African American Updo Hairstyles

Hairstyles symbolize cuteness, smartness, and confidence. That’s why people all around the world always try to find the best hairstyle ideas for himself/ herself. And among all the African American Updo hairstyle is so much popular among the black people because of the easy preparation and best look. Even the topmost and popular celebrities are now wearing this updo hairstyle both in personal lives and movies. You can be hot, sexy, confident as well as attractive with these beautiful and splendid hairdos. In this article, we are going to let you know about the top 21 designs of African American updos of this 21st century. So let’s dive into the article and get amazed.

  1.  High Braided Chignon

Well, she is a famous celebrity? Hope you know her. Now, look at her hairstyle. It is neat and clean high braided chignon. She has enchanted the world not only with her look but also with the hairstyles she wears. Besides wearing an updo she cares about the micro braids and updo patterns just like the image below. Do you like her updo? Why not you try this too?

Lovely Updo

  1. Lovely Colored Updo

Gorgeous and fabulous, cute and trending. She is looking so beautiful in this stunning hairstyle. Her hair is twisted and piled up on the top. Hustle free and sexy. These are one of the most used and glamorous African American Updo hairstyles among all. Women who want a smarter look, go to the saloon and make this hairstyle now.

Pixie Braided Updo

  1. Braided Updo

What about the braids? It is the most beautiful part of all kind of hairstyles. In the hairstyle in the picture, this women has combined the braids with an updo. And as always, she is looking super cool and trendy. Besides, the cornrows patterns and textures on her scalp have supported her hairstyle greatly.

Cornrows and Updo

  1. Cute and Colorful

Spread your cuteness around your surrounding. Try the style of the picture and be the center of attraction to all in any place home, work or event.  Let the people turn their head towards you. At the same time, its time to redefine African American Updo hairstyles with it.

Highlighted Coils and Updo

  1. The Braided Goddess

Wow!!! Is she really a goddess? I think so. What is thinking about you to be a goddess too? Yes, it is possible. Wear this incredibly beautiful hairstyle for any purpose. And Enchant your surrounding with the magic spell cast from your hairstyle.

Pin Curl Updo

  1. Jumbo Braids Bun

Jumbo Braids are nowadays one of the most popular hairstyles among African American women around the world. The Jumbo Braids are thick in Nature and appealing in look. And the Bun made with the braids is the main attraction of this hairstyle. Be wild and be crazy wearing this amazing and cute hairstyle. Moreover, these braids are great for attending parties, programs or any kind of get together.

Jumbo Braided Bun

  1. Thick Braids and Updo

Maybe it is much similar to the previous hairstyle. But there are some slight differences. It is natural in color and the braids are simply made with less time consumption. And the thick braids are rounded on the top like a bun. These type of African American Updo hairstyles are really great for getting all of the attention from your surrounding.

Braids for Bun

  1. Afro Updo for African American

Afro Updo is one of the classic hairstyles and has been worn for decades. But this updo is a little bit modified version of normal Afro Updos. These Updos are shaped like knots and place by the two sides of the upper head. On the other hand, the knots-like afro hair will bring some glamour to your hairstyle and appearance at the same time.

Afro Knots

  1. Fabulous Natural Updo

African American Updo hairstyles contain some legendary designs and styles that can cast a magical spell to anyone seeing the wearer. Here we have got one for you. You can not believe the beauty and stun of these hairstyles unless you wear them or see anyone wearing these.

Afro Bun

  1. Braided Updos, Box Braid Bun, And Side Bangs

Braided Updos with Box Braid Bun with Side Bangs give you the ultimate charm of your beautiful locks. Shape your locks like this and do nothing. The world will not stop looking at you. In addition, it’s great for enjoying the summer and warmer seasons.

Braided Bun

  1. Golden Twisted Cherokee

Now it’s time to change the color to golden. Give your locks a golden look with a braided updo. You cannot imagine how much charming you will look with this extraordinary hairdo.

Cornrows Bun

  1. Zigzag Seams and Updo

One side of the head is prepared with zigzag seams and the other side is beautifully wrapped with the beautiful curls. And the difference here is the real beauty here.

Heavenly Updo hairstyles for Black Women

  1. Janelle-Monae Updo

Janelle-Monae Updos are made especially during the wedding for the bride. But don’t worry, you can wear this hairstyle for casual parties, events, and occasions. Even you can use this hairstyle while spending your vacation or tour.

Black Women Wedding Updo

  1. Updo for spring

Have you any special plan for the spring? Not usually. But spring is a nice time to have a great hairstyle.  When nature looks beautiful you should look beautiful too to compete with nature’s beauty.  Never get defeated, just wear this amazing hairstyle.

Locs Updo

  1. Half Up Bun For Twists

These are lovely little braids. But the fun part is half of the braids are tied as a bun half are let free by the two sides overlapping your ear. Simple and beautiful.

Twists and Half Updo

  1. Mesmerizing Box Braids Updo

Oh no! Look at her, she is really mesmerizing. The colorful tiny braids are positioned in such a way that it will certainly draw someone’s attraction wherever you are. Use lipstick in your lips matching with the colors of your locks and take the control of the world.

Updo with Tiny Box Braids

  1. Simple and Cute

Many of us want gorgeousness and cuteness through simplicity. This hairstyle is for them. There are three layered buns on the top of the head. And the rest of the head is simply groomed with a comb. But the buns take you a level of beauty.

Twisted Topknots

  1. Golden Updo

Give you updo some golden and blonde look. Something different is something beautiful and trendy. Try this hairstyle for a newer look of you.

Twisted Topknots

  1. Braided Updo

Make an updo with only braids. Make some thick braids are made an updo with them. You can make this at home with a lesser time consumption.

Braided High Bun

  1. Updo With Cornrows And Highlights

Now combine some effects for a new effect of your hair.  Highlight your front hair, make some cornrows and braids and updo your hair. That’s all now start looking beautiful.

cornrows updo

  1. Braids Save Bun

Giant buns are a limitless source of beauty. Most of the time bun is made with the help of accessories. Now it’s time for your braids to save your bun. Simply make a braid and round it around your bun and let the braid guard your beautiful bun.

updo hairstyles for black women

African American Updo hairstyles have so many variations, designs, textures, and styles.  And here we have only tried to pick some best of the best hairstyles with updo style for you. we firly believe that these hairstyles will quest your thirst for wearing an updo hairstyle. Morover, you can choose any style from the images above and ask your stylist to get that done for you. So, bye-bye for today. You can write to us by leaving a comment in the comment box and follow our social profiles to get regular updates.

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