Blonde With Red Highlights For Black Women

Colorful hairstyles are always on high demand among the women of black ethnicity. Blonde hair with red Highlights is a newer and modern concept for the African American Black women across the world. This hairstyle gives a sharp look and a special effect on your appearance. Moreover, these hairstyles can make you the blinking star in any party, occasion, get together or social gatherings. Many of the African American women prefer this hairstyle for getting a gorgeous look as well as the splendid effect on others. In this discussion, we are gonna drive you to the world of some enchanting hairstyles with red highlights to make to choose the best one for you for your next hairdo. Go through the whole article to pick the best one according to your face shape and hair pattern. So, let’s get started.

  1. Short Blonde Curls Out

The first one is the short curls out. The hair is cut short and the short hair is shaped curly. As a whole, the hair is colored red highlights. This hairstyle will fit best for you if you are women working out of the home with a heavy sense of beauty for yourself.

SHort CUrls Out

  1. Short Coils

As after thunder comes the rain after curls come the coils. Actually, coils and curls are just sequenced one after another. In this hairstyle, you will have the lovely coils twisted out of your head. And the color will be as usual blonde with the red highlights. Every seasons and palace or occasion, this hairstyle can be a onetime solution to your beauty concerns.

SHort CUrls Out

  1. Highlighted End

This hairstyle is a little bit similar to the previous one with respect to the coils. Coils have been used in both of this hairstyle. But here, the coils are placed downward. The same colored hair with red highlights has created an extraordinary effect with a change of design. As a hairstylist, I highly recommend this hairstyle for your next hairdo.

SHort CUrls Out

  1. Beehive

This hairstyle is a common and marvelous hairstyle among women all over the world including the African American women. This hairstyle is inspired by a beehive shape. Here the whole hair is colored and the parts of the hair are colored red with a highly textured way. This hairstyle will make you the center of attraction wherever you go.

SHort CUrls Out

  1. Puffy Black Hair with Red Highlights

Puffy black hair with red highlights is a hairstyle which nearly matches with the number 3 hairstyle of this article. The main difference here is the puffiness of hair.  The  highlighted with red color is positioned beautifully by the two sides of the shoulder with great puffiness. This hairstyle is one great demand because of its princess-looking effect and gorgeous design.

5. Puffy Black Hair with Red Highlights

  1. Ruby Red Concave Cut

Ruby Red Concave Cut is a classic hairstyle for the African American and the African black women to have a great and smart look. This classic hairstyle is still used by the corporate women to have a hassle-free haircut during their working hour. This is a simple short haircut with red highlight. This simplicity has made this hairstyle gorgeous and sharp. You can do the same with the same effect to have your day enjoyable.


  1. Long Coils

Long coils hairstyle is a cherished hairstyle for the African American black women. These coils make you beautiful and gorgeous with other significant effects. In this hairstyle, only long coils are used with red color to implement this beauty. Hereby, this one is one of the most used and popular hairstyles used by the African American people.

Long COils

  1. Red Dark Inspiration

This hairstyle shows marvelous and versatile effects of red highlights for blonde brown and red textures for dark hair in inspiration style. This style includes long and dark blond hair and some purple-red highlights in the edges of the hair. This hairstyle is used irrespectively by women all over the world. But the African American women are the best fit for this awesome hairstyle.

8. marvelous-versatile-ideas-of-purple-highlights-for-blonde-brown-and-red-pics-dark-hair-inspiration-with-style

  1. Curly and Wavy

The curly, wavy and well-textured hairstyle is this. The Medium short curly weaves are brought down from the top head to the downwards. This is simple and sexy. The blonde color and the red highlights will make a heavenly angel among all other African American women.

Curly and Wavy

  1. Honey-Blonde Highlights-on African American Hair

This hairstyle is more or less the same as the previous hairstyle. Here the coils are directed out from the head to create an extraordinary effect. This hairstyle is super cool and sexy for the youngsters.  Make yourself prepared for any party or occasion with this cute hairstyle to be the magnetic part of the occasion.


  1. Weave with Bangs

You already know this hairstyle. This bob haircut is too much popular among the African American people. But here, the bob cut has been presented with a different style. The whole color is blonde and there is a little bit of highlight with the red color. This unique hairstyle is still a secret of beauty to African American women.


  1. Up Curls

Well, this is also a curly hairstyle. The curls are colored with red highlights. The fun part is that the curls here are directed out of the head. This spiky curl has added some extra effect to the red hairstyle.

blonde with red highlights

  1. Highlights and Lowlights

We have reached the last part of this discussion. In the end, we want to address a beautiful hairstyle with highlights and lowlights randomly with blonde and red color. Try this one for the next party you are going to attend to rock the party.

Highlight and Lowlight


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