Braid Bumps

Braid Bumps Avoid Tips & Easy Treatment Formulas

Braid bumps usually cause great suffering to our scalp and hair. After braiding the hair some ladies suffer from this problem. Bumps cause pain that has to be cured within a short time. Are you experiencing Braid bumps? Don’t worry! Our hair experts have some important suggestions for you.

Our medical hair expert has easily described the braid bumps. Hopefully, you will understand the problem. Let’s know this enigma from them.

What are braiding bumps on the scalp?

Braid bump is painful sores or blisters caused by braiding hairstyle. As the braid style makes the hair root so compact, the scalp gets extra pressure. Long braid hair creates extra pressure on the scalp that causes braid bumps.

Sometimes through infection of the chemical products on a sensitive and allergic skin reaction makes this folliculitis on the scalp that is known as braid bump. Scalp folliculitis is a damaged scalp condition, especially the braid hairstyles suffers from an allergic skin reaction.

Are tight braids responsible for causing the bump on the scalp?

It is a common scenario many people held responsible for the tight braid style for causing bumps. According to our hair expert, heavy and tight braids can cause pain on your scalp, but it is not responsible for the bump on the scalp.

So, thinking the braids are liable for bumping is a lack of knowledge. Mainly this problem occurs due to chemical reactions on sensitive skin or scalp. So, follow our expert suggestions to get relief from this problem.

Reasons for Braid bumps

The braid hairstyle looks so fabulous, but the bump makes people so irritated about this hairstyle. To get proper knowledge about the bumps knows the reasons for getting braid bumps.

Chemicals reaction

Chemicals use is the main reason to be affected with scalp itch. For making coated synthetic hair braids chemicals are being used. Many of us do have allergenic skin tone. Sometimes chemicals can cause a reaction on that type of skin.

Though the chemical has some good impacts too. Such as protecting synthetic artificial hair from sun heat. To avoid sunburn, chemicals come into action. The overwhelming use of chemicals increases the risk of braid bumps.

Dandruff affects the scalp

Overall this is a worrying sign for us. Naturally, some scalp has a risk of dandruff infection. A minimum level of dandruff is not an alarming sign. But the increased amount of dandruff results in bacteria. Which could lead us to hair damaging, unhealthy hair, and low destiny hair.

Dandruff is the main reason for unwanted hair fall. But large amounts can damage the scalp with follicles. Finally the dandruff results in hair bumps. Also, dandruff makes our hair weak and unhealthy.

Try to reduce it as much as possible from home. You can get more ideas just read this article: Dandruff Treatment

Undersupply of moisture

Dry hair is not desirable at all. Because dry hair doesn’t have live activity. The condition of moisture-less hair is very fragile. Furthermore, many side effects can be seen on hair for lack of moisture.

From daily work, sun heat, rainfall our hair gets sweaty. Which creates an extra layer on our scalp. That prevents the supply of oxygen and necessary natural ingredients to turn in our scalp-sensitive layer. All that causes lead to mildew in the hair, finally causing itching.

Treatment from the specialists

As the braided hairstyle is very attractive and necessary it is our desired style. Fear of scalp bumps has prevented us from taking this style. No tension by taking some initiative we can prevent scalp bumps problems. So, follow all these important guidelines from the specialist to avoid the braid bumps problem.

Scalp massage

We need to have a proper blood circulation process on our scalp. That’s why you need to gently massage the bumps to get some relief. Clean up all the unnecessary grown hair and unhealthy hair that are preventing oxygen circulation.

Head massaging helps to activate all the important cells to work again. You can use pure coconut oil for getting the highest result from massaging. Coconut oil also works to strengthen the root of the existing hair.

Reduce the braid pressure

As we all know tight braids can be so painful. Makes the root boxes very compact. Long hair gets high gravitational force. Which generates an extra load on the scalp. The extra pressure damages the inner blood-nerve very badly.

Medical experts always suggest releasing the braid tension. However, the scalp bumps are the creation of bacterial infection, many people don’t tend to make less compact root boxes. I think that is not the actual way of thinking. If you release the tightness of the hair bun it will take away some extra pressure. Indirectly less compact braids hairstyle is very easily cleanable.

Maintaining it is also very easy. Once you have made a tough and compact rounded root circle on the scalp, it will cause harm from the inside also. This immense pressure is always an avoidable thing. That doesn’t mean, you will not go for a braid hairstyle. In other words, the braided hairstyle is not a problem at all, but the compact braid hairstyle can be a problematic one.

Prepare scalp for braids hairstyle

It is not necessary to implement this style in a quick time. First of all, take some advice from the medical expert before going for this style. You know what, some sensitive skin is not preferable for applying this hairstyle.

When you finally decide to take this style, just prepare the scalp in the right direction. Step by step goes for the long hair braid style. When you get fully ready for this long hairstyle, simply go for that all desired style.

Apply aloe vera gel

Many users have got great results by applying the aloe vera gel. It helps to reduce the itchy feeling. Also supplies necessary vitamins to your hair. Better fragrance natural aloe vera gel is very beneficial for all types of hair.

Clean up the braids

It is a very important suggestion. Maintaining the braid style with proper cleanliness reduces the risk of getting bumps. Cleaning hair is essential for all types of hairstyles. Use some soft clothes with some water to clean up the lines of the braid style. Also will find some hair cleaning tools in the market that have an easy clean-up process.

Furthermore, users have some queries about the braid bumps. So move forward to know the frequently asked questions and their answers from our medical experts.


  • Question: Which are the suggested hair oils?
  • Answer: Use a mixer of 20 drops of Tea tree oil in 8 ounces of distilled water to care for your scalp bumps. Also, try the Shea moisture Jojoba hair oil for a better result.


  • Question: What helps hair bumps go away?
  • Answer: There are many ways of removing hair bumps. By removing the dead skin, using inflammation-reducing creams, or slowly pulling out the hair.


  • Question: Is Vaseline good for spots?
  • Answer: No, we haven’t found any good results of applying Vaseline on the damaged spot. Rather it can create an extra layer on your scalp to stop oxygen circulation.


  • Question: Can I take treatment of braid bumps with homemade ingredients?
  • Answer: No, Go to a hair expert or take medical experts’ suggestions as soon as you notice this problem.

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