Angelic 23 Box Braids for Lil Girls

While the African American black women love hair extensions and styling in a modern way and make all kinds of tryouts with them, box braids for lil girls can’t be discounted. Little girls’ look is very remarkable and delightfully stylish with the braids if they are used properly. It may be a little bit hard to deal with fine little girl’s hair, but an expert hairstylist can deal with it efficiently and perfectly. Don’t be anxious to make a few trials with your child’s hair. In fact, box braid defends the locks while making them grow healthier and stay fit longer. So, what are we going to do now? Well, we are here to help you select the right and angelic box braiding hairstyle for your adorable little girls. In this discussion, we will let you explore 25 box braiding hairstyles of the African American little girls and choose the best one from them.


  1. Twisted Box Braids

Twisted Braids are designed in such a way that the parts of the braids have twisted each other like a rope. Most of the cases, these braids are used by black women and adults, but the kids should not be deprived of this beautiful design. The twisted braids can be colored blonde or red, can be beaded and the design can be changed according to your wish. The pictures below will clear the rest of the confusion out.


Twisted Braids


Twisted Braids

  1. Cornrows Inspired Box Braided Bun

Cornrows and Box Braids are the two sides of the same coin. Today maximum of the African American Hairstyles is made with the combinations of cornrows and braids. In this process, the braids are placed and positioned according to the cornrows pattern. Now, look at the pictures below. These little girls have worn the cornrows inspired braids and they are no less than a real princess.

COrnrows Inspired Braided Bun


COrnrows Inspired Braided Bun

  1. Topknot

Topknot hairstyles are much more popular among the African American people during the summer seasons. Like the adults, the little girls can also avail this opportunity of staying cool and fresh. The topknot hairstyle can be with only one knot or with some free braids by the backside. The braids can be thick or thin and the color also can be different. Moreover, you can use some lovely beads with these braids.




  1. Ponytail

Okay, so your little girl finally got beautiful braids, but after wearing them down for 7 days straight, you might find her desperate to try a new hairstyle. Now, what about a beautiful ponytail hairstyle with the existing braids? It will give her a sharp look, adorable effect and angelic appearance for sure. If it is the summer season, the little kids will like it much more than any other protective hairstyles. Moreover, your girl will be more confident and smarter with this wonderful box braided ponytails.



  1. Topknot with Curly Edges

We have previously discussed the topknot hairstyles in this discussion. Here, we have come with the topknot hairstyle with the braids with a little modification. If there are some curly extensions at the edges of the braids, the effect will be breathtaking.

Topknot with Curly Edges

  1. Blonde Accented Braids

Next, the blonde braids. This braiding hairstyle consists of the textured and blond braids. The color here may be light or dense. But as per a lot of surveys, the blonde braids are one of the most used hairstyles by the African American women and little girls. These hairstyles give a dazzling effect and make her the queen of the beauty world.

Blonde Accented Braids


Blonde Accented Braids

  1. Blonde Pixie Braids with Curly Extension

Pixie Braids are one of the most wonderful addition to the hairstyles industry for the African American little girls. These braids are blonde and tiny in nature. A little girl wearing this hairstyle looks adorable and spreads the effect of a heavenly angel.

Blonde Pixie Braids with CUrly Extension

  1. Multicolored Double Knots for Kids

Now, look at the following hairstyles carefully. There are some certain elements and characteristics of this hairstyle, The thick braids, The multiple colors, and the double knots. All these elements have made them super cute and adorable. Now it’s your turn to give your kid this awesome box braided and multicolored knotted box braiding hairstyle for the next occasion she is going attend.

Multicolored Double Knots for Kids



Multicolored Double Knots for Kids

  1. Gray Braids

In this category, we have picked a box braiding hairstyle for kids with only one color and no other specifications. The gray color, yes, the gray color can make it happen. Actually, a gray box braided hairstyle can turn impossible to possible.

Gray Braids

  1. Bob Braids

The bob haircuts are normally for the adults of African American ethnicity. But when the little girls wear this, they get an adult effect on their appearance with all other beauties. A little girl with the box-shaped braids looks adorable, cute and center of attraction where she presents.

Bob Braids


Bob Braids

  1. Conventional Box Braids

Now take a look at the conventional box braiding hairstyles for the African American people. The simple box braids can make a little girl look like a princess. The pictures below prove the above statement.

COnventional Braids


COnventional Braids

  1. Beaded and Multicolored Box Braids for Kids

The beads, the thick braids, the tiny and colorful braids, and the overall decorations have brought a great hairstyle sample for the African American black little girls. No word can describe the effects of this hairstyle. And I have really nothing to say or recommend this one.

Beaded and Multicolored Braids for Kids

  1. The Masterpiece

Here comes the masterpiece. We have saved the best one for the last topic. There is no additional effects, beads, colors, but it is still one of the most gorgeous and adorable hairstyles of the whole world. You yourself can judge the beauty, effect, and attraction of this charming hairstyle.

The Masterpiece



Now, it’s your turn to choose the right one for your kid and ask the hairstylist to do it for her. Do not forget to send us your feedback and suggestions in the comment box. We will be waiting to hear from you.

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