. Dreadlock Ponytail
Ponytails can be a great hairstyle when you decide to use dreadlocks as your hairstyle. Use tiny braids for flexibility and make a cute ponytail on the top of your head. You will just rock.

Dreadlock Ponytail
Image Source: Pinterest

7. Colored and Curly
Colors and curls are the most desired hairstyle of the African American women. And this hairstyle does exactly the same. This is a combination of color and curls. Here the tiny dreadlocks braids are shaped as curls which are colored beautifully too.

Colored and Curly
Image Source: Pinterest

8. Wild Dreadlocks
The wilder you are, the more beautiful you are. The bushy dreadlocks make you that wild. This thick dreadlocks hairstyle makes a dominant impression on the people around you. Most of the cases, the rock stars use this wonderful hairstyle.

Wild Dreadlocks
Image Source: Pinterest

9. Wrapping Dreadlocks Updo
Now it’s time to make an updo with the dreadlocks. Look at the picture below and examine the hairstyle of the girl. She has worn some dreadlock braids and shaped them as an updo. The whole styling includes the only wrapping of the braids around your head.

Wrapping Dreadlocks
Image Source: Pinterest

10. Polished Threads
Want a gentle look with dreadlocks? Try this one. The polished dreadlocks braids are dazzling and pacifying. You can use this uniform hairstyle for both at home, work or for any party.

Polished Threads
Image Source: Pinterest

11. Tiny Braided Dreadlocks
This one is simple and cute hairstyle. The locks of the girl in the picture are as simple as the natural hair. This style has been made possible with the awesome and flexible dreadlocks tiny braids. You can try this one too for your next hairstyle.

Tiny Braided Dreadlocks
Image Source: Pinterest

12. Inspiration Dreadlock
Here, you judge the effect of this hairstyle. The super locks, the beautiful braids lefts nothing to explain or discuss. Anyone can decide what to do with these lovely braids.

Inspiration Dreadlock
Image Source: Pinterest

13. Dreadlocks Updo
This is dreadlocks updo, the second look. This one is slightly different than the previous updo hairstyle. The color and shape of the braids are the main differences. Rest of the matter is more or less the same.

Dreadlocks Updo
Image Source: Pinterest

14. Short and Thick Dreadlocks Braids
As a hairstylist, I can recommend this thick and short dreadlocks braids for your next hairdo. This is a wow hairstyle with the help of which you can rock any party or tour or a gathering. You wear this braids, you are ready to rule the world.

Dreadlocks Updo
Image Source: Pinterest

15. Blonde locks Braided Ponytail
Blonds are beautiful, blond hairstyles are enchanting. And if the blond braids are prepared with the dreadlocks, the effects will be gorgeous. The updo of this blond dreadlocks braids explains to us so.

Blonde Dreadlocks Braided Ponytail
Image Source: Pinterest

16. Cornrows Inspired Wild Dreadlock
Well, you cannot avoid the cornrows at all. Almost very hairstyles of the African American people are inspired by the styles and techniques of this awesome hairstyle. This hairstyle is also inspired from the cornrows hairstyle. The front part of this hairstyle is designed as the cornrows and the rest part of the head is covered with wild dreadlocks.

Cornrows Inspired Wild Dreadlock
Image Source: Pinterest

17. The Super Cool Threads
Be gorgeous, be super cool and be super sexy with dreadlocks. No other hairstyle can give you such a killer look. Be the magnetic part of your surroundings with awesome dreadlocks threads.

The Super Cool Threads
Image Source: Pinterest

18. Beads for Dreadlocks
Put some beads to your lovely dreadlocks and feel the magnificence. Beds can give you the glittering look with the dreadlocks hairstyles. The girl in the picture with braided beads is shining like the sunshine due to the proper use of beads on braids.

Beads for Dreadlocks
Image Source: Pinterest

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