Best Oil For Flat Ironing Natural Hair

3 Best Oil For Flat Ironing Natural Hair

Getting straight hair is a dream for so many African-American women. Genetically, their natural hair is not straightened enough. It is rather a matter of choosing which type of hair you really love to get. Unfortunately, all types of natural hair are not preferable for transitioning. Especially, when it comes to naturally curly hair it requires proper steps to flatten the shape of natural hair.    

Application of oil for flat ironing natural hair is a prerequisite. Curly hair is not highly heated protective. Therefore, it’s imperative to use heat protectant oil just before flat ironing natural hair. See the list of most prominent heat-protectant oils for having flat ironing natural hair. 

Argan oil 

Argan oil is directly taken from the argan tree. Which has nice thick layers to protect natural hair. Also, this oil comes with so many other advantages for natural hair. Moroccan argan oil is world-famous for its beneficial result on beauty care. 

Grapeseed oil 

The use of Grapeseed oil is not a new thing for the care of natural hair. This hair oil has a high smoke point and adds shine to straighten ironing curls. So, you must put quality grapeseed oil on this list for preparing flat ironed natural hair. 

Coconut oil 

Coconut oil is the most commonly used natural oil around the world. It helps to strengthen hair from deep inside. The most preferable solution for damage repairing. And a better-known supplement for the preparation of flat ironing natural hair. 


What Do You Put On Natural Hair Before Flat Ironing? 

A flat iron machine generates heat to change the texture of natural hair. That’s why putting natural hair directly onto that machine is a wrong decision. Even that could cause severe damage to your natural hair. Needs to make the proper use of this electric machine on his hair. Therefore, users need to take a few basic steps before taking the heat. 

According to top hair experts, the use of natural oil is the best solution for putting flat iron on hair. Firstly, natural hair needs to be washed properly with normal water. Which will make hair softer. Otherwise, hair will be so dull. And dull hair is not suitable for flat irons.   

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Instead of taking showers, many people use water spray-on hair. Another way of making hair soft. Then dry hair by using a towel or slow air. Take times like 5 or 10 minutes. Then apply any of those mentioned oils to your natural hair. Which will make natural hair preferable for using a flat iron.

Best Oil Suggestions For Flat Ironing Natural Hair

Actually, oil suggestions were made focusing on the two different conditions. Users can apply those oils even after flat ironing their natural hair. However, it is a prerequisite for flat ironing hair. In one word, users will get two types of benefits from one product. 

Thermal Heat Flat Iron Argan Oil Hair Protectant Spray

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It is quite clear that Argan oil is the main supplement of flat ironing hair. This Argan hair oil has a high success rate on its users. Therefore, we have put this one as our best recommendation for you. Simply look at the fascinating impact of Argan hair protectant spray. 

Best hair protectant 

Flat ironing, sun damage, and blow-drying cause serious disturbance to natural hair. As natural 4c hair is very thin, it sees the worst-case scenario of using a flat iron. That electric heater can make your hair stronger but brings more concerning issues with it. Whereas, the iron makes hair strong enough to take the heat of the iron machine. Saves natural hair from all kinds of mentioned problems. 

Supplies healthy ingredients  

This hair oil contains all the necessary ingredients of natural hair. Supplies all-important keratin to the scalp. Makes damaged hair strong and shiny. Also works very well for frizzy natural hairs. Hair becomes shiny and strong after a few days of proper application of Argan protecting spray. 

Pros & Cons

  • It makes hair safe for using a flat iron.
  • This conditioning hair protectant adds moisturizers to natural hair
  • The manufacturing company provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • The small packaging should be the only weak point of this hair oil. 


Fractionated Coconut oil

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Handcraft blends are the manufacturing brand of this hair oil. The most important notice is the age restriction of this hair oil. Which is declared in between 18-60 years. People have been relying on coconut oil for many years. And getting beneficial results at a specific time.  

Suitable for all types of hair

In between the age limitation, this hair oil is suitable for all types of natural hair. Users will get nice fragrances, essential supplies of nutrition, and necessary ingredients from it. More importantly, fractionated coconut oil is free of chemical ingredients. It is made with 100% pure supplies of coconut. 


