21 Picked Box Haircut Ideas for Men That Look Fresh

Box Haircut is a popular hairstyle all over the world. Particularly the young generation, and mature men with beard or non-beard faces desires to have a box hairstyle. But finding out the most suitable and trendy box hairstyle is a tough ask.

Box haircuts look so elegant for a man. Different types of box haircuts are there. Depending upon the face structure of a man, haircuts get proper matching. Finding the perfect box is not easy. Therefore, we have provided different box haircuts with full descriptions which will be suited for a stylish man.

What is a box haircut style?

Mainly box haircut is known as a fade box hairstyle. Making a rectangular shape by partial ridge cut from all sides of the head is box haircut style.

Cutting down the hair from underneath the scalp by making a layer just over the ear and at least 4 inches above the forehead is known as a box haircut. The box or top hair section will be ballooned to the sky. All the surroundings of your head will be clear and fresh under the fade. The head will be looked fully shaved underneath the fade line. From the fade line, the box will begin and the box hair will stand tall. These are the basic rules of a box haircut style.

How to describe the box haircut to the barber?

Many stylish men know about the box haircut but they are unable to describe the way of this cut to a barber. That’s why a barber is not able to make the exact style. For a trendy box cut, just tell the barber to shave the hair from well over the ear with a fade line.

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Then make a rectangular shape over the scalp. By that description, the barber will understand your desired box haircut. Then describe the shape of that all-important rectangular shape. That will help you to meet your expected haircut.

Now, Let’s find out the most trendy and suitable box haircut for a stylish man from the section below.

Medium box haircut with visible short fade:

Source: Pinterest

This spectacular cutting looks very balanced with a bearded face. The length of the fade line will be at least 2 inches above the ear. That fade line will be short and very visible from the front and side parts. With the furnished miniature hairs the box gets a frontal rectangular shape. Overall this style looks so amazing for different shapes of faces.

Strong curl hair forehead box:

Source: Pinterest

With all respect to curl hairs, box hair is an obvious match. Your strong curl hair looks so dashing by forehead box style. Here the box shape will be apparent on the forehead and frontal side of your face. The back part of your scalp will not be regularly shaped, rather it will be soft finishing. With a sided beard face this style gets very well explained.

Dual-sided frontal box cut:

Source: Pinterest

This is a front-side box hair cut. Two straight lines from the eyebrow make a box over the forehead of the face. Ear clips get fully shaved. But the back part of the head gets down from the upper panel. This style looks good with a beard and or without a beard.

Overgrown box style:

Source: Pinterest

This circular-looking hairstyle is for overgrown silky curly hair. With a lovely France, facial beard cut you can go for this style. The box lines were drawn well above the eyebrows of a man. This cut will save you from the sun’s head with popper fieldwork. No need for wearing a hat with this style.

Straight box haircut:

Source: Pinterest

For a rounded shape face this straight box haircut is a suitable one. The round face looks slightly bigger and matured by that straight box style. Sometimes lower face bared gets well-matched with this straight box style.

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Long-tail box cut:

Source: Pinterest

It looks like an n-shaped long-tail box cutting. With a bearded face, this cutting gets its perfect value. This box size is very similar to a high box haircut. But it is slightly smaller in height. This box is more circular than a rectangular box.

Z shaped upper box hairstyle:

Source: Pinterest

This is a combination of two arts. With surrounded z design and upper box style. From all other styles, it looks so unique and attractive. The barber will take a bow for this amazing design. Especially younger people tend to have this style.

Back fade line upper box cut:

Source: Pinterest

A wavy fade line adds more specialty to this style. From the front side of the face, this wavy fade is not visible. But from the backside, this wavy line looks so fabulous. No chance of doing any mistake with this art. Only a professional can draw the fade line perfectly.

Rounded box hairstyle:

Source: Pinterest

It is very similar to a rounded cap. This rounded box style is very common. With a clean-shaped face, this style gets its main publicity. I think a good barber can offer you this amazing box haircut with his knowledgeable experience.

Single-sided double-lined box cut:

Source: Pinterest

Proper box style comes with dual fade-lined cutting. It is a Very amazing and sharp style for sure. For smaller eyes with long face shapes, this style is perfectly matched. Only a few handsome men have this amazingly developed artistic style.

Box cut for soft curly hair:

Source: Pinterest

Are you concerned about your soft curly hair? Let’s get this cut hair. This style is a perfect suit for soft curly hair. Without any doubt, it looks so sharp and stunning. Furthermore, no facial hair is necessary on this soft curly box cut.

Unfinished box hair cut:

Source: Pinterest

It will look like a more unfinished job. This haircut makes the design look more natural. The rectangular box shape is so fabulous from the backside. 3 fade lining cuts are an important part of this style. More and more people tend to take this cut for its older-looking expressions.

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Top colored fade box haircut:

Source: Pinterest

With a knife-size fade line drawn on a side of a face, this style makes a huge statement. However, adding color is a popular choice with this style. This artistic style is known as top colored box style haircut.

Brown colored box hair cut:

Source: Pinterest

Adding brown color with your box style hair looks so shiny on a sunny day. With soft curly hair, this idea can be a possibility done. With that style, the man looks very charming and bright. All types of skin color, this colored style looks tremendous.

Burned hatbox style:

Source: Pinterest

If you are looking for a permanent hat on your head, go for the burned hatbox style. This style has a long-lasting ability. With wavy-cut lines on the lower section, this style is so marvelous. This brown color makes it more formidable.

Morning sun box with back lined fade:

Source: Pinterest

When a stylish man comes with this hairstyle, it looks like a ship is coming. From a short distance, it looks like a red morning sun. Besides, a back fade line is drawn to make the style more glorious.

Broken box hair cut:

Source: Pinterest

For a tall dashing gay, this is the best hairstyle. With a formal dress, the man will be looking like a king. Only a few men can apply this broken box hairstyle. The fade line makes it more attractive. No facial hair is a must option for this style.

Middle lined box cut style:

Source: Pinterest

With a fade drawn from the straight of the nose, the box gets cut. From a different angle, this design looks different. Applying one cutting you can take advantage of four different looks. This hard fade line is possible with a few professional haircutting masters.

Curly smart fade box cut:

Source: Pinterest

For strong curl hair, this style is available. With no facial hair and a properly drawn fade line, you will be looking like a gentleman. For all shaped faces, this design can be applying. But you must have strong curled hair.

Leveled hair with a frontal fade line:

Source: Pinterest

With a leveled-faced beard, many professional men tend to have this box hairstyle. The fade line is very visible from the frontal side of the face. From the ear-lined beard, the fade line goes at least 4 inches upper from the forehead. It is a preferable hairstyle for short curly hair.

Short curly hair box style:

Source: Pinterest

If you want to go for a permanent hairstyle, simply go for the short curly box hairstyle. You can add some beard to get a better look from this cutting. As this style has long-lasting ability, it is very famous to all stylish men.

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