African American Short Curly Hairstyles

African American Short Curly Hairstyles

Curls, short and colorful is the heart of African American Curly Hairstyles. The women with the conventional hair suffer from the incapability to have the flawless and cluttered curls. We can realize them – the curly hairdos are up-to-the-minute now! Today even the most disobedient hair can be fashioned faultlessly, though the African-American women have their own, natural and bubbly curls. Learn how to style them even more perfect with our great assemblage of hairdos for curly hairs! Today we are going to present to 21 short curly hairstyles for the African American women.

  1. African American short curly hairstyle with blonde highlights

Curls are always beautiful like these curls in the picture. The length is short and the coils are highlighted with blond color. This is simply smart and tempting.

Image Source: Pinterest
  1. Short Coils

These short coils are made with natural short curls at home. As an African American women, you have the nice natural curls and you can shape them like these short curls within a very short span of time at your home.

Short Coils
Image Source: Pinterest
  1. The Short Street Coils

The Short Street Coils are not suitable for only when you are at the streets. You can use this colorful short coils in your work or home, summer or winter and tour or party.

The Short Street Coils
Image Source: Pinterest
  1. African American Wild Short Curls

The more you are wild, the more you are beautiful and sexy. Bring some wild craziness with this afro inspired African American Wild Short Curls. To draw the attraction of the people around you, this hairstyle is a perfect choice.

African AMerican Wild Short Curls
Image Source: Pinterest
  1. Teeny Weeny Afro

TWA, The Teeny Weeny Afro has been popular among the African American Women across the decades all over the world. The reddish short curls and a lipstick can make you super cool and super seductive.

Teeny Weeny Afro
Image Source: Pinterest
  1. The Red Coils

The short curls can be played around with different colors and shapes. This girl in the picture has colored her natural short curs with red color. And the effect of this hairstyle is just beyond judgment.

The Red Coils
Image Source: Pinterest
  1. The Grey Coils

At a certain age, women get these gray color on their hair. Many of them do not take this easily. But could you just imagine that the gray hair can be decorated like this beautiful short coils?

The Grey Coils
Image Source: Pinterest
  1. Short Brown Blonde Afro

Here is another afro inspired natural short curls which is a trendy among the African American Women nowadays. The Brown Blonde colored short curls make you dashing among the other women.

Short Brown Blonde Afro
Image Source: Pinterest
  1. Inspirational Coils

Inspirational Coils, the lovely natural colored short coils. Bring out the inner confidence, the smartness and the attractiveness of you with this stunning hairdo.

Inspirational Coils
Image Source: Pinterest
  1. Two-Tone Short Natural Hairstyle

Well, this one is a little bit different than the previously discussed hairstyles. Here, the colored coils are pulled up and scattered around the head. And the beauty is not possible to describe in words.

Two-Tone Short Natural Hairstyle
Image Source: Pinterest
  1. Curly Afros

Curly Afros is an Afro inspired mid-short length hair coils which are pulled from the top and a piece of cloth is used to tie the head around to make it perfect.

curly afros
Image Source: Pinterest
  1. Bantu Knot Out

I know the name of this hairstyle is a little bit silly, but the hairstyle is not. This is a hairstyle with heavenly beauty suitable for the black women.

bantu knot out
Image Source: Pinterest
  1. Perm Rods

Perm Rods is a perfect hairstyle for the African American black women for both home and work. Your Perm Rods coils will make everyone turn their heads twice towards you when you are walking in front them.

Perm Rods
Image Source: Pinterest
  1. Undercut Kinky Hairstyles

Undercut Kinky curl is a hairstyle for the smart girls of the 21st world. Your curls will reflect the inner beauty of you among your surroundings. This nice haircut can make anyone fall in love with it.

undercut kinky hairstyles
Image Source: Pinterest
  1. Tapered Cut for Short Hair

Tapered Cut for Short Hair is a very commonly used hairstyle of today. This hairstyle is perfect for the women who work a long time outside the house. No hassle and no extra time needed to prepare yourself.

tapered cut for short hair
Image Source: Pinterest
  1. Tapered Cut for Blond Short Hair

This hairstyle, the Tapered Cut for Blond Short Hair is almost the same as the previously discussed hairstyle on the above. But the difference is color. Color can change anything. And here one single color has changed the hairstyle to be a new one.

tapered cut for blond short hair
Image Source: Pinterest
  1. Highlighted with Sky Blue

Highlighted curls can be great for you if you are of African American ethnicity. When you have beautiful natural curls, you can try applying the navy blue or a little bit blueish color to highlight some of them.

Highlighed with sky blue
Image Source: Pinterest
  1. The Braided Curls

For short hair, braiding may be impossible. But we can try small braiding roots and let the leftovers as free curls. This hairstyle is a combination of box braids and short curls.

The Braided Curls
Image Source: Pinterest
  1. Knotted Colored Short Curls

Right, you see. The natural curls can be used to make knots too. Look at the girls at the picture, she has beautiful colored short curls and two beautiful knots only with the short curls.

Knoted Colored Short Curls
Image Source: Pinterest
  1. Two Tone Curly Full Lace hairstyle

Well, this one is one of the top listed hairstyle used by the African American Women.  The top part of the head is covered with colored curls and the rest is left for natural color. Splendid and wonderful huh?

Two Tone Curly Full Lace hairstyle
Image Source: Pinterest
  1. Multicolored

Cuteness is an art. This hairstyle proves that. The poetic beauty can be created only with the hairstyle you use.

Image Source: Pinterest

Now take no time to judge and pick one for your next hairstyle.

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