Black box braids Hairstyles for Natural Hair

helpful 4 black box braids hairstyles for African American pretty women. Black women can try  these box braids style with black ponytail, beads on natural hair

Commendable Long Black Box Braids:

Black box braid is like tradition. That you cannot do that by mixing another color. So if you see in this picture, the girl’s starting point of the head that is the upper forehead is bit different. And its name is commendable because of its triangle shape of the hair.

Black box braids Hairstyles
Picture: Commendable Long Black Box Braids    Source: Instagram

Separate Box Braids with Beads:

This box braid is not attached to another. This is totally separate from each other. Every piece of box braid has individual potential in here. You can use the help of beads to control or manage the hair.

Separate Box Braids with Beads
Picture: Separate Box Braids with Beads       Source: Instagram

Black Box Braids with Ponytail:

This is interesting because the most popular hairstyle joins with each other. One is box braid and another one is the ponytail. When these two combinations are mixed with each other there will be a blast. For the proof, you can see the picture. Long hair, all are in box braid. And the ponytail is in topper head. The beads are also there for a better look.

Black Box Braids with Ponytail
Picture: Black Box Braids with Ponytail        Source: Instagram

Long Box Braids with Marley Hair:

You know that Marley means artificial. So this hairstyle belongs to fashion, creativity, and management. One can use all his/her experience in this hairstyle. But it should matchable with her face. This is a long Marley hair which is fully in box braid to top to bottom.

Long Box Braids with Marley Hair
Picture: Long Box Braids with Marley Hair              Source: Instagram

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