27 African American Little Girl Hairstyles Ideas

African American little girl hairstyles are one of the most searched topics on google. The little kid is a gift from to the African American people. And to give her an angelic beauty, the parents always remain concerned. Here we are going to suggest 27 picked hairstyles for the little cuties. Hopefully, you will find the one you are searching for your little black girl.SO let’s dive in…

1. Little Girl Hairstyles: French Braids with Beads

Thick French braids can be a great option for your kid. The long-haired African American black girls can have this beautiful hairstyle with some glittering beads.

braids with beads
Image Source: Pinterest

2. Puffiness

The Afro inspired puffed braids is also a popular hairstyle for the black little kids, This hairstyle is unique and suitable for all kind of hair and age. Your kid will just look wow with this super cool hairstyle.

Image Source: Pinterest

3. Little Girl Zigzag Box Braids Hairstyles

The box braids with zigzag positioning are also well known for its wonderful effect on the little girls of African American ethnicity. Try this hairstyle and make your kid look like an angel.

ZIgzag Box Braids
Image Source: Pinterest

4. Black and Blond Wirth Beads

Hello there, this is a twisted braiding hairstyle with lovely colored braids. Moreover, the braids are of two colors. The bottom of the braids are colored naturally and the rest part of the braids are colored blonde. How beautiful this little girl hairstyles are!!

Black ANd Blond Wirth Beads
Image Source: Pinterest

5. Cornrows with Beads

And here comes the cornrows hairstyles for the black kids, This kid has been prepared with lovely reddish and thick cornrows braids with some beautiful beads. This princess-looking hairstyle is a must do for today.

Cornrows wityh Beads
Image Source: Pinterest

6. The Halo Braids

The Halo braids are simple and awesome. Look at the girls and their hairstyles in the picture. They have been decorated with lovely thick braids and the braid has been used to wrap the head horizontally. Cute and Simple.

The Halo Braids
Image Source: Pinterest

7. Curly Ponytails

Ponytails are also a great choice for the African American black little girls. The girl in the picture has been prepared with a ponytail with curls. This less time-consuming little girl hairstyles can prepare your kid within a short time and her cuteness increases thousand times.

Curly Ponytails
Image Source: Pinterest

8. Four Ponytails

This is also a ponytailed hairstyle like the previous one. But here the number of ponytails has been increased to four. And the ponytailed hair is also braided beautifully to add an extra effect on the hairstyle.

FOur Ponytails
Image Source: Pinterest

9. Straight Hair Ponytail

Ponytails can be made with curls, braids and straight hair. The above two hairstyles are ponytails made with curls and braids respectively, but this one is for long natural haired kids. Here the ponytail has been made with lovely straight locks.

Straight bHair Ponytail
Image Source: Pinterest

10. Bun for Cuties

A bun can be a beautiful solution to your concern regarding the hairstyle of your kid. A bun like a picture on the head of your cute little girl can change the appearance of your kid. Use this hairstyle for her smart and cute look like a movie star.

Bun For Cuties
Image Source: Pinterest

11. Little Girl Crochet Coils Hairstyles

Here come the crochet coils to beautify your cute little angel. These crochet coils are super effective on the black kids. Look at the little girl in the picture and try to understand the effect of this awesome hairstyle.

Crochet Coils
Image Source: Pinterest

12. Lovely Curls and Crown

Look here, there is nothing hard you have to do for your kid. Beautifully groomed long curls and a flower crown have implemented this unimaginable to reality. This angelic look is super cool and applicable nowadays.

Lovely Curls and Crown
Image Source: Pinterest

13. Afro Coils

Combination of Afro and coils resulted in this heavenly hairstyle. Your kid will be the center of all attraction with this super awesome hairstyle.

Afro Coils
Image Source: Pinterest

14. Crochet Braids

Crochet braids for the little cute girls are now available in any styling shop. This is a very much popular hairstyle among the African American parents for their lovely little girls. This beautiful hairstyle is now on the top of demand.

Crochet Braids
Image Source: Pinterest

15. Afro

Afro is such a hairstyle which need not any explanation and recommendation. This classic hairstyle is applicable to your kids too. And here is the look with the afro hairstyle in the picture.

Image Source: Pinterest

16. Knots

Cornrows braids and braided knots for the kids is also a dependable and extremely popular hairstyle for the black little girls. The effect of this hairstyle is as always beautiful and cute.

Knotted Braids
Image Source: Pinterest

17. Bantu Knots

Your kid will be uniquely beautiful if you use Bantu knotted curls hairstyle. This kids head is beautifully designed with small Bantu knots all over the head and the back part has been covered with lovely curls. How sweet the girl is looking!!

Bantu Knots
Image Source: Pinterest

18. Braided Bun

Braided bun and some glittering beads that’s all you need to make this unique hairstyle. It gives your kid an extraordinary look with limitless cuteness just like this little cutie in the picture.

Braidered Bun
Image Source: Pinterest

19. Beautiful Ponytail

Here comes another beautiful ponytail idea for your African American little girl. The ponytailed braid with twisted braid is quite exceptional and marvelous in the hairstyle industry.

Beautiful Ponytail
Image Source: Pinterest

20. Flat Twist Updo

Almost all of you know about the flat twist updo styles. Although this style is generally used by the adults, this is suitable too for the kids. Your kid will look dashing with this super cool and cute updo.

Falt Twist Updo
Image Source: Pinterest

21. Afro Bun

Why don’t you use an afro bun for your kid? Make some tiny braids and shape them as an updo. And finally, make an afro bun on the top of the head. This is as simple as this but the effect of it will rock.

22. Simple Braids

Do you like braids? Here’s the simple braiding idea for your little girl. This simplicity in her hairstyle makes her look more innocent and adorable.

SImple Braids
Image Source: Pinterest

23. Curly Side Ponytails

Ponytails may be placed on sides too to make an exceptional ponytail for the little cuties. Look at the girl in the picture and her hairstyle. This hairstyle can enchant anyone at any time at any place.

Curly Side Knot
Image Source: Pinterest

24. Topknot

Curls and Topknots are popular forms of hairstyle for the kids among the African American People. Tru this gorgeous one for the cuteness of your girl.

Image Source: Pinterest

25. Pixie Braids

Pixie box braids are being used for the kid’s hairstyle nowadays. This braids can be a great choice for you too for the next hairstyle.

Pixie Braids
Image Source: Pinterest

26. Thick Crochet Braids

Crochet Braids for her extra beauty. The effect is just astonishing. Highly recommended for the little girls of African American kids.

Thjick Crochet Braids
Image Source: Pinterest

27. Blond Puffy Curls

Make her hairstyle puffy and adorable. Put some life in her hairstyle through this beautiful hairstyle.

little girl hairstyles
Image Source: Pinterest
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