22 Best ASAP Rocky Braids Style for Your Hair

The Rocky braids hairstyle was signified firstly by the Rapper ASAP Rocky, who was a popular hip-hop music singer and a record producer. It is his signature hairstyle, later which got more or less crowded orientation.

Especially with casual and stylish outfits, the style of the Rocky braid looks so fabulous. This electrifying hairstyle gets more familiar with younger peoples. This style also looks so natural with hoodie and jeans outfits.

Best ASAP Rocky Braids Hair

You will find various types of ASAP Rocky braids hairstyles. Some are very commonly seen, and some styles are very attractive. Here is a list of 4 main ASAP Rocky braids hairstyles for men.

  • Dreads cornrows 
  • Straight long hair Rocky braids 
  • French braids 
  • French Braid cornrows

Easy process of doing ASAP Rocky braids

Although many people love to get them ASAP Rocky braids, sometimes they get confused finding the most suitable one. Also, many people are unable to find any easy ways to do perfect ASAP Rocky Braids. So, let’s see the perfect procedure for getting this hairstyle.

  1. Before applying this style just prepared your scalp. By washing with shampoo and some other hair cleaning ingredients clean up the scalp. After drying up the hair, separate the hair into three or more lines. 
  2. Then properly hold the 2 lines and put properly placed the one left outline in between these two lines. 
  3. To get proper holding you can use natural gel on your hair. Sometimes curly hair can be properly placed with hair gel. So, you can make Rocky braids style with your curly hair too. 
  4. Repeat the process and properly make braids of all other hairs on your scalp. When finally you will get the proper style, use some oil or gel product for proper holding up.

22 best ideas of ASAP Rocky Braids with pictures


Front Horn ASAP Rocky Braids

Front Horn ASAP Rocky Braids
Source: Pinterest

Stylish touches of braids hairs will be all over the head. All the long braids will be folded tightly with a rubber band from the back part of the head. But two braid hair layers will be down towards your leaf. By the way, you can add a little rounded pin or two on these front-placed braids to get a more complete stand.

Superb one-sided Braids with Back Folding

Source: Pinterest

It is quite similar to the previous style. Here all braid layers will be placed on the side part of the face. Otherwise, the user will get a similar holding of his braid layers at the back part of his scalp. You can use hairpins to get more attraction.

All Way Out Long-tail Rocky Braids

Source: Pinterest

With a box braid hair cut, all the long hair layers will be placed all over the head and shoulder. Using a hairpin just before the hair tails are also a secondary part of this hairstyle. It is a style for all time prepared people. Applying this type of box tail rocky braids will not put any extra pressure on your scalp.

Railway Fade Line Rocky Braids:

Source: Pinterest

All the braid boxes will be lined from the middle part of the head. This lining looks like a traditional smooth long Railway line. Rather than that, long hair layers will be set up properly on both sides.

Blonde Sexy Braids Box Style:

Source: Pinterest

This sexy hairstyle comes in blonde colors. Looks so attractive on bright outfits at any party or outing. This style suits all varieties of people well. Especially for those who have medium length of strong hair, it is best suited to them.

Upper Bun Squeezed Style:

Source: Pinterest

Hold your hair and make a little bun on the top of your head. Simply unleash long rope hairs in the front side. That is, a simple and easy way to make a proper outing style. No need to be so delicate, just move on.

Cornfield Fixed Style:

Source: Pinterest

More or fewer people want a proper setup with all the styles. Here the man will get a proper cornfield lining on his hair. This cornfield style is getting more and more popular with mature persons.

Drizzling Corn Lines with Stronghold:

Source: Pinterest

A fade line will be drawn in the center of the scalp. But the two-sided drizzling fades look so spectacular. The obvious difference is the drizzling fade lines with the fixed cornfield style. That makes it more appealing to the young generation.

Straight Lined Back on Hold:

Source: Pinterest

Well, are searching for the best style for your upcoming journey? Or wanna make holidays with some young and quality people? Just go out with this perfect lined-up Rocky braid style. This style has a cool appeal to the young generation.

