Best Mango Butters to Keep Your Natural Hair Healthy

Mango butter is the top hair and skin care product since the ancient period. Mango butter is a  special type of oil that was a prominent medication product of old Indian civilization. So, from 2500-1700 BCE some evidence has been found of using mango butter as use of Mango butter in that ancient period. 

However, in modern days Mango butter became a more defined skin and hair care product. Still, you confused to find the meaning of Mango butter? Well, we have provided the answer in the next section for your convenience. 

What is Mango Butter? 

Natural Mango butter comes from pure mango seeds. This butter contains many important ingredients for skin, nails, scalp, and hair. It is loaded with various types of vitamins and natural antioxidants. Mango butter will provide your hair Vitamin A, E, and many essential suety acids.  

Mango Butter Benefits for Natural Hair

From the ancient period, Mango butter and Mango oil have been used as leading beauty care products. Especially in the south Asian countries, this product got it using value. But in recent years Mango butter’s benefits are coming in front of people. Therefore, Mango butter has become a so demandable product worldwide. Now we only discuss the benefits of using Mango butter on natural hair. 

  • Mango butter increases the growth rate of natural hair. Evenly works for different types of hairs. 
  • It protects your hair from unwanted UV rays. Such rays are very harmful to hair, skin, scalp, nail, and even the whole human body. 
  • The root level of hair gets hard by the use of Mango butter oil, amazingly the outside part of the hair gets smoother and softer. In the wavy season, the natural hair waves like ocean water. 
  • makes your shiny like newly grown hair. Provides real color and adds necessary moistures to make hair more glossy. 
  • Also works to reduce dandruff problems. Fights against scalp problems and makes hair healthier.  
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Furthermore, Mango butter works in favor of body skin, nails, and internal parts too. It is quite amazing that all those benefits are gettable at the lower prices with these recommended Mango butter products.  

Elasta QP Mango Butter Moisturizer for Natural Hair

This leave-in conditioner is very useful for naturally curly hair. This product specially manufactured for damaged and frizzy hair. This Mango and Olive oil mixed conditioner comes in 15 fluid ounces.   


  • Makes hairs moisture 
  • Adds more shine and brightness 
  • Makes hair healthy and liveable 
  • Provides intensive treatment 


  • Comes in ordinary packaging 

Softee Mango Shea Butter Daily Hair Dress

This Mango butter is suitable for all types of hairs. This is made with Petrolatum, Butyrospermum, Shea butter, Mango butter seed, coconut oil, and many other important ingredients that work in favor of hairs. All the directions and cautions are mentioned on the bottle. 


  • It revives dry hair by adding moisture and makes them healthy.
  • You can use it daily with coconut oil, olive oil, and jojoba hair oils.
  • Styling is possible with this product, and chances of losing hair are low


  • This product comes in normal packaging  

Carol’s Daughter Coco Creme with Coconut oil and Mango Butter mix

I think you have already heard about this famous beauty care brand. This Mango Butter and Coconut oil mix are some of the most desired products of this brand. This product is specially made for curly hair types. However, you can apply this item to regular natural hairs without any hesitation. 

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  • It enhances your coils with buttery nature. 
  • Holding ability is very good 
  • Long-lasting styling is possible 
  • Nourishes your curly hair 
  • Provides mother care to your hair 


  • Not suitable for all types of scalps   

Creme of Nature Mango & Shea Butter Ultra Moisturizing Conditioner

Unlike the previously mentioned products, it is a hair conditioning product that makes hair wavy and lively. Creme of Nature Mango moisturizing conditioner has a liquid volume of 350 militias. The biggest advantage of this particular item is its easy usability. 


  • Use for smooth and healthy hair 
  • Soften natural hair 
  • Adds shine to hair 
  • Nourishes dehydrated hair 
  • Increases hair growth 


  • Very small portion  

Okay Mango Butter Chunks 

Okay Mango Butter Chunks 

This product will work in favor of hair and your skin. So, you are getting dual protection with this Mango butter Chunks from Okay. This hair and skin care product is made from a mixer of many natural ingredients. Let’s see the positive and negative sides of this hair care. 


  • Moisturizes and soothes tough and rough hair 
  • Protects your hair and skin from the UV rays 
  • Maintains moisture and revive dull hair 
  • Reduces frizz and hair from being sleek and luster 


  • Slightly expensive price tag 


Life-Flo Pure Mango Butter 

Pure Mango Butter

This hair care product is made with a mixer of traditional ingredients. Mango seeds, Vitamin E, and many other important ingredients were used to make this product. It is very suitable for dry and hard hair. Also works for dry skin problems. So, you will get a combination of two big problems (Hair, Skin)  in one solution.   

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  • Makes hair soft and smooth 
  • Gives protection against dangerous UV rays 
  • Reduces hair fall 
  • No parabens 
  • Highly tested with laboratory verification certification. 


  • May be expensive for lower budget holders. 

The Proper Method of Using Mango Butter on Hair 

Many of us don’t know the exact ways of using this item. That’s why they are getting the expected result. If you follow that provided method, you may get the top benefit and nutrition from this hair item.  

Step 1: Just before applying this item, wash your hair very soft. Clean up the scalp to prevent any bumps problems. 

Step 2: Melt a small amount of butter in between your palms. Then dab it onto your hair to make moisture and protect it from dryness. 

Step 3: In the final part, wash with the conditioner. Naturally, dry up your hair to get the most positive outcome. 

Frequently asked questions about Mango butter for Natural hair care. 

  • Question: Does Mango butter help to grow hair? 
  • Answer: Yes, Mango butter is an effective hair product. That comes up with a positive impact on your hair. It strengthens hair, adds moisture, and promotes hair growth. Mango butter makes your hair stronger and healthier. 
  • Question: Is Mango butter good for nail care? 
  • Answer: Yes, Mango butter is beneficial for skin, nail, and hair care also. It provides UV rays protection. 
  • Question: Does Mango butter have any side impacts? 
  • Answer: In most of the cases no. However, we have found some issues in sensitive skin and hairs. So, just clear the issue with a medical expert before directly applying the Mango butter to your skin or hair.   

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