23 Best Natural Hairstyles You Can Try

Hello you, how much prepared are you for the coming New Year? Have you thought about the hairstyle you want to make during New Year’s festival? Or are you crawling the internet world for picking the best one for you? Well, you do not need to do that anymore because you are in the right place in search of the best natural hairstyles for the New Year. Here, we will discuss the best and trend 23 hairstyles which will rock your new year’s party. So let’s start the tour to pick the best one for you.

Crochet Braids natural hairstyles

  1. Crochet Braids

The Crochet Braids are called the royal braiding hairstyle for the African American black women. This curly braid makes you look like a princess. To have a sharp look use this awesome hairstyle and be the center of attraction in the coming new year.

GOlden Cornrows Braids

  1. Golden Cornrows Braids: The Excellence of Natural hairstyles

Golden or blonde color is the most popular for the hair color. The hairstyle in the picture is one of the most popular hairstyles among the black people for the color and the designs of cornrows. This cornrows braid give you the heavenly beauty and limitless attraction.

Multicolored Updo

  1. Multicolored Updo

These natural hairstyles are also a cornrows inspired braiding hairstyle, Here the multicolored cornrows braids are pulled up straight and used to make a high bun on the top of the head. This one is one of my favorite hairstyles too.

  1. Bead Bun Braids

This hairstyle is a combination of beads, tiny braids and a beautiful bun to make your new year’s look fresh and natural. With this hairstyles, you can show the world what the black beauty is.

COrnrows Updo

  1. Cornrows Updo

Here is another sample of cornrows inspired up-do and bun. Here the design of the cornrows are changed significantly and the braids are thick enough to give a sensational look for your New Year festival.

COrnrows Knots

  1. Cornrows Knots

With cornrows braids, you can try this super sexy hairstyle too. The design and effect of this knots and the textures of the whole head can bound anyone to fall in love with it.

COrnrows Bun

  1. Cornrows Bun

This textures and designs are more or less the same as the p[previous one. But the main difference is the bun. Here a beautiful, thick and giant bun is positioned on the top [of the head in spite of the knots. This design is very popular for the New Year’s hairstyle.

Ponytail with beaded cornrows braids

  1. Ponytail with Beaded Cornrows Braids

Well, this one is a little different and classic. This hairstyle is originated from the ancient Egyptian hairstyle and much more popular among the African American people.

Dreadlocks Braided Bun

  1. Dreadlocks Braided Bun

Be wild during this New Year’s event. Use the deadly dreadlocks for the ultra-modern you. Try this rock start look for being the magnetic part of the New Year’s party.

Natural COlored Box Braids

  1. Natural Colored Box Braids

Box braids can be a great option for you to celebrate this New Year. This simple box braids can make you the gorgeous you. Use some glittering beads to bring out the best effects.


  1. Natural Colored Yarn Braids

Yarn braids are amazing as always. For all aged women and all types of face shapes. Rock your new year’s party with this sexy and awesome hairstyle and make it memorable.


Half Updos with Twists

  1. Half Updos with Twists

She is cute, and her hairstyle is cuter. You can understand, how this hairstyle has made her look like. This half updo with twists hairstyle is considered as one of the most dashing additions in the hairstyle i9ndustries.

  1. The conqueror Braids

Want to conquer the heart of the others during the party? Try this one. This tiny and thin cornrows braids with lovely beads will give you this glamour to enchant anyone at any place.

Inspirational Braided Beads

  1. Inspirational Braided Beads

Hope, I do not need to say anything about this super cool hairstyle. This is simply awesome and beautiful. The reddish braids, the beads, and the design are just made for each other.

Simple and Colored Cornropws

  1. Simple and Colored Cornrows

Carefully look at the braids. The proportion of the black braids and the blonde braids are almost the same. And you can judge yourself that how much effective this hairstyle is for the New Year’s event.

GOdss Braids

  1. Goddess Braids

Almost every one of the African American people very much familiar with this type of braided hairstyle. It is made especially during any occasion or party or an event. And hopefully, this one may be the hairstyle of you for the next event.

Mohawk and Dreadlocks

  1. Mohawk and Dreadlocks

Well, we cannot exclude the Mohawk hairstyle from our list. Mohawk hairstyles are modern, sensational and crazy hairstyles in this-this 21st century. This hairstyle will distinguish you from others in any gathering or occasion.

The Wow Braids

  1. The Wow Braids

Like this wow natural hairstyle? Then make it for the New Year. This is a cornrow braiding hairstyle designed in a textured way. Anyone around you will be compelled to turn back twice while you are wearing this awesome hairstyle.

  1. Cornrows Ponytail

Ponytails are the sign of beauty and youth. Wear simple ponytail with beads and enchant anyone in the party and rule over their hearts. I bet, no one will disagree with this statement.

Long Fulani Braids with Beads

  1. Long Fulani Braids with Beads

Here you are the one to judge the hairstyle. You decide whether this long Fulani braids with beads hairstyle is suitable for the New Year’s party or not.

Super Cool Cornrows Braids

  1. Super Cool Cornrows Braids

Centralized design, beautiful textures, and the glittering golden beads have made this hairstyle unique and charming. You will get an angelic beauty with this super cool hairstyle.

Twists that Speak

  1. Twists that Speak

Maybe this twisted hairstyle is the one which you have been searching for your new year’s hairstyle. These natural hairstyles are mainly used during the wedding but it is common in the New Year’s party too.

The Silence

  1. The Silence

This is called silent beauty. Her curly shirt locks, blonde highlights in the curls, the glasses, and the earrings are also part of this package. And the judgment of effectiveness and charm is upon you.

High Ponytail With Beads And Cornrows

  1. High Ponytail with Beads and Cornrows

Here comes the last one and probably the best one from my point of view. Textured design of cornrows, the giant braids, the updo, and the ponytail has made these natural hairstyles different than the others.

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