Long-tail Hairstyle with Pin Setting:

Source: Pinterest

Hey man, wanna be a royal dashing club member? Or you have some wishes to get a horse ride with flowy Rocky braids? Simply apply this style. Although managing long tails hairs with pin attachment is difficult, this style has a very positive expression on other people.

Horsetail Tied up Hair:

Source: Pinterest

It is a smooth hair setup. Sometimes you can compare the white color and up way back folding with a horsetail. Managing this style is very simple. That’s why a mature man looks for this icon hair folding.

Gorgeous Side Brush Folding:

Source: Pinterest

From both sides of the ear, the upper hair will be shaped. The spectacular color setup makes the style more eye-catching. It has a taste holding two different styles in one. Just unfold the hair for another quick setup.

Devil Eye Top Bun Braid Style:

Source: Pinterest

Clear finishing eyebrow arrows and sideway fades are examples of devil eye. When you make a top bun with long tails, it looks so fabulous. No way people will be shocked by a devil man, conspiring the fact of high choice.

Tomato Bun Rocky Braid:

Source: Pinterest

I am in love with this braid style. Very easily maintainable style. But the negative thing of its untidy top finish. With this cut, you will be a proper gentleman and humble face of nature.

Cross Twist braids

Source: Pinterest

It is quite similar to some other previous styles. It has cross-field fade lines on the scalp, rather than a rectangular box. Differences are so visible and result in a positive outcome.

Four Legs Dark Horse:

Source: Pinterest

Four thick and long layers will be set up in four directions. It has a Dark straight finishing for an extraordinary glow. A convenience rock on style for a young dashing man. Hair moisturizer maintains a balance on applying this style.

Octopus Long Braid:

Octopus Long Braid
Source: Pinterest

All the long straight lines will come in front of your mouth like an Octopus. Seafood lovers can get a touch of this cutting. Nonetheless, the Octopus will be happy to travel with you by this spectacular design.

Vikings Day Out Braid Line:

Vikings Day Out Braid Line
Source: Pinterest

If you wanna take your hair design one step further, just go with this. For snowy weather and fighting with the condition, this hairstyle gets well fitted. Provides high confidence on a man’s shoulder.

Viking Medium Braid Hairs:

Viking Medium Braid Hairs
Source: Pinterest

Cleary a style without any hassle and maintaining problems. It will keep you cool on snow weather. Furthermore, this style has no fade lines, no inside box, just rocky long braids on back mode.

Ponytail Braid Style:

Source: Pinterest

Just hold your medium-length hair to make a back bun. Unleash two layers on the front side to make the design more attractive. This Phony tail rocky braid style is very familiar to us.

Crocodile Field Rocky Braid:

Crocodile Field Rocky Braid
Source: Pinterest

This hairstyle is very similar to a running crocodile. The crocodile legs will make separate fade lines. Proper forehead cleaning finishing has provided a new dimension to this style. Very attractive hairstyle for youths.

French Braid Cornrows:

French braid cornrows
Source: Pinterest

This famous hairstyle was applied by so many celebrity faces. Generation wise this hair design got its popularity. The French braid is the parent design of the ASAP Rocky braid style. You can try this superb style of your hair.

Maintaining process of ASAP Rocky Braids

This is not an easy task to maintain rocky braids. If you can do this crucial part, then you can be satisfied with your ASAP Rocky hairstyle. Let’s see the easy methods of maintaining this style. 

  1. Always put some water, oil, or gel to keep your scalp moisturized. Sometimes braid hair loses its minimum levels of moisture. Which can lead up to some dangerous scalp infection too. 
  2. During the nighttime, just before sleeping cover up your hair with a satin handkerchief. It will prevent any extra painful pull and drying up your hair.  
  3. Sometimes braid bumps come from improper maintenance. To avoid this problem, just wash your hair once every 15 days. That will help you to get a clean bacteria-free scalp. For the best result was the hair with shampoo. 
  4. Don’t make any tight braids on your hair. It may cause damage to your skin. Also, hair feels extra heavier than regular time. 
  5. After washing the hair, before reinstalling the braid take some time. Or, don’t frequently change the braid style.  
  6. For getting the best result, use the necessary oil and gel on the root of the hair. Don’t make it hard. Just apply the style, which your hair and scalp are capable of taking.

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