Leave-In Conditioner Reviews for 4C Hair

As I Am Leave-In Conditioner Reviews for 4C Hair

As I Am Leave-in conditioner is a leading product of As I Am brand. You will get complete care of your natural hair with this leave-in conditioner. Well, you may have used this product or heard some positives about this product. But I don’t have a full analysis of this product. Therefore, our hair expert has come out with an excellent analysis of the As I Am leave-in Conditioner effect on your 4c hair.    

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As I Am Leave-in Conditioner Description 

This hair conditioner arrives with a clean long-lasting fragrance. It is most preferable for all kinds of natural hair. That leave-in conditioner softens curls and coils with the defying look. The package dimension is 3 x 3 x 6 inches. Whereas the weight value is too low. And the liquid volume of this conditioner is 8 milliliters. 

As I Am Leave-in Conditioner Ingredients

Water, natural citric acid, Camellia sinensis leaf extract, natural green tea, Serenoa Serrulata fruit, lemon, natural peel extract, sugar, beta Vulgaris, sorbate, and limonene are the main manufacturing ingredients of this conditioner. So, we can surely say that the formula was mostly made with natural ingredients. Also, you will not get the evil touch of chemical ingredients here. 

As I Am leave-in Conditioner Qualities 

This conditioner comes with so many spectacular qualities for the users. You can rather say, it has a complete treatment for your natural hair. With its natural ingredients formula, it causes no harm to the hair. Let’s see the fascinating benefits on offer with this conditioner. 

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Healthy Natural Hair 

Users have mentioned many benefits of this item. But the most beneficial sector of this item is its ability to make your natural hair healthy. The environmental conditions and living conditions damage hair day by day. Sometimes the UV rays impact makes natural hair dull. After crossing the age of thirty, hair loses its natural look. Seems there is no way out of this situation. But that leave-in conditioner helps to improve the condition of your hair. Makes natural hair shinier than the previous time. From the deep inside this product works. Helps to improve the thinner look of the hair. Getting healthy hair is the most beneficial thing about this conditioner.  

Defining Look Of Natural Hair   

After ages, your natural hair will get the defining curl with the help of this conditioner. Who has super curly hair, also gets benefited from it. Natural curly hair also gets wavy transparency after using it. You will be able to do any stylish with your natural hair. It helps to add proper moisture to your natural hair. As a consequence of that, natural hair gets softer and smoother.    

Cleans Scalp and Hair

Applying this conditioner is very easy. After applying the conditioner, you just need to wait for a while. Softly massage through your scalp and hair. After washing the conditioner, your scalp will get clean as you like. Daily specks of dirt and the use of so many products of scalp create an unwanted layer on your scalp. But this conditioner has the ability to remove all the dirt from your scalp. As a result, you will find a clean scalp with defining curly hair. 

Wall from all these superb qualities this conditioner has something more to offer. Let’s view the spectacular abilities of the As I Am leaving-conditioner saving for you. 

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  • It will make your hair softer and smoother. Which will allow you to do any styles according to your convenience. 
  • This conditioner contains so many natural ingredients that help to grow your natural hair so fast. Even works to retain the beginning condition of natural hair.  
  • As I am a Leave-in Conditioner roster and repair natural hair. Its high-quality formula stops unwanted hair from falling. Also works from the deep inside to make the hair condition so improved.     
  • Ease wet helps to comb and strengthen natural hair. You will get a nice and wavy hair look. It is the real approach to making your first hair styling.    
  • You will get a nice long-lasting scant from this conditioner. According to some user’s statements, this fragrance lasts even after washing your hair. 


  • You can say the normal-looking packing system is the only weaker point of this conditioner.  

As I Am Leave-in Conditioner For Lower Porosity Hair

People who have lower porosity hair, feel a little discomfort for the accurate product. Mostly the situation arises because of a lack of knowledge. Some people even don’t understand the condition and the nature of lower porosity hair. Which forces them to choose the wrong product of this hair. However, this leave-in conditioner helps to improve the condition of low porosity hair.

Lower porosity hair doesn’t have the ability to provide you with a wavy look. Because of the extra moisturizing nature of hair, I am unable to soak any supplements. That’s why regular products fail to work on this hair condition. Whereas, this leave-in conditioner is made to work on these types of natural hair also. The thick liquid volume easily mixes with the natural hair. So, you will get real benefits from this conditioner for your lower porosity hair.    

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Frequently Asked Questions About As I Am Leave-in Conditioner

Question: Does It Work on Straighter Texture hair?  

Answer: This leave-in conditioner works well with all types of hair. But the most aggressive result comes with curly hair. Also, you will not be disappointed with your strengthened texture. It has enough ingredients to work properly on your straight hair.  

Question: Can I use it on my colored hair? 

Answer: According to the manufacturer, it will work previously on your colored hair also. But I haven’t tested it on my colored hair yet. So, you can take the brave decision of using it on your colored hair. 

Question: Can I use it on my kids? 

Answer: Yes, it has no issues with the under-aged children. But to make sure the kid’s sensitive skin is safe. You must consult with an expert before applying it to your kids.  

Question: Is it sulfate, paraben, and alcohol-free?  

Answer: The As I am leave-in conditioner is made with natural ingredients mixer only. No chemicals, parabens, and sulfates were used on this formula. Also, it is free from alcoholic ingredients.

Question: Can I use it on my locs hair? 

Answer: Yes, you can use it on your locs hair. This conditioner has thick layers. That’s why it is preferable for all types of natural hair. You will get exceptional results out of this application. 

Question: Does it increase hair growth? 

Answer: Yes, this conditioner nourishes your natural hair. Its natural ingredients help to grow your hair faster than ever. Also fights against unwanted hair fall. So, let’s have a try to treat your natural hair with As I Am conditioner.

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