18 Natural Black Hair With Blonde Highlights Are Trending, But What Are They?

Black hair with blonde highlights is one of the trendiest hairstyles around the globe. Especially the black women are so much used to and fond of this super cool hairstyle for professional and other reasons. The women working out of the home nowadays prefer the short hairstyles which do need a little maintenance and the highlights makes the hairstyle perfect for them. These hairstyles serve both the beauty and the hassle-free life purpose. In this article, we are going to discuss the top 18 pretty hairstyles with colorful highlights. So if you are a women searching for these types of hairstyles are reached here through internet surfing, you are most welcome to this tour.

# Short Black Hairstyle with Blonde Balayage Highlights

The first one we have selected is the Short Black Hairstyle with Blonde Balayage. In this hairstyle, you will wear simple, clean and straight hair which will be significantly short. In addition, you need to add some blonde dye just on the edges of the hair to get this awesome look. This hairstyle reflects smarts and beauty at the same time.

Short Black Hairstyle With Blonde Balayage

# Long Crochet Braids with Highlights

Among the African American black women, there is hardly anyone who does not love this super sexy crochet braids. This long braids will cover your head, shoulder and some parts of the backside. And the fun part of this hairstyle is the blonde highlights in the natural colored braids.

Long Crochet Braids with Highlights

# Brown Hair with weaves

This is a magical hairstyle for the African American people. This hairstyle needs a little effort and returns you a great and effective hairdo. Here the natural colored hair is colored blonde slightly and some beautiful weaves are created on it. This hairstyle is fit for every season, place and occasion.

women with brown hair weaves

# Blunt Bob Bang for Black Women

Well, this is a bob hairdo for the black women. Black women look best with the shoulder length bob haircut. Many of the African American model, film stars, and corporate women are seen to use this wonderful hairstyle. Here the bob has been colored blonde to have some dazzling highlights in it.

Blunt Bob For Black Women

# Short Caramel Blonde with an Undercut

She is wearing a hairstyle named Short Caramel Blonde with an Undercut. She is actually using two layers of hairs on her head. The base layer is naturally colored and the upper part of the layer is colored blonde which has made the highlights. Do not forget the undercut part, it is also a significant part of this super awesome hairstyle.


Short caramel blonde with an undercut

# Box Braids with Highlights

Box braids can be a great option for you if you want a natural hairstyle with highlights in black hair. Box braids re varieties in color. But the black colored box braids are mostly used by the black women. Just use a few blonde braids among them to have these dazzling highlights.

Box Braids with Bonde Highlights 1

Box Braids

Box Braids

Box Braids

Box Braids


# Bun with Blonde Highlights

Almost 80% of the African American women love bun hairstyles for any kind of occasion or weeding. Many of them want to have some blonde highlights in the bun to have a greater look. Look at the picture and trendy to realize the effect of this trendy hairstyle.

Bun with Highlights

# Yarn Braids with Highlights

Some of you must like heavy hairstyles like the yarn braids. This huge hairstyle is also possible to present in a highlighted way. This hairstyle is natural colored braiding hairstyle with little highlights.

Yarn Braids with Highlights

# Ponytail

When it is summer, you like the ponytail hairstyles most for the hassle-free movement and working environment. Ponytails can be presented with this blonde highlights like the picture. And you can see the enormous effect o0f this sexy hairstyle.


# Mohawk

The wilder you are the more beautiful you are. These wild highlighted hairstyles are more sexy and cute than the conventional highlighted Mohawk hairstyles. Try this one for a great smartness and beautiful outlook.

Mohawk 1

Mohawk 1

# Blonde Coils

Look at this wow hairstyle. This is a crochet braiding inspired hairstyle with blonde highlights. The lovely coils of your hair will bound anyone to look towards you twice.

Blonde Coils 1

Blonde Coils 2

Blonde Coils 3

Blonde Coils 3

# Pixie Braided Bun with Extension

All of you know the tiny braids or the pixie braids which are so much decent and beautiful in effect. This braids can be used as flat or bun or whatever you like. This hairstyle can be used with some blonde highlights to have a great effect.

Pixie Braided Bun with Extension

Pixie Braided Bun with extension

# Topknot

Make some side cornrows, highlight some of the hair with blonde color and make a topknot with that and let the leftover of the hair free over the backside of the head. You will look like this awesome beauty.


# Cornrows

Whatever hairstyles you make you cannot avoid the cornrows hairstyles. Lot at the pictures and realize how beautifully cornrows hairstyle can be decorated with the blonde color.

Cornrows 1

Cornrows 1

# Curls

Short curls are best for the blonde highlights. Look at these curls which are highlighted and curled at the same time on the edges of the hair. This hairstyle will give you a charm like a princess.

Curls 1

Curls 1

# Dreadlocks

Dreadlocks with the high bun is a great option for the blonde highlight lovers. This woman has worn the dreadlock braids with highlighted high bun. This hairstyle will make you the queen in the world of beauty.


# Black and Blonde

Just two sides. One side is colored naturally and the other side is colored blonde. And the effect is limitless.

Black and Blonde

# Blonde Extension

This is simple. The girl is wearing straight long hair and the edges are colored blonde. I can assure you that you will be the magnetic part of any gathering when you will wear this awesome hairstyle.


# Floral Bun

Here is the last one and probably the best one. This woman has made a flower alike bun on the top of her head and the beneath layer of the hair is still black. This hairstyle is pretty much popular among the African American black women along with the African Women.

Floral Bun


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