Best Way to Take Care of Natural Hair

Hair is a symbol of the beauty of man vs women. So all of us should take proper care of our hair. Hair as part of our skin protects the head skin from the heat of heat, attacks of various microbes, and the harmful effects of dust mites. Normal hair care such Regular hair care keeps the hair polished. One day, massage the oil in warmth and heat 15-20 minutes. Then keep the towel soaked in hot water for 15-20 minutes. Then add one egg, 2 teaspoon honey, 2 teaspoons Amalaki juice, 2 teaspoons olive oil, juice/paste of paste, mixed with a little hot water, and keep it in full color for 25-30 minutes. Then wash your hair cleanly. After mixing tea leak or, lemon juice and half a spoon honey, make a mug with water. Remove hair and remove hair.

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Dry Hair Care:

Once the hair is dry, after one day, mix olive oil or coconut oil with a hot oil mixed with warm oil and massage the scalp 20-25 minutes. Then take a towel in hot water. Wash hair with herbal shampoo and apply conditioner. In the end, wash hair with tea licker. Those whose hair is rough, dry and reddish, apply a humming bowl, two tablespoon honey and one spoon burger, talk yogurt, egg yolk, methigidha, custard oil mixed together and keep the whole hair in an hour. Then wash the hair
with herbal shampoo and wash the conditioner and wash it 4-5 minutes to lightly.


Dandruff is not a disease or a disease symptom. This is Skalp’s dry skin. All of which are more or less. Hair fall and dandruff are 80 people out of 100. In the spring many problems arise. Keep your comb, brush, towel, pillow cover as clean and clear as possible. Medicated shampoo, miconazole lotions, steroid lotion used to be completely cured. But it is better to adopt domestic herbal methods for the treatment of dandruff.

Some Significant Tips for Hair:
l Use lemon and shine shampoo. Fruit acids make the hair fresh by cleaning oil and dirt. l Keep beer in the glass. After doing this flat beer shampoo, apply the whole hair. There is no need to wash hair after planting beer because the smell of beer will be gone only. leat more than vitamin B-rich foods. Especially fruits, vegetables. l Egg, clotting copula contains sulfur along with Vitamin B which is good for removing dandruff. Sometimes mixing two Vitamin-E capsules with shampoo. l Do not nail during head massage.

Regular oil massage:

It is very important to massage regularly with hair care. Otherwise, the dryness of the hair may increase. This will increase hair growth and loose hair. For this, you can massage coconut oil well by heating light at night. Put shampoo the next morning. If not done, massage the coconut oil at least a couple of hours before shampoo. However, a little olive oil and a little avocado oil mixed with coconut oil and mixed with a little warm massage results in good results. It should not be too loud to
massage. May cause hair damage. After the message is done, soak the towel in hot water and tie it well to the chip. If you put half an hour in it, oil will reach to the hair follicle.

Use aloe vera:

Aloe Vera has been used for beauty over the ages. Aloe Vera pair of hair care is not there. Alcoholic juices provide extra nutrients for hair. Aloe vera hair can also be used for hair care.

Onion juice:

Onion juice is very effective to prevent hair fall. Onion collagen helps to grow new hair. Not only that, onion juice reduces the dandruff problem. Many may not be able to roast onions every day. So you can use regularly to keep frozen more regularly together. Keep this juice half-hour at the beginning of the hair to get good results. Then remove shampoo.

Take care of the food:

To prevent hair fall, eat more fruits and vegetables every day. Drink at least eight to ten glasses of water a day. Vitamin-E can also be eaten for hair nutrients.

Change some habits:

Warm hair is not good. Besides, using hair drying frequently for hair drying is harmful to hair. However, use it for a little bit of a few hits. Use hair conditioner after shampoo. The hair will be neat in it.

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