25 Afro Hairstyles with Braids for Women

Afro is one of the most talked topics among African American black women. Afro hairstyles with beads are being used by the black people for decades all over Europe and America. These bushy hairstyles are fit for very face shapes and every gender. With the passage of time, this hairstyles has been modified and upgraded in many ways. In this article, we are gonna present 25 best-beaded afro hairstyles with braids for the African American black females. So hold tight and enjoy the designs.

1. Afro Hairstyles with Braids and Beads

Braid With Beads In Hair
Image Source: Pinterest

The addition of beautiful and wild beads with the afro hairstyles is one of the most important modifications of afro hairstyles. In afro hairstyles, the braids are made tiny and the back part of the head is covered with afro locks just like the picture.

2. Afro Inspired Braided Bun

Afro Inspired Braided Bun
Image Source: Pinterest

Well, this is a combination of cornrows and afro. The front part of the head is decorated with cornrows braids and the rest of the head is beautified with a bun made of afro curls.

3. Afro Hairstyles with Braids

Afro Braids
Image Source: Pinterest

Here, you can see the braids made with the afro curl itself. These extra thick braids bring out a massive change in your look. For the best effect, use some dazzling beads on the giant braids and feel the differences.

4. Afro Updo

Astonishing braided front with loose back naturalhair newnatural pic of braid hair style and inspiration
Image Source: Pinterest

Astonishing braided front with loose back natural hair is an awesome hairstyle and inspiration to all African American females. This is actually an updo made with afro curls and tiny braids in the front.

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5. Hairstyle with African Braid Stylish

Hairstyle With African Braid Stylish Hairstyle Idea With African Braidsjpg
Image Source: Pinterest

This hairstyle is more or less the same as the previous one. We strongly recommend you to use this hairstyle in tours, vacations or parties for your enchanting look. When you wear this hairstyle, you have a whole world to rule.

6. Braided-Updo-Mohawk

Image Source: Pinterest

Well, this one is braids, updo, afro and Mohawk at the same time. The side of the head is braided beautifully. And the side is also shaped as Mohawk. The reddish hair is used from the front to make an updo. At the same time, the curly coils notify the existence of afro in it.

7. Braids and Curls

Braids and Curls
Image Source: Pinterest

New Braid Styles for Black Hair You know those girls who only appear to possess their shit together constantly? Like, the ladies who go off red-eye routes with completely mussed-up beachy dunes, seeking like they only needed a seven-hour nap on the shores of Tulum, or the girls at the fitness center with impossibly pretty topknots and braids that you are quite good they put together in 30 seconds? Yes, properly we have one issue for them: how? Number, significantly, how?! How in the nightmare have you got this kind of expertise around standard hairstyles when we’re stuck here trying to keep our ponytail from falling out by noon? New Braid Styles for Black Hair Latest Braided Hairstyles for Black Women 2018 for Life and This braided updo appears classy enough to use to a wedding or ritzy dinner event. Small may your other guests know the fashion requires only 5 minutes and a kindergartner’s skill level? If you have frizzy hair, odds are that you often accept it completely or need to the hair gods that it was different. In the end, waves are an advantage, but they are not always an easy task to manage. That’s why we put our nose to the grindstone, performing a web deep leap in search of the easiest (yet still stunning) hairstyles for individuals with curly hair. And needless to say, what serves as remarkable creativity compared to a variety of jaw-dropping seems from the red rug? New Braid Styles for Black Hair Latest Braided Hairstyles for Black Women 2014 4 Life N if you do not have bobby pins, test it with two hair ties. Start with dragging the rear half your hair into a large ponytail applying one tie. Then, move the remainder of your own hair right into a bigger ponytail round the first. That will provide you with the level and pop you are searching for! New braid hairstyles for a black woman, hats new in braid hairstyles for black hair.

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8. Synthetic Hair Braids Noir Afro Kinky Bulk

Synthetic Hair Braids Noir Afro Kinky Bulk
Image Source: Pinterest

Synthetic natural colored or reddish colored Afro Kinky Bulk with front braids can be a great choice for you for the next gathering or event you are going to attend. See the marvelous effect of this lovely hairstyle in the picture.

