40 Fashionable Box Braids Hairstyles for Black Women

Box Braids is a wonderful creation of the hairstyle industry for the black people. Most of the cases the box braids are used with square and rectangular shapes. There every braid is originated from a square or rectangular portion of the head. But the triangular box braids are lesser used and uncommon of all. But, trust me, these braiding hairstyles can produce incredible beauty on your head. These braids are made with the artificial hair and the base point of the braids are made triangular. More precisely, the square or rectangular shapes are converted to triangular shapes with these braids.

If you are here in search of lovely triangular braids for you and your close ones. You are warmly welcome. We are here to present the best triangular box braids hairstyles ever introduced for you. We have categorized these braiding hairstyles in terms of color, length, hair pattern and style. Hope all of you will enjoy this journey to 40 lovely hairstyles of triangular box braids. So, let’s start.

Triangle Box Braids Bun

Let’s start with the classic one. Yes, these are the bun hairstyles. The bun hairstyles were introduced since the women started to design and decorate their hair. It is a never outdated hairstyle and still is one of the most used and popular hairstyles used by the African American black women. With the triangular box braids, you can make awesome and cute bun hairstyles just like the pictures below.

Triangle Box  Braids Ponytail

Here come the ponytail hairstyles with the triangular box braiding hairstyles. The ponytails hairstyle are usually used during the summer season to get some ease and relax. When it is warmer outside, you will feel great comfort with these ponytail hairstyles of triangular box braids. Moreover, these ponytails hairstyles are the smartest hairstyles used by women all over the world. So besides beauty, you can get smartness and confidence with these hairstyles.

Triangle Box Braids Updo

Here is another one for the summer seasons. During the warm seasons, we mainly try to keep ourselves free and comfortable. The up hairstyles keep all of your hair, locks or braids on the top of your head. As a result, you feel relaxed. The updo hairstyles may also accomplish beautifully by the superb triangular box braids. The pictures below will clear out all of the confusions out. With the updo hairstyle with the triangular box braids, you will look no less than a living angel on earth.

Blonde Triangle BOx Braids

Now its time to put some color to your lovely triangular box braids. The triangular box braids are flexible enough to use different types of color on them. Or you can buy the colorful braids which you can use as the triangular box braids. Here we have presented the blonde box braiding hairstyles with a triangular origin. Many of the black women are very much fond of the blonde color, so its time you should try the lovely blonde colored triangular box braids hairstyles.

Triangle Box Braids with Beads

What about the beads? Are the beads are only for the kids?? Not at all. The beads are used by the adults in a large number. The beads can be used with various types of hair, hairstyle and hair type. The crochet braids, the box braids, afro, jumbo braids, all of these braiding hairstyles are much suitable for using beads with them. So, you can also try the beads with the triangular box braiding hairstyles like the images below. Trust me, you will be amazed to see the beauty and effect of the beads with the triangular box braiding hairstyles.

Triangle Box Braids with Criss Cross Hair Guarder

To add some additional beauty and effects, the women of African American ethnicity always try various types of hair accessories like the beads, ornaments, and crisscross hair guarder. Now we will focus on the criss-cross hair. TO enhance the beauty and dazzlingness of the braids, the criss-cross hair guarders are a very smart choice. These guarders add some enchanting effect on the braids. You can see the images below where the triangular box braid is decorated lovely with the crisis cross hair guarders. Aren’t they looking lovely and seductive?

Red Triangle Box Braids

When we are talking about the hair color, we can not ignore the red colored hairstyles anyway. Like the blonde hairstyles, the red colored hairstyles are much more popular among the women of the African MAefi can ethnicity. But the fun part is the red colored braids with the triangular box braids. This combination is rare and uncommon among people. So, you can avail this opportunity and make your red hairstyles with triangular box braids. These braids will make you look like a seduction queen. If you are planning for a date this week, these hairstyles will be a great choice for you.

Long Triangle Box Braids

Who does not love the long box braids?  Long box braids are one of the most popular and most used hairstyles used by African American black women. Many of the beauty conscious women are using these hairstyles in both formal and informal purposes. You can try the long triangular box braiding hairstyle for parties, weddings, birthdays and vacation. Trust me, you will look hot and sexy wherever you go. You will be the center of attraction for the people around you. Apart from this, the long triangular box braids can be used to enchant your boyfriend on your date. So, I think its time you use this awesome hairstyle.

So, what do you think about our today’s discussion? We have tried to find the beast triangular box braiding hairstyles for you and your clo=se ones. Now select the right one and ask your stylist to get that done for you. And do not forget to let us know about your feedback, suggestion, and experience thri=ough the comment box. Your feedback helps us to write something new and interesting. Stay beautiful and keep beautiful. Thank you.

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