Black Kids Hairstyles with Braided Beads

Beads are ineluctable for a beautiful hairstyle for the black kids. For better parenting, you must choose a beautiful hairstyle for your cute little angel. But Most of the time, the parents get confused with the numerous types of hairstyle available in saloon shop as well as the internet. So, which one you are to select for your little girl kid? The answer to this question is not so easy. Parents who have reached to this blog searching for the black kid’s hairstyles with beads are most welcome to this discussion of best hairstyles with beads for the African American black kids with beads. Here, we are gonna lead you to a bunch of hairstyles with beads for your cute angel to make her look like a heavenly angel. Go through the whole article and select the best one for your kids according to her hair length and face shape.

  1. Curly Ponytails with Braided Beads

The first one is the combination of braids, curls, ponytails, and beads. All these elements of hairstyles are merged together to make this wonderful hairstyle. This hairstyle is perfect for any party or occasions your kid is going to attend.

CUrly Ponytails with Braided Beads

  1. Braided Ponytail with Beads

Here we come with some different color. This hairstyle is mai9nly decorated with pink color. She is decorated with two ponytails consisting of lovely twisted braids. And the bottom of the ponytails is decorated with lovely pink beads which make her look like a princess. Do not forget the effects of the pink artificial flowers to the edges of the braids too.

Braided Ponytail with Beads

  1. Bantu Knots with Beads

Bantu knots hairstyle is one of the most popular hairstyles among the African American parents for their levelly little angels. These knots are much more popular I the African countries too. In this hairstyle, two tiny side braids have been produced with lovely beads to give the complement of this hairstyle.

Puffy Braids with Beads

  1. Tipple Ponytails with Dazzling Beads

In this hairstyle, three braided ponytails are made in the triangular direction. The braids are tiny and natural colored. And the beads are positioned on the bottom of the ponytails. The beads are colored red or yellow. This beaded hairstyle is in high demand among the African American little girls.

Tripple Ponytails with Dazzling Beads

Tripple Ponytails with Dazzling Beads

  1. Twisted Braided Beads with Blonde Highlights

Many of you already familiar with this twisted branding hairstyle. This one is one of my favorite hairstyles as a hairstylist. The braids are made of twists and the edges of the braids are colored blonde. And the most important thing here, is the beads positioned on the bottom, middle and edges of the braids.

Twisted Braided Beds with Blonde Highlights

  1. Side Cornrows Braids with Beads

This is basically a cornrows hairstyle. Here the cornrows tiny braids are positioned on the side of the head and the backside is decorated with some giant beaded braids to the down. This hairstyle will make her smart and cute, more than the others.

SIde COrnrows Braids with Beads

  1. Braided Bun and Curls with Beads

Bun makes a kid matured looking. Here the hairstyle is divided into two parts. One part is the braids directed to the bun. The second part is the bun made of the braids, and the third part is the curly extensions from the bun. For more effects, the lovely golden beads are used in different parts of the head.

Braided Bun and Curls with beads

  1. Braided Updo with Beads

Here is another beautiful braided hairstyle for your kid. This is mainly an updo hairstyle with beaded braids. Here the braids are wrapped around the head and the top of the head is decorated with beautiful beads. How lovely this hairstyle is!

Braided Updo with beads

  1. Side Twisted Braids with Beads

This is a twisted braided hairstyle. The braids here are decorated with lovely glittering beads on the edges of the braids. The braids, some of it are directed to a side of the head and some of it are used to make a beautiful bun on the back side of the head.

Side Twisted Braids with beads

  1. Cornrows Ponytail with Beads

Here are some examples of cornrows hairstyles with beads for the black kids. This cornrows braids can be shaped whatever you like. In this hairstyle, lovely ponytails are made with glittering beads. This hairstyle is mostly preferred by the African American people for their kids.

COrnrows Ponytail with beads (2)

COrnrows Ponytail with beads (2)

COrnrows Ponytail with beads (2)

  1. Multiple Braids into One

Here is another example of beaded cornrows braids. These braids are many in number but they all are directed into a single braid on the back side of the head. This super cute hairstyle will make your kid more cute and adorable.

Multiple Braids into one

  1. Wrapper Braids with Beads

Thick giant braid is used here to wrap the head by the front of the head. This giant braid is decorated with dazzling white beads to make it more perfect for the black kids.

Wrapper Braids with Beads

  1. Twisted Braids with Beads and Ribbon

Well, this hairstyle matches with the number 5 hairstyle in this article. But there are a lot of differences in design and presentation. And the fun part is the ribbon here placed in the center of the head.

Twisted Braids with beads and Ribbon

  1. Cute and Cool

I think I should not say anything about this hairstyle. You yourself can observe the beauty and effect of this cute hairstyle for our adorable kid.

CUte nad Cool

  1. Braided Knots

Two lovely knots and some golden beads have made an impossible this possible. I bet, your kid will look more gorgeous and cute more than any other hairstyle with this lovely kid’s hairstyle.

Braided Knots

  1. Short Twist Braids

Another example of twisted braids. Here the braids are short and fully covered with colorful beads. This is a unique hairstyle among the African American kids and with this hairstyle she can easily attract others eyesight.

Short Twist Braids

  1. Puffy Braids with Beads

Finally, we reached the last stage of the discussion about the black kid’s hairstyles with beads. And finally, we present this puffy braids with beads. This is a classic hairstyle which has earned huge popularity across Africa and America.

Puffy Braids with Beads

Puffy Braids with Beads



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