9. Afro Inspired Braids and Bead

Afro Inspired Braids and Bead
Image Source: Pinterest

In the previous hairstyle, we have presented almost the same hairstyle like this one. Here the afro locks are coiled beautifully and presented with a reddish color. That’s what makes the difference.

10. Afro Inspired Braids and Bead second look

Afro Inspired Braids and Bead second look
Image Source: Pinterest

Just the same as number 9. But the afro locks!! They are just stunning and sexy enough to make you the center of gossip.

11. Braided Afro Updo

Braided AFro Updo
Image Source: Pinterest

Make some side braids and use afro curls for the other side of the head. That’s it. You are ready to enchant your surroundings. Use a pearl as your earing to get the ultimate effect.

12. Braided Short Curls

Braided Short Curls
Image Source: Pinterest

This afro inspired hairstyle is known as the crochet braids also. Here the curly crochet braids are positioned perfectly all over the head to make you look like a queen. So you are free to be a queen and rule your own kingdom.

13. Dominating Curly Locks with Tiny Braids

Domanting Curlsy Locks with Tiny Braids
Image Source: Pinterest

Yes, you need some dominating power in your hairstyle to look gorgeous and sexy like this hairstyle. This African American girl has worn the hairstyle which is exactly necessary to take the other’s breath away.

14. Cornrows and Afro Bun

COrnrows and Afro Bun
Image Source: Pinterest

This hairstyle is so simple. Make some tiny cornrows braids and make a beautiful bun with the afro curls on the top of your head. You will rock with this updo hairstyle wherever you visit.

15. Side Cornrows with Medium Curls

Side Cornrows with Medium Curls
Image Source: Pinterest

This hairstyle is a combination of side cornrows and medium shaped curly coils which are colored as well. One side of the head is decorated with the cornrows and the rest of the head is covered with kinky curly reddish coils. Isn’t it awesome?

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16. Reddish dreadlocks

Reddish dreadlocks
Image Source: Pinterest

This hairstyle can be a source of the unlimited beauty of you in the parties, gathering and any kind of amusement. The red colored afro locks look like the dreadlocks and give you ultimate perfection to your hairstyle.

17. Braided Updo

Braided Updo
Image Source: Pinterest

We have hardly anything to discuss the braided updo hairstyle. Every African American black woman are very much familiar with this super cool hairstyle.

18. Blonde Curls

Blonde Curls
Image Source: Pinterest

Like this wow hairstyle? Just use an afro blond wig with some tiny braids in front of the head. You are done to do the impossible.

19. Braids and Curls

Braids and Curls
Image Source: Pinterest

Simple enough! Huh? Tiny braids and curls can do this unimaginable.

20. Afro Hairstyles with Braids and Beads

AFro and Beads
Image Source: Pinterest

You can see two different hairstyles s in the picture but the common thing is the beads. Dazzling beads can make anything possible for your hair. When you wear this hairstyle the others will be bound to look twice towards you.

21. Crochet Braids

Crochet Braids
Image Source: Pinterest

Crochet Braids are always awesome. And this braiding hairstyle is on the top 5 preferred list of the African American women. And the reason, I hope, is clearly understandable to you.

22. Designed Braids

Designed Braids
Image Source: Pinterest

The Braids are designed beautifully and positioned up straight. The curls are Shapes as an updo. This beautiful hairstyle is one of the most preferred hairstyles by the African American black women,

23. Simple Braided Updo

Simple Braided Updo
Image Source: Pinterest

You are the one to judge this braided updo and its effect. From my personal experience, as a hairstylist, I can assure you that this hairstyle can convert the impossible to possible.

24. Twisted Braids

Twisted Braids
Image Source: Pinterest

Twisted braids always are the charming desire to all African America women. From this conception we strong;y recommends you to use this hairstyle for your next hairdo.

25. Curls as Bun


CUrls as Bun
Image Source: Pinterest

Now the last one; the curls and the bun. What do the women want except these? I think this two elements of a single hairstyle is all; they want and need to look super cool.

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