African American Flat Twist Updos on Natural Hair

African American flat twist updos hairstyles is a tempting hairstyle for all black women all over the world. These styles are protective in nature and gorgeous in look. These hairstyles are used especially during summer to make a comfortable environment for the African American black women. In this article, we are gonna drive you to a journey to the popular 19 flat twist updo hairstyle for the African American women. So, let’s kick the start.

1. Natural Flat Twist Updos

Natural Updo Hairstyle
Image Source: Pinterest

Well, let’s start with the simple and natural flat twist hairstyle. These twisted braids are beautifully organized as an updo on the top of the head. How beautiful and cute is that!! Moreover, the pink accessories on the front of the updo have added some additional charm to the hairstyle.

2. Black and Blonde Flat Twists Updos

Black And Blonde Flat Twists Updo
Image Source: Pinterest

Black and Blonde Flat Twists Updos are much more common and popular among African American women. The cornrows inspired twisted braids are of natural black colored and the upper portion of this updo is colored blonde. This combination of color can do the impossible like the picture.

3. Multicolored Updo

Multicolored Updo
Image Source: Pinterest

Well, Try this multicolored updo/bun with flat twisted braids. This is a hassle-free and comfortable hairstyle designed for the women working outside. You are at liberty to go wherever you want to go with this lovely and seductive hairstyle.

4. Updo with Curls

Updo with Curls
Image Source: Pinterest

Flat Twisted updos are always a good fit for lovely curls. Look at the picture and try to understand the effect of this super powerful hairstyle. The Braids are twisted and organized up straight and on the top of the head, there are lovely natural curls. This hairstyle is just like wow.

5. Mohawk Inspired Flat Twist Updos

Mohawk Inspired Flat Twist Updo
Image Source: Pinterest

Let’s mix up the Mohawk and flat twisted updos in a single hairstyle. The girl in the picture has done just the same. Her head is decorated like the mohawk and the blond twisted braids are shaped as updo on the top. From the playground to the office, you are ready always with this sexy hairstyle.

6. Flat twist w/spiral curl updo

Flat twist w-spiral curl updo
Image Source: Pinterest

It’s time for Coils. In this hairstyle, the flat twisted updo hairstyle has been mixed up with the lovely short coils. And the effect is just gorgeous as always. The hairstyle in the picture denotes the enormous effect of the hairstyle.

7. Crazy Curls

Crazy Curls
Image Source: Pinterest

Crazy and Blondie Curls are the number one choice to the African American black women and girls. This girl is rocking with her super sexy hairstyle. These lovely twisted curls are just breathtaking to the others surrounding her.

8. Flat Twist Weeding Ideas

Flat Twist Weeding Ideas
Image Source: Pinterest

The flat twisted hairstyle is also a great choice for the wedding hairstyles too. Look at the hairdo in the picture. Yes, it is flat twisted updos designed for weeding. When you have many options for your wedding hairstyle but you cannot decide one, try this one without any kind of hesitation.

9. The Confidence

The Confidence
Image Source: Pinterest

Hairstyles are made for awakening the confidence inside you. And among the confidence awakening hairstyle, this one always leads. Her hairstyle, the flat twisted updo is describing her smart attitude.

10. Updo with Blue Curls

Updo with BLue CUrls
Image Source: Pinterest

Well, this one is slightly different from the other hairstyle discussed previously. And the difference is the color., Her the flat twist updos have been decorated with a blue curl which is glittering like gold. Do this hairstyle immediately to be the center of a party or gathering.

11. Updo Hair, Do not Care

Updo Hair, Do not Care
Image Source: Pinterest

Updo Hair, do not Care, Really the updo hairstyles do not care any impediment. Look the hairstyle in the picture; it is a damn care hairstyle regarding the place time and occasion or event. For all seasons and place, you are fit with this awesome hairstyle.

12. Half Updos with Twists

Half Updos with Twists
Image Source: Pinterest

Half Updos with Twists can also be a great option for you if you want to be decorated with the flat twisted updo hairstyles. This hairstyle gives you the cutest look along with the smart look. Wear this hairstyle and make the world bow down to you.

13. Twist Bob

Twist Bob
Image Source: Pinterest

Well, this is a combination of flat twist updo with the bob hairstyle. Here the front part of the head is decorated with the flat twisted updo and the back part of the head is decorated with the short twisted braided bob. How beautiful and sexy is this!

14. Bantu knots and Twist Natural Hair

bantu knots and flat twist natural hairstyle
Image Source: Pinterest

Bantu Knots are one of the ultra-modern hairstyles used by the African Amirian black people. These Bantu knotted flat twisted updo hairstyle can make you different from the others and make you the magnetic part of the place where you go.

15. Gorgeous Flat Twist Hairstyle

Flat Twist Updos
Image Source: Pinterest

Now this one is gorgeous. this hairstyle was published in a renowned magazine as cover. SO, the effect of this hairstyle is easily understandable. Very few hairstyles can be so much attractive and addictive like this super cool hairstyle.

16. Professional Flat Twist Hairstyles

Professional Flat Twist Hairstyles
Image Source: Pinterest

You, the professional African American black women, do not forget to use this hairstyle while you are at work. This flat twisted updo will make you presentable and beautiful at work.

17. Twists That Speak

Twists that Speak
Image Source: Pinterest

Hairstyles speak many things about you. Try to understand what this hairstyle is trying to say about this girl. The answer will be probably a bunch of beautiful adjectives, guess.

18. The Silence

The Silence
Image Source: Pinterest

Enjoy the beauty of the silence in your hairstyle. Just use this hairstyle and be silent. You will look like a princess to make everyone around you enchanted with the spell cast from your hairstyle.

19. The Golden Twists

The GOlden Twists
Image Source: Pinterest

In the last bone, you are the one to judge this awesome hairstyle. I think I have nothing new to say or discuss this wow hairstyle.

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