12 Best Inspiring Natural Hairstyles for New Year

People, especially the African American black women are very much concerned about a new natural hairstyle for New Year. Which hairstyle to wear? Which hair color to use? Which braiding to make? All these questions are commonly raised in mind. We understand this sensation regarding the New Year appearance of you. And for that, we have discovered 12 inspiring natural hairstyles for New Year. In this article, we will bring out the best options regarding New Year’s hairstyles and you are the one to pick the best one for you. So, let’s get started.

1. Coiffure Cheveux Crépus Naturals

coiffure cheveux crépus naturels
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Coiffure Cheveux Crépus hairstyle is a cornrow braiding hairstyle for short hair. This hairstyle is an excellent addition to the African American fashion industry. This front-centered braiding hairstyle produces tiny cornrows braids which are knotted in the backside with accessories. The beauty if this hairstyle will make you different from all other girls in the New Year’s party.

2. Braided and Twisted Updo Hairstyles

Easy Hair Styles And Also Twist Updo Hairstyles
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African American flat twist updo hairstyle is one of the Trending hairstyles among the New Year’s fashion. Now, look at the girl’s hairstyle in the picture. She has worn a reddish braiding hairstyle where the braids are wrapped around the head. Moreover, the braids are thick in nature. This beauty can compel everyone in the New Year party to bow their head in front of an African American girl like you.

3. Floral Bun

Floral Bun
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A bun may be a great choice for you for this New Year’s events. Beauty and bun are the two synonymous words to the girls especially the African American girls. And when the bun looks like a flower with beautiful black petals, the style looks just fabulous. For better understanding please look at the hairstyle carefully in the picture below. I hope the all of your astonishing levels will be crossed after seeing this ultra smart beautiful bun.

4. Hair Coloring Ideas for You with Fabulous Lock Hairstyle

Hair Coloring Ideas For You With Fabulous Loc Hairstyle
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What about some dashing color for styling your locks on the eve of this New Year? Putting some color will put some extra life to your hair. This girl has worn some thick colorful yarn braids for the New Year’s party. And the effect of the hairstyle is just stunning. Try this one for your new year’s preparation for a sexy look like her.

5. Straight up Braid Hairstyles

Straight Up Braid Hairstyles
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Wow!! Unbelievable! Straight up Braid Hairstyles are the occasional hairstyles used by the African American Black women. This hairstyle gives you an updo look with unique and wild braids. When you wear this hairstyle everyone around you can have to turn back towards you for your beautiful Straight up Braided hair. SO why are you late? Wear this hairstyle and be the magnetic power of the party.

6. Lace Wigs

lace Wigs
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Ponytails inspired Lace wigs are also a great choice for the New Year’s event for the African American women. This hairstyle is the combination of ponytails and lace wigs. Here the lace wigs are used as ponytails or divided ponytails on the top or back of the head. This a hairstyle of the princess. If you want to be a princess in the New Year’s party, do this hairstyle.

7. Short Flat Twisted Braids

Short Flat Twist Braids
Image Source: Pinterest

Short Flat Twisted Braids are the super cool braiding hairstyle for you for the New Year. This is actually cornrows inspired short side cornrows with colored thick braids. Anyone around you is bound to fall in love with this super sexy hairstyle on the New Years Eve. You can try this one for your stunning look this New Year.

8. Thread Style Locs

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Thread style is usually done with a black thread, although it can now be done with colored ones, it is wrapped around strands of hair from just above the roots all the way to the ends. Some people feel using a thread to plait your hair might be old fashion, well that’s not true because the style is still in vogue among women. Initially threading is known among those who are trying to grow their hair and children of school age, but now done by old and young. Depending on the individual wearing the hairstyle, they can add a touch of class by making it fashionable with fancy colored threads, some even add ringlet to it. Over time thread style has been known to be a method of stretching hair, moreover, it doesn’t only straighten it out, it can actually help with entangling hair.

9. Rubber Thread Hairstyles

Rubber thread hairstyles
Image Source: Pinterest

Rubber thread hairstyle is more or less similar to the previous hairstyle. Here the threads are slightly different than the previous one. But the effects are gorgeous and super stunning. Prepare yourself with a Rubber Thread Hairstyle and see the difference on the eve of the New Year’s party.

10. Braided Updos with Extensions

Braided Updos with Extensions
Image Source: Pinterest

When your own hair is fine or rough, curly or straight, there’s a model for you available. As soon as you are looking for braided Updos with extensions to use, your hair texture and face characteristic/shape should all element into your determination. It’s beneficial to try to determine what style will appear best for you. Decide on updo hairstyles that match together with your hair’s style. An ideal hairstyle should focus on what exactly you prefer for the reason that hair seems to have several models. Ultimately braided Updos with extensions maybe let you feel comfortable, confident and interesting, therefore apply it to your advantage. For anyone who is that has a problem determining about updo hairstyles you need, set up a consultation with a professional to share with you your alternatives. You may not need to get your braided Updos with extensions then and there, but having the opinion of an expert may enable you to help make your decision. Find a good a hairstylist to get good braided Updos with extensions. Once you understand you have an expert it is easy to trust and confidence with your own hair, obtaining a good haircut becomes a lot less difficult. Do a few explorations and discover a good expert who’s ready to be controlled by your ideas and accurately assess your needs. It may extra charge a little more up-front, but you will save funds the long term when you don’t have to attend somebody else to correct a terrible haircut.

11. Pixie Braided Updos

Pixie Braided Updo natural hairstyles
Image Source: Pinterest

Here comes the tiny braided updo which is called pixie braided updo occasionally. This one is common, beautiful and sexy hairstyle for all African American women. No matter what your hair color is or what length it has, you try this lovely tiny braids to be converted into a big giant bun by the backside of your head. You will not only be nice looking with this hairstyle but also you will have something to rule your surroundings.

12. African Twist

African Twist natural hairstyles
Image Source: Pinterest

And now comes the last one and may be the most preferable one, The African Twist. It is a box braids inspired African American twisted braiding hairstyle. This hairstyle gives you a sharp look and at the same time, some supernatural power to attract people around you. The twisted braids are dazzling in look and smart in nature. Use this wonderful hairstyle in this New Year and be the queen among all other African American black people.

Do not forget to let us know about your preferred hairstyle from the list. And of course, do not hesitate to ask anything in the comment box. Now enjoy your New Year’s Party with the most beautiful hairstyles.

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