Dashing 14 Afro Hairstyles for Female

Female need to extra care for their hair. And they can do beautiful blonde, black hairstyles. afro hairstyles for female Afro hairstyles are familiar to natural hairstyles lover. This is a popular hairstyle. If you are a user of social networking site like as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest you find lots of people are used to with it. Our a short collection of afro natural hairstyle for female give you an extra edge for style your hair.

A Short Collection of Afro Hairstyles

#1.  Silk Blonde Afro Hair:

Afro hair is look alike puff hair. But the difference is puff hair can’t be managed and Afro hair Can be managed with style also. Look at this picture, this style is a pure example of Afro hair with blonde and its natural also.

Silk Blonde Afro Hair
IMG: Silk Blonde Afro Hairstyles                            Source: Pinterest

#2. Short Black Afro:

This is very much short length hairstyle not even cover the shoulder length. This is a popular style in Nigeria. No artificial color is being used. Fully natural Afro hair with black color.

Short Black Afro
IMG: Short Black Afro                    Source: Pinterest

#3. Pure Afro Hairstyles for Black Women:

Now, this is the picture which can tell you the pure Afro hairstyles. Spreading messy hair with no control and cut but totally managed without any help of artificial help or color or things. Afro hairstyle is basically full of natural hair.

Pure Afro Hairstyles for Black Women
IMG: Pure Afro Hairstyles for Black Women            Source: Pinterest

#4. Afro with Glasses:

This is another Afro hairstyle very much similar to the previous one. The girl in this picture looks pretty in Afro hairstyle with simple glasses.

Pretty Afro Girl with red clothes
IMG: Afro with Glasses            Source: Pinterest

#5. Blonde Afro Girl:

The difference between this and previous two picture is that the hair color. Otherwise, all the mechanism are same with Afro hairstyle in natural way or natural hair. Just a blonde in this picture makes it different.

Blonde Afro Girl
IMG: Blonde Afro Girl                Source: Pinterest

#6. Afro Black Blonde:

Afro Hairstyles for Female
Source: Pinterest

#7.  Black Dirty Afro:

Afro Hairstyles for Female
Source: Pinterest

#8.  Brown Shy Afro:

Afro Hairstyles for Female
Source: Pinterest

#10. Freely Afro Girl:

afro hair styles
Source: Pinterest

#11. Afro Hairstyles with Flower:

Afro hair styles with flower
IMG: Afro hairstyles with flower            Source: Pinterest

#12.  Afro with Glasses: 

medium afro hair styles
Source: Pinterest

#13.  Short Brown Afro:

afro for female
Source: Pinterest

#14. Usual Afro Style:

afro hair styles
Source: Pinterest

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