Glamorous Braid Styles for African American Men

Braiding on hair is a thousand-year-old styling system among the African American people. The history of Braid Styles for men is as old as the invention lot braids. In present days the braids hairstyles are commonly used by the woman but the men also do braids in a lot of numbers. In the 21st century, the braiding hairstyle is one of the trendiest hairstyles for the men. The men wearing braids are regarded as smarter, more handsome and more playful than the men wearing conventional and other hairstyles. In this article, we are gonna discuss the most popular 20 braiding hairstyle for the African American black men. Hold tight and ready to be surprised.

  • Mohawk with Box braid Styles

Mohawk, at present, is one of the trendiest hairstyles among the African American youths. But here we are going to show you the Mohawk with braids. The side of the head is designed as usual but the top of the head is decorated with the beautiful pixie braids. And the effects are more than awesome.

Mohawk with box braids
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  • Tiny Locks into Ponytail

Is ponytail only for women?  Actually, there is nothing which belongs to one kind or race. Nowadays, men use ponytails as well. Look at the man in the picture. He has worn a hairstyle comprising the braids and the braids into a ponytail. Is he looking super-hot huh?

Tiny Locs into Ponytail
Image Source: Pinterest
  • Dope!

Hey, are you astonished to see this dashing hairstyle? Then know the details. This is a dreadlock braid into a topknot. The side of the head is faded and designed. The top of the head is decorated with the dreadlocks braids and the braids are piled on the backside of the head into a ponytail or knot. You can use this hairstyle if you want to look like this smart.

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  • Dreadlocks for Men

Among all other hairstyles of African American men, the Dreadlocks braids are on the top of popularity and demand. Look at the man in the picture. He has beautiful tiny braids made with dreads. Light beards on your face can make the effect of this hairstyle super gorgeous. And guess what it’s one of my favorite braid styles.

Dreadlocks for Men
Image Source: Pinterest
  • Cornrows Braid Styles for Men

This is a simple cornrows hairstyle for the man. And this hairstyle is used by both African American men and women. The Braids are made inspired by the French braids. Actually, this is a combination of cornrows, braids and Dutch braids. The players, the trainers and people from different professions are very much fond of it.

Cornrows For Men
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  • Braided Bun

Well, you men can make beautiful buns too just like the women. And the bun suits both men and women.  There is a trend among the African American men to have a beautiful braided bun on the back of the head like the guy in the picture. The braided bun gives you extra smartness and an ultra-modern fashion.

Braided Bun
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  • Little Ponytails

Look at the guy in the picture. He has two beautiful braid styles covering the top of the head, the sides of the head are faded and designed beautifully. And the edges of the two braids are joined together into a tiny little ponytail. This hairstyle is much more common among African American black men in recent times.

Little Ponytails
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  • Braided Topknot

The circular braids and the topknot on the center of the circle is a common and trendy hairstyle nowadays. The tiny braids are positioned in a circle and the edges are directed to the center of the circle. At the last stage, the edges of the braids are tied together to a topknot. And the topknot can be a great hairstyle for men along with the women.

Braided Topknot
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  • Braided Tortoise

Cornrows braids are the most flexible braids on earth. You can shape anything you like with this super powerful braids. The guy in the picture has worn a cornrows hairstyle shaped as a tortoise. This shape is very much popular among the African American black people. At the same time, you can play around with this braids to make the shape of anything you like.

braid styles for men
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  • Braided Locks for Men

This is an ultra-modern hairstyle to the African American black people. The dreadlocks are the wild and super [powerful hairstyle to shape you like a rock star and whatever you like. This black guy has worn a dreadlocks hairstyle with a bun and three beautiful braids. He is now smarter, more handsome and more fashionable.

Braided Locs For Men
Image Source: Pinterest
  • Unique Dreadlocks

This is really unique. This African American guy has worn an ultra-modern dreadlocks hairstyles. The fun part is the two giant dreadlocks braids joined by the backside of the head.

Unique Dreadlocks
Image Source: Pinterest
  • Tiny Cornrows

This is a simple cornrows hairstyle designed for the African American Black people. The braids are tiny and well organized. Two of the cornrows braids are positioned in the front and the edges of the braids are let free to hang on the front of the head.

Tiny Cornrows
Image Source: Pinterest
  • Horizontal Cornrows

Most of the time we witness the vertical cornrows on the heads of the African American black men and women. But this guy is different. His hairstyle is also a cornrows hairstyle. But the direction is just the opposite.

Horizontal Cornrows
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  • Colored Braids with Extension

This is French Braids inspired blond braids with extensions at the end. Here three giant braids and four tiny braids are made from the front of the head and the pulled them to the end of the head. The extensions are presented as curls positioned on the backside of the head.

Colored Braids with Extension
Image Source: Pinterest
  • Wild Dread Locks

Be wild in the modern world. And no hairstyle can make you wild except the dreadlocks braids. This braiding hairstyle makes any African American guy super sexy and dashing. If you do the same you will be a magnetic power to draw some refreshment for you.

Wild Dread Locks
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  • Braided Updo

Here is another example of dreadlocks for men. In this case, the braided dreadlocks are shaped as an updo like the women. And still, the guy is gorgeous.

Braided Updo
Image Source: Pinterest
  • Ponytailed Braids

What should I say about this o0ne? Handsome? Sexy? Stylish? Rather I do not say anything about this stunning hairstyle. You decide the effects of this super cool African American hairstyle.

Ponytailed Braids
Image Source: Pinterest
  • Simple Cornrows

Guys who love the braids and simplicity can try this awesome hairstyle. You head will be decorated with well-organized braids which are actually the cornrows braids.

Simple Cornrows
Image Source: Pinterest
  • Mr. Cool

Meet Mr. Cool with beautiful cornrows braids and a tiny ponytail on the bottom of the head. This one is one of the most trending hairstyles among the African American Black people.

Mr. Cool
Image Source: Pinterest
  • Pixie Braids and Bun

Look carefully at the man in the picture. H has lovely tiny braids pulled up into a bun. Handsome and smart, isn’t he?

Pixie Braids and Bun
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