Blonde Hairstyles For Fine Hair Black Women

Blonde hairstyles are designed for the beauty conscious women around the world. The blond color gives women a sharp and dazzling look. The African American women are the best fit for the blonde hairstyles. Because the black and blonde have a very lovely bonding with each other. In this article, we will discuss the best 19 types of blond hairstyles for the African American women. So, those who are confused about choosing the best blond hairstyle, are cordially requested to read the full article from beginning to end.

1. Straight Long Blonde Hairstyles


Straight long blonde hairstyles
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The first one is a straight blonde hairstyle. This is the most common and simple hairstyle with blonde color. No twists, no braids, or no bun. Women who like simple hairstyles are welcome to use this wonderful hairstyle.

2. Curly Braids


Curly Braids
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The stylist hairstyle starts now. This a very sexy and stunning hairstyle for the African American black women. Look at the girl in the picture. Her long hair has been curled and the curls are shaped like semi braids. This killer hairstyle can enchant anyone you want to.

3. Lighter Blonde for Summer


Lighter Blonde For Summer
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During the summer, you need to be very careful to choose your hairstyle. If you love blonde hairstyles, then we highly recommend you to use this fashionable and gorgeous hairstyle. This light blonde hairstyle will make you look dazzling and attractive in summer.

4. Afro Blonde Bun


Afro Blonde Bun
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It’s time to make a bun. But this is no ordinary bun. The bun is made with the afro curls. This curly afro bun is pulled on the top of the head and positioned beautifully. This bun hairstyles are very much suitable for the African American beauty conscious women for a great look.

5. Roller Set


Roller set
Image Source: Pinterest

This is a short hairstyle for the black women. The Short beautiful locks are colored blonde first, and the short curls are decorated like coils. The ultimate output of this hairstyle is the Roller set hairdo.

6. Blonde Bob


Blonde Bob
Image Source: Pinterest

Many of you like the bob hairstyles. Bob hairstyles are familiar for their hassle free preparation and maintenance. Bob hairstyle make women more confident and smart. And when you choose blonde as the color of your bob, you look just like a goddess.

7. Crown Blonde


Crown Blonde
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Want a free crown with the help of your short curls? Okay, you do not cost huge for it and neither needs you to expend huge time. Make your curls blonde colored and make some coils on the edges of the curls. You are done. Now enjoy your crown.

8. Honey Comb


Honey Comb
Image Source: Pinterest

What else could be a better name for this sweet hairstyle? This hairstyle is a unique one to the African American women. And the effect or the beauty of this wonderful hairstyle hardly depends on any kind of explanation and recommendation.

9. Box Braided Bun


Bob Braided Bun
Image Source: Pinterest

Box braids are the beautiful addition to the hairstyles of the African American. But here we will talk about two different factors of box braids. One is the colored which is blonde and the other is the bun positioned on the top of the head. How cute and charming she is looking with this blonde box braided bun!

10. Highlighted Short Curly Hair


highlighted short curly hair
Image Source: Pinterest

Here comes the short curly hair for the African American women. All of her locks are not colored blonde, rather the blonde color has been used to make some highlights in the hair. This hairstyle is a wild and crazy hairstyle suitable for any kind of tur or vacation.

11. Blonde Cornrows for Black Hair


Blonde Cornrows For Black Hair
Image Source: Pinterest

Now, let’s talk about cornrows now. Look at the picture first to see the application blonde color to beautifully textured cornrows braids. The dazzling look of blond cornrows can make anyone fall in love with them at the first glance.

12. Blonde Crochet Hair


Blonde crochet hair
Image Source: Pinterest

Crochets are very much popular among the African American black women. Crochet hairstyles give you a sexy and stunning look as usual. But when you use blonde color on it, anyone will be bound to look back twice.

13. Goddess Braids


Godess Braids
Image Source: Pinterest

Have you ever thought of making some beautiful and thick goddess braids on your hair? If you are a blonde hairstyle lover, I do recommend you make this one for your next hairdo. This is a super cool hairstyle used by the people of Africa, Europe, and America. To get the goddess look, simply use the goddess braids.

14. Box Braids


Box Braids
Image Source: Pinterest

This is the box braids, the second look. In this hairstyle, we have presented a lovely braided hairstyle in deep blonde color. This wow hairstyle can be a great option for the blonde hairstyles lover. The more dashing your blonde hairstyle, the more you look attractive.

15. Pixie Braided High Bun


Pixie Braided High Bun
Image Source: Pinterest

Pixie braids are the tiny and thin braids inspired from the box braids. These pixie braids have so many applications like bob, braids, and bun. In this case, we have picked a bun hairstyle with blonde pixie braids as the best application of this braids. This pixie braided blond bun will give you the charming power to seduce anyone.

16. Golden Blonde Yarn Locks


Golden Blonde Yarn Locs
Image Source: Pinterest

Yarn locks are becoming more and more popular in today’s world especially among the African American black people. This yarn braids are mostly used with the natural color. But blonde colored yarn braids can just redefine the sense of the beauty of the human being.

17. Dreadlocks


Image Source: Pinterest

And here comes the dreadlocks which have very insignificant differences with the yarn braids. But the effect and beauty of this hairstyle are quite different. This is a wild and ultra-modern hairstyle mainly used by the rock stars and celebrities.

18. Curly Faux Mohawk for Beach


Curly Faux Mohawk for Beach
Image Source: Pinterest

Curly Faux Mohawk hairstyle is much more popular among the black women who loves blond hairstyles. This one is also a wild and crazy hairstyle of the 21st century. The fades, the blonde curls, and the overall shape have the superpower to rule the world of hairstyle.

19. Blonde Ponytails


Blonde Ponytails
Image Source: Pinterest

As the last option, we have selected the ponytails. Ponytails are suitable for the summer season but nowadays it is being used in all seasons and places. Your ponytails may be made of braids, curls or straight hair. In every case, you will look gorgeous. But the braided ponytails, in our point of view, is the best choice for the women who loves blonde hairstyles.

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