Box Braids: The Miracle of Beads

Braids are one of the most important and gorgeous addition to the hairstyles industry ever for African American people. All over the world, this wonderful hairstyle is being used with greater craze. And when you mix up the beads with this lovely braids you will look like a heavenly goddess for sure. If you have reached here in search of the hairstyle of box braids with beads, then you are warmly welcome to take this tour with us to find out the best 22 box braiding hairstyles. So lest start.

  1. Box Braids Topknot

The first one is the topknot with box braids. In this hairstyle, thick natural colored braids are used with a lovely bead to make a topknot and the leftover of the braid are let free to hang behind the head.

Braided Half Updo

  1. Reddish Thick Braids

Box braids are the most versatile braids ever. You can use any color for braids. Here the reddish braids are used with glittering braids. And the effect of this hairstyle is out of the discussion.

Red Braids with Beads

  1. Red and Black

This hairstyle is a great option for them who want to use multi-colored hairstyle for any party or occasion. Here the red and black colors are combined in the braids and a lovely bun is positioned on the top- off the head. And do not forget about the beads. The beads are the fun part here.

Red and Black

  1. Black and White

Like the previous one, here two types of colors are used to make the hairstyle. But the difference is the braids re of a single color. Most of them are black and the leftovers are the white-colored. This is actually highlighted with the white-colored braids.

Black and White

  1. Bun with Thick Braids

Box braids can be used to make a high bun with the lovely and dazzling beads. The picture is the proof of this statement. This simple braiding updo can make you the queen of beauty.

Bun with Thick Braids

  1. Bun with Thin Braids

Previously we have shown the bun with beads with thick braids. Here we come with the tiny, thin and pixie braided bun with beads. This hairstyle is much more popular among African American black women.

Bun with Thin Braids

  1. Simple One-Sided Braids

This is the simple form of the box braiding hairstyle with beads. You can simply position the braids in any of the sides of the shoulders to have this great look.

  1. Tribal Look

With box braids and beads you can have this tribal look. This one is classic and gorgeous. Show the craze in you with this charming hairstyle. The world will be enchanted with it.

Tribal Look

  1. Conventional

Naturally, box braids are used with this form, divided into the two sides of the head.  The beautiful and glittering beads will add some extra effect to your look.


  1. Cornrows and Braids Combination

Here, the cornrows and box braiding hairstyle are combined to have this look. The reddish color and the beads have added the perfection to it to look like an angel.

COrnrows and Box Braids COmbination

  1. Round Ponytail

Like this wow hairstyle? I do very much. These red thick braids are positioned as updo and the braids are used to make around ponytail positioned around the head. This hairstyle is one of the most used hairstyles by the African American people.

Round Ponytail



  1. Wrapped with Braids

A variety of colors are used in the braids and a few of them is used to control the others by wrapping them outside. There is a density of beads in this hairstyle to make you super sexy and seductive to the others.

Wrapped with Braids

  1. Brown Braids

Here, you are the one to judge the effect and beauty of this amazing hairstyle. This glassed girl has also used some golden beads to add some extra effect to this gorgeous hairstyle.

Brown Braids

  1. Blue Highlights

This is a hairstyle with braided beads. And for gaining uniqueness, few of the blue braids are used on the front to have a sensational look.

Blue Highlights

  1. Inspirational

I think I do not need any explanation or recommendation for this super cool hairstyle. This inspirational braiding hairstyle is one of the most used hairstyles by the African American [, people.

  1. Black and Blonde

Focus on the inner girl. She has worn a beautiful box braiding hairstyle with beads. The colors are chosen black and blo0nd. As always, the combination f the blonde and black color is awesome.

Black and Blonde

  1. Bob Braids

Braids are can also be used to make bob hairstyles. The picture is an example of that. The beadeed short and thick braids have made this possible. This bob look is familiar and popular among the black women in America and Africa.

Bob Braids

  1. Braided Bun

About 72% of women of the African American like a bun than any other hairstyle. In this sense, this braided bun with beads hairstyle is one of the most popular hairstyles to them in any situation and season.

Braided Bun

  1. Reddish Topknot

Going to a party? Try this hairstyle. Make your braids, make a beautiful topknot and let the leftover braids free. Do not forget to use the beads. You will be the center of attraction in the party.


20. Medium Bob Braids

Previously we have shown the bob hairstyle made with the thick braids. Here we present the medium size box braiding hairstyle in the form of bob with beads. This hairstyle will bound anyone to look twice you.

  1. Blue

Put some blue color in your hairstyle. This will let others imagine the deep blue sea. This seductive hairstyle is a must at least once for every African American Women.


  1. Side Ponytails

We have reached the last one. Here, two beautiful ponytails are made with the braids. And the beauty is being enhanced by the dazzling beads on them. How beautiful a hairstyle can be!

Side Ponytails

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