17 African Braided Hairstyles You Must See

Beauty conscious women always search for hairstyles that will be excellent and gorgeous in look and convenient for daily life. African braided hairstyles can make those beauty conscious women by fulfilling their demands for beauty and convenience. These hairstyles give you a sharp look with flawless beauty which can make you comfortable as well as the center of attraction to others. In this article, we are going to reveal 17 top braided hairstyles for African American women. So, hold tight, we are going to start.

1. Ghana Braided Hairstyles

Ghana Braids Hairstyle is a great option for women who love braiding hairstyles. This hairstyle is a combination of thin box braids, updo, and a big bun on the top of the head. This braiding hairstyle is one of the best options for the summer. It is a hassle-free and beautiful looking smart hairstyle especially designed for African American women.

Ghana Braids Hairstyles
Image Source: Pinterest

2. Crochet Braids

Braids lover’s one of the best choices is the crochet braids. This braiding hairstyle is a super sexy addition to the hairstyles for African American. Crochet Braids are easy to wear, hassle-free and of stunning effect just like the girl in the picture.

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Crochet Braids
Image Source: Pinterest

3. Golden Cornrows Braids

When we pronounce braids, we must think about cornrows. Because cornrow braids are the most beautiful braids among all other brands in the world. This classic braids with a little blonde and golden color can make you look like a princess.

GOlden Cornrows Braids
Image Source: Pinterest

4. Flat Twist Up-Do

Flat Twist updo is a very popular name in the world of hair fashion. Flat twist updo hairstyles are made with some twisted braids pulled up straight to the top of the head just like the hairstyle in the picture. And addition to blond color to this braiding hairstyle will make any African American look like a dashing and stunning beauty.

Flat Twist Up-Do
Image Source: Pinterest

5. Twisted Cornrows Updo

Cornrows braiding can implement the impossible. You can shape these cornrows braids into whatever you like. Here, the cornrows braids are shaped as an updo. The well-textured style produces beautiful braids and the braids are pulled on the top of the head to shape like a bun. And that’s how an updo with cornrows braids are made.

COrnrows Updo
Image Source: Pinterest

6. Cornrows Knots

It’s time to make some knots with the cornrows braids. The cornrows are shaped slightly differently here and the braids are used to make two charming knots on the two sides of the head.

COrnrows Knots
Image Source: Pinterest

7. Cornrows Bun

A bun made of braids can be one of the best choices for your next hairdo. With the help of cornrows hairstyle, you can make a giant beautiful bun with the braids produced by the cornrows braids. Consider the picture for a better understanding of the beauty and effect of bun hairstyle with cornrows braids.

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COrnrows Bun
Image Source: Pinterest

8. Dreadlocks Braided Bun

You cannot ignore the dreadlocks braids also while talking about the braiding hairstyle. African American women are very much charmed with this ultra-modern hairstyle. Any kind of party, gathering, tour, or vacation, you can use these