14 Showy Braided Hairstyles for Long Hair Ideas

New 14 attractive braided hairstyles for long hair women. You can braid your long hair for any event or party. Here the new age 14  braided hairstyles will more inspire you to keep your hair long.

Long Braid Big or Slim:

It’s the hairstyle for those who have silky and very long hair in size. Here you can the 3 different pictures of the same style. The first is totally medium braid with silky hair, the second one is very slim and the last one is huge. All are braid with long silky hair.

Braided Hairstyles for Long Hair
Source: Pinterest

Blonde Braided Hairstyles for Long Hair:

This is a mixing of black and blonde hair. The most ravishing combination of hair in the whole world. Everyone likes this. And when you braid it with blonde black hair, the view is on another planet.

Blonde Black Long Braid
Source: Pinterest

Black Braid with End Loose:

Where the previous one is the black blonde mixed braid, this one totally natural with black hair. This hair is not as silky as like the other ones. The braid is thick with long hair. But that braid doesn’t go through to end. It stops before some time of the ending point. By using the help of rubber band it stops, and all the hair is loose to the bottom.

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Black Braid with End Loose
Source: Pinterest

Slack Black Bun:

The slack black bun is wedding style. Guests even brides can also try this if they want. This is pretty and simple. Just slack your hair and then bun it at the back. No use of braid and beads.

Slack Black Bun
Source: Pinterest

Main Braid with Rubber Band:

This hair is huge and so long that we can’t cover it with a whole picture as you can see. Very silky hair with a high density. All hair drag down to the back and then braid. The starting and ending point of the braid is covered with a rubber band.

Main Braid with Rubber Band
Source: Pinterest

Mild Braid with Clips:

Mild Braid with Clips
Source: Pinterest

End Loose Braided Hairstyles for Long Hair:

End Loose Braid
Source: Pinterest

Likable Cave Bun:

Likable Cave Bun
Source: Pinterest

Complete Braid with End Loose:

Complete Braid with End Loose
Source: Pinterest

Parade Bun For Long Hair:

Parade Bun For Long Hair
Source: Pinterest

Staggering Long Braid:

Staggering Long Braid
Source: Pinterest

Tidy Extra Long Braid:

Tidy Extra Long Braid
Source: Pinterest

Lax Brown Bun:

Lax Brown Bun
Source: Pinterest

Jumbo Braided For Long Hair:

Jumbo Braided For Long Hair
Source: Pinterest

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