Straight Silk Spray with Moroccan Argan Oil

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If you talk about only a few products that are basically preferred for flat ironing natural hair, then this one will be top of the list. This hair is basically made for the African-American communities’ hair care. And the USA-made product provides 100% guarantee assurance for the naturally curly hair holders. 

Heat protector 

This hair is made to provide support for heat protection. Comes with an enormous shield of 450 degrees Fahrenheit heat exposure. So that you can use the iron machine properly on your hair. However, this silk spray also has some valuable ingredients to support healthy hair growth. 

Pros & Cons

  • Straight silk spray breathes new life into natural hair.
  • It prevents freezing, heat damage, and also comes with color-safe protection.
  • A nice choice for everyone, as it contains no alcohol and chemicals. 
  • Not suitable for all kinds of curly hair. Made only supports hair transitioning. 


Well, all those mentioned oils are quite capable of providing the needed support to your natural hair. Therefore, you just take any of those products at a time. Don’t use 3/4 products at the same time, on natural hair. We are going to suggest to you the best choice in the next section. But take only one, although all of them possess good quality. 

Which Oil Is The Best For Flat Ironing Natural Hair?

If you are looking for the best one on that list, we will recommend Straight Silk Spray with Moroccan Argan Oil. Because this hair oil is made for the black community living in the United States. This hair oil has all the necessary elements for black hair. That doesn’t mean other oils are not good enough. All those hair oils are equally good.

This hair oil will suit the condition of that area. Also made for proper solutions on record. The company made long reachers on preparing this oil. And in reality, this mentioned hair oil has come up with more than expectations. That’s why if you are staying in the United States, you should be trying this hair oil. 

Which Oil Is the Best Straightening Hair? 

Grapeseed oil and coconut oil works very well for the natural hair straightening process. However, the best hair oil for quick straightening is the Moroccan Argan oil. As this hair oil is made with 100% natural ingredients of Argan seed, users get many necessary ingredients to support this one. Keratin is the main supplement that comes from Argan oil.  

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Relying on other oils will not work properly. As flat ironing hair oil needs the support of good supplements in a quick time. But some other natural oils don’t have this capability. Apart from this, some may try natural ingredients. But users need to get full awareness about the product they are using. 

How To Flat Iron Natural Hair To silky straight

When flat iron is an electric heater, you need to have a proper idea of using this machine for your natural hair. We have heard many stories regarding falls use of products on natural hair. Don’t be too concise in using all types of elements on hair. Just be selective and follow these procedures. 

Step 1: 

In that process, you need to complete the basic work. Just like the preparations of making natural hair more favorable. Therefore, you need to complete all the prerequisites at that stage. Also discuss with a hair specialist about the suitability of your natural hair.

Step 2: 

Need to wash natural hair properly. Well, many people may try for showers. Or some others may go for spray water cleaning. Both processes are correct. You just need to clean your dry hair. Then make the hair softer, by applying any proper natural oils.  

Step 3: 

In that final stage, directly use the flat iron on your hair. Use manageable heat and make sure you really know the methods of doing the work. To get more help you can watch relevant videos from youtube. That will make the process easier for you. After making your hair straight, applying natural oil can be done. 

How to Apply Natural Oil on Flat Ironing Natural Hair 

Therefore, two ways of applying oil on natural hair. One is to apply this oil, just before using the flat iron. Which will help you to prepare the hair, using a flat iron. Some good hair oils create a shield to protect hairs from the excessive heat of the machine. Therefore, try to select from these mentioned oils. 

Well, another formula for using oil is after completing the process of flat ironing. Extra makes natural hair very weak. Chance increases of hair loss and some other related problems. 

Natural hair looks very dry. Therefore, many hair specialists suggest applying good oil to that period. Which will add some essential moisturizer to the hair. Plus it will make the hair stronger with the supply of necessary ingredients. Hope you have understood all the best use of oils on flat natural hair.


Actually, flat ironing is sensitive work. And selecting products for that purpose needs to have some awareness. Black naturally does straighten by the use of heat irons. But this type of hair is very weak naturally compared with caucasian hair. Make sure you do all the procedures well and select the best products as supportive supplements. This full discussion on this topic will help you a lot to take the best oil for flat ironing natural hair.   

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