Box Braids are Really Fun with These Sexy Styles

Braids are awesome. Women all over the world are braiding their hair since the dawn of civilization. Over the period, numerous kinds of braiding patterns have been invented. And Box braids are a very popular category all over the world for stylish hair lovers. You can do it easily and the best benefit is it needs less time and money to manage and build. Also, another advantage is that you can mix up other popular styles with box braids. Like the feed-in braid, curls, bob, twists, etc. And it looks also good. So the importance and demand for box braid hairstyles are increasing day by day among people. People are love to do it and also love to see it. This following cute box braid hairstyles will surely make you more beautiful and confident from previous days.

Box Braids With Black Brown Mixed Hair:

This one is a pure box braid hairstyle. The hair length is very long and totally straight. The best thing is the mixing of hair. You can clearly see that there are two types of hair used in this hairstyle. One is natural black and another one is brown color. You can use any other color but be careful about the suit and combination.

Braid It with Your Natural Hair

This box braid is in natural form or we can say cute box braids with natural hair. Hair length is medium and density is high. We also see feed-in braid in the upper head. But the end part is in end loose form.

Colorization Do Mean a Lot

This box braid hairstyle is very much stylish. An interesting fact is that here two types of hair are being used. One is natural, and the second one is artificial. Natural hair is in a natural black color that is under that colorful hair. And artificial hair belongs to gray color. You can choose any color as your own choice.

Longer Braids, Cuter Look

Long box braid with African hairstyle is very much tough to make and shape it perfectly. If you look at the picture you can clearly understand or feel the hardness of this hairstyle. Your natural black hair should be shaved and also you can use feed-in braid in that shaved hair. And then you use that purple color box braid hair, which is very long in length. You have to put that box braid hair very carefully. Otherwise, it will damage all the work. So all the best for it.

Medium Length  Braids And Beads:

This is the simplest hairstyle in the box braid category. You just don’t need any artificial or heavy things to arrange. You can use some beads for controlling the hair like this picture if you want to. Growth and color of hair are natural. And lastly not to forget to make it box braid.


Long Length Braiding Hairstyles

This box braid hairstyle belongs to long length hair holders. As you can see in the following picture, the hair is very much long and straight perfectly. Some beads are also there. Not to manage or control the hair, but for the better look, we can say. Don’t put any extra things in this hairstyle. Just be simple to look well.

 Braids For Kids

Box braid is in best form when it’s in a child’s head. As you can see in this picture, this little girl is looking very cute and beautiful having with box braid hairstyle. Children, they are simply beautiful in nature. So don’t need to use any extra things for their hairstyle.

Red with Blonde Highlights

This is a colorful as well as very much joyful box braid hairstyle. Anyone who sees this style will be happy for sure. But this light red color hair sham. Under that, the black hair is natural and real. So you have to maintain this strategy carefully for getting a perfect light red color box braid hairstyle.

Fresh Box Braid Hairstyles

Fresh box braid hairstyles are very much simple to do. First of all, you need long and dense hair for achieving this hairstyle perfectly. The whole hair is natural and is in box braid form. One tie we can see in the middle of the hair. That’s up to you. If it suits your face shape then do it otherwise don’t panic to do it.

Feed-in Braid, Great and Simple

This hairstyle is covering the two hairstyles. Box braids with feed-in braids. The two most difficult hairstyle to do. So be cautious when you attempt to do it. Firstly, you need a very long hair in length. As you can see your upper head hair is totally in feed-in braid style. And if it’s in feed-in braid then definitely the rest of the hair belongs to box braid.

Pure Box Braid Hairstyles:

This is a pure box braid hairstyle. No hanky panky or other extra materials should be used. Just grow your natural hair in a natural way and then just give your hair the taste of box braid. As simple as that.

Hairstyles With Sharp End

This is similar to the other box braid category hairstyles. But one major difference is there. And that is the end loose or sharp end part. Whenever we heard the name of box braid, hard, thick and dense type hair comes in our mind. But in this box braid style, the ending point of the hair is totally sharp like a sword.

Braids With Middle Feed-in Braid:

Colorize Your Braids with Multiple Colors

This hairstyle belongs to the whole box braid hair category. If you look at the picture, you can notice that all the hair from top to bottom addresses the box braid hairstyle. And the amazing fact is that this hairstyle reminds you of the rainbow whenever you see this style. Now, what is the main fact? Yes, it’s the color. The variation and combination of color in this style will amaze you for sure. Black, purple, white, brown, red whichever you want, just use that and be a model.

White Highlights

Star-Shape Feed-in Braid

You all are aware of stars, right? And the stars are in the sky. No one can touch or feel it. Now imagine you bring stars in your head. Excited? you should be. You divide your hair just like this picture. Then turn into box braid. When you build box braids, make sure that there should be a gap exactly in the middle of the head. Now after finishing the box braid, you feed your middle hair with a star shape. Expertise and consultants’ advice is most important to make this hairstyle perfectly.

Braids With Black-Brown Mix Hair

Braids in Black & Blue Mix Hair

Long Brown Braided Hair

Full Blonde Braids Hairstyles:

Till now you saw the box braid on natural hair, mix color, with feed-in braid, etc. But when it comes to blonde hair, then it would be a blast. Why? because the combination of box braids with blonde hair matches most. By observing this following picture you can surely get your answer. Long blonde hair with pure box braid. This hairstyle suits every person whatever their face or figure shape is.

Fun with Braided Bun

This box braid style contains natural hair as well as artificial hair. Artificial hair is the upper or visible one which in blonde. The natural black hair is under that blonde hair. Now the combination is box braid with a blonde bun. The two bun’s you can see beside the head is perfectly looking killer. 30+ age women are mostly desired about this hairstyle.

Crib In Back

Crochet Braided Bob for Kids

Box braid bob haircut is very much popular whole over the world. Now, this picture contains a child with this hairstyle, it doesn’t mean that only children can apply this hairstyle. It opens for all ages of women. The specialty of this hairstyle is it not only contains the box braid but also includes the curly hair at the end of the hair. That looks very, very much pretty and uncommon as well. So make it and grab the attention now.

Over the whole discussion, we have tried to find the best box braids hairstyles for African American black women. Apart from these, these braids can be applicable to the women of white, Asian and Indian ethnicity. Our aim is to let you introduce the newest styles of box braids and choose the right one for you. If you like these hairstyles, you can say our thanks in the comment box. Additionally, if you want to connect yourself through social media, you can follow us on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter to get regular updates about our new posts.

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