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5 Best Gel for Cornrows Reviews & Using Methods

Cornrows hairstyle is a very common practice in some ethnic groups and societies. Although people have been practicing this hairstyle from the stone age or ages that relate with the time of beginning human civilization. Nowadays this ancient hair setup has become a part of model styling sense and appearance. Throughout centuries of practices and changes, the cornrow hair pattern has got a new shape, exclusiveness, and attractiveness. Therefore, we need some specially designed products to care for cornrows properly. Here, our hair expert has suggested to you some best gel for cornrows care and maintenance. All these recommended gels improve the cornrow’s hair pattern and provide defining looks. Full descriptions of these items are given below. 

What Is Cornrows Hairstyle?   

We have already mentioned that cornrows’ hair pattern is an ancient style, that is weeks different from a regular hairstyle. Cornrows are also known as Cornrows. Which is a protective hairstyle, specialty suits well for the curly hair holders. Generally, cornrows braids are long, but depending on your hair size can be short also. This hair setup is a practice of African ethnic and native American peoples. Long twisted hairs get the bunnet like cornrows, that’s why this hair setup is known as cornrows hairstyle. However, in recent times people have been using synthetic hair to get the defining look of this hair pattern. 

Why does Cornrows Hair need Gel?

With regular hair, you can transfer in cornrows style. To get a defining cornrows pattern your natural hair needs to have holding ability. Unfortunately, naturally curly hair doesn’t have real holding like straight hairs. By the way of applying gels on natural hairs, you will get extreme holding. The gel makes hair soft, strong, and prepared for quick hair transitions. Furthermore, the assistance of some specially designed hair products is mandatory for getting exact cornrows.

Which Types Of Gel Should You Select For Cornrows? 

It is already evident that regular types of hair gel will not work properly on cornrows’ hair patterns. Our hair expert has suggested some gels that will make your cornrows better. According to him, a gel must contain these qualities to provide the desired look. 

  • Holding ability 

Good gel for providing a defining look must have proper holding ability. Because cornrows are a protective hairstyle. Regular curly hair doesn’t have enough softness. But without soft hair, you can twist them properly. That’s why your chosen gel must have great holding ability.  

  • Essential nutritions 

A gel contains so many ingredients that provide essential proteins, vitamins, and minerals to natural hair. Which makes natural hair look healthy and better. Also helps to increase the growth of natural hair. If you are willing to make cornrows with your natural hairs, you must have gelled with the support of essential proteins.   

  • No side-impact 

Suppose you are using gel on your natural hair for styling, but which resulted in hair fall. Yes, that is a defining factor of choosing hair gel. People generally use hair gel as the last option. Because some ordinary gel has side impacts. Especially on sensitive skin, some gel applications will come with a negative impact. To avoid negative impacts, choose the gel which doesn’t contain parabens, frizziness, and bad smell.  

Best Gel For Cornrows 

As users were getting frustrated with low-quality hair gels we have analyzed their problems. We have found some hair gels that will help our clients to overcome these problems.  Our hair expert Albert Colmar has named some of the best hair gel for defining cornrows. Plus these recommended gels have good reviews and less negative impact compared to all other hair gels. 

Murray’s Gel Loc-Lock 

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According to Albert Colmar, this is the best gel for cornrow’s hair setup. The package dimension of the product is 3.8″L x 3″W x 2.9″H. Which contains all the necessary elements of a hair lock. For your convenience, I am letting you know that this is a cream-type hair gel. Which is very easy to use.  

Holding ability 

Murray’s gel loc-lock is made with a special formula. That comes with high-lasting holding ability. Normally this hair gel has proper holding support for weeks or more days. At this time you need to apply other products to your natural hair. It makes your twists tighter and longer. 


This hair gel is made with a cream formula that contains olive oil. As we all know, natural olive oil makes our hair stronger and healthier from the inside. Generally, olive oil has thin layers that will not create any blocks on your scalp like some other products. But this formula has some other benefits too. Which we will discuss in the next section. 

Moisturizing ability  

All types of natural curly hairs are so dry. That’s why we need products which have the nourishing ability. Furthermore, this hair gel is paraben-free and non-flaking. It helps to look more natural and live. Also reduces the frizzes from natural hair. Therefore, you will get a wavy natural hairstyle.  


  • Moisturizes natural hair
  • Doesn’t contains any damaging ingredients
  • Increase hair growing ability 
  • Makes tight and longer twists 
  • Last so long on defining position


  • The container seems a little bit ordinary 

African Formulas Super Grow Hair Gel 

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The name indicates some natural ingredients to manufacture this product. Wild African Bee honey, coconut oil, and purified water are the main ingredients of this hair gel. Which is very natural and essential for any type of hair. That’s why we have put this product on the second position of our list. 


Although we have already known the formula, we have known the strength of this hair gel. To some extent, this hair gel has extra holding ability. Which lasts so long on your scalp. That type of holding is not getable with some other products of hair care. Also, it has a low liquid volume of 4 fluid ounces.   

Side impact-free 

Only a few hair gels don’t have any side impacts and this is one of them.  You can use this hair on all kinds of scalps. Even works pretty well for the kids also. So, if you want a good hair gel with balanced ingredients and no side impacts? Then just go for this amazing hair gel. 

Others abilities   

Apart from these positive impacts, it has some other telling abilities. It makes dry and dull hair so soft with only reasonable time. Makes hair growth more than regular times. Some hair gel contains a bad smell that is irritating for the users. But this hair gel doesn’t contain any irritating bad smells.  


  • Manufactured with natural ingredients 
  • Makes natural hair soft and shiny 
  • Helps to get defining curls on natural hair 
  • Brings back the real look of natural hair with its natural ingredients  


  • Made with natural ingredients that work so slowly 

All Day Locks Braid Gel

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Finding out flake-free hair gels is not so easy. Here you are getting the opportunity of taking this flake-free hair gel. All-day locks braid gel comes with a liquid volume of 5 fluid ounces. Another advantage of this pack is its thin layers of creams. That helps to open the scalp blocks even after so many uses.  

Smooth hair 

This hair gel has used only a few chemical ingredients. Which only contains so natural ingredients. That includes sunflower oil, coconut oil, and mineral water. People have been using this type of formula for many years to get the defining hair look. Let’s try this gel for more benefits. 

All-day protection 

After applying this gel, you don’t need to tense for the protection of the hair setup. Because this hair gel lasts quite a long time without any problems. Sometimes we have so busy schedules and functions. At a time we need to attend all these functions. If you use these hair gel ones you will get the benefit of long-lasting for 2/3 weeks   

Preferable for 

This hair gel is not preferable for all types of hairstyle. As it contains a high-holding ability it is only preferable for defying hairstyles. All Day Locks Braid Gel is preferable for cornrows, locks, and twisted hair setup. Let’s see the short view of this product. 


  • Provides defining look to natural hair 
  • Long-holding ability 
  • This is a Gluten-free hair styler 
  • Prevents from scalp itching 


  • Not preferable for all types of hairstyles.

Hicks Total Transformations Edges Styling Gels 

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Hicks holding gel works to make total transitions of natural hairs. It has a liquid volume of 4 fluid ounces. This hair gel has an overall treatment of natural hair. Product dimension 3 x 2 x 2 inches. Which is comparatively small and lightweight compared to other hair gel products. Let’s know other valuable qualities of this product. 


In this product, some essential natural products were used. It has a formula of castor hair oil. Overall it works patiently for natural hair. Unlike all other gels, this product doesn’t freeze down your hair. Importantly brings back the natural condition of your 3c hair.  


Most valuable strength of this item’s minimum use result. This product is famous for providing absolute results on applying a minimum portion. Sometimes other hair gel provides quick styling but reduces the life of hair. Therefore, this item arrives with a full solution of cornrows and other protective styles. 

Side effect-free 

In this modern time, people desperately want to get quick styling and transformations. In that way, people use low-quality products on their hair. That results in hair damage and scalp problems. However, this hair gel has the solution of working without any side impacts.  


  • Has the ability of quick styling 
  • Holding ability of this product is so high
  • Famous for long-lasting styling 
  • Makes hair braids soft and natural 


  • This product diminishes very quickly 

Jamaican Mango & Lime Locking Hair Gel

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Some hair gel only provides quick styling without proper hair care. But the Jamaican Mango and lime locking hair gel have the ability of quick styling and reasonable care of your hair. Yes, you will get both qualities on this product. Let’s see some other characteristics of this hair styler. 


Here you will get a combination of Mango and many natural ingredients. Such as  Deionized Water, Polyquaternium 37, Vp Dmapa, Acrylate Copolymer, and many more. Which makes hairstyles more easily and provides all the necessary ingredients to support hair care. 

Color attachment 

Unlike some other mentioned hair gels you can use this one on your colored natural hair. Also, this gel has a liquid volume of 16 fluid ounces. Nevertheless, you are getting balanced between locks and color additions. It is also usable on non-colored hair too. So, go forward with an amazing hair styler. 

Holding ability 

This hair gel arrives with extra holding ability. All the necessary ingredients were put on this product to make locks styles. So, you can make any lock styles with this item. Also has the benefit of lasting for 3/4 weeks before washing your hair. Now move on to further discussions in the next segment. 


  • Works well for grey colored hair
  • Dairy-free natural ingredients containing product
  • Makes dull hair live and smooth 
  • No side-impact on sensitive skin
  • Extra holding ability for 3/4 weeks time 


  • Not preferable for all types of hairstyles 

How To Use Gel On Your Protective Cornrows Style 

Many people would ask, why should I use gels on my cornrows? The simple answer to that question, that gel saves your cornrows hair braids from breakage. That way your hair will be nice and healthy. Also brings long holding ability to natural hairs. 

To exercise gel on your braids hair, firstly make different sections of hair. You can use rubber bands to separate these sections. Then put some gel liquids or gels on the roots of every section.    

Also, add some gels to your thumbs, and start twisting your hair. Continuously do the same thing on every section of your braids. Which will provide a nice soft and shiny look on these braids.  

However, don’t put any liquids or gels directly on your scalps. That way the heavy layers of these liquids will block small holes of scalps. Which will prevent necessary nutrition from entering your scalp. So, carefully use gel on your cornrows.  

How To Keep Cornrow Braids From Freezing

Many people struggle to make their hair braids wavy and free. People face this same problem with different kinds of braids. According to hair experts’ suggestions, using proper gel is the best formula to free up your braids. Let us see some other formulas to make your braids freeze-free. 

  • Applying the necessary shampoo and conditioner can help to reduce this problem. Because some shampoo makes beards soft and wavy.  
  • Avoid using heavy layered products on your braids. Such as coconut hair oil and the same kinds of oils. Which really freezes down hair braids. 
  • You can use hair spray and quality gels to make your natural hair braids strong. Don’t use heavy liquid volume gel on braids. 
  • Don’t change hairstyles very quickly. That damages hair roots and breakage hair. Sometimes this tendency increases dandruff problems too. So, avoid this bad habit. 
  • Also don’t need to use so many chemical products on natural hair braids. If it is synthetic hair birds, then you may go for these types of products. Use simple products to get the most benefit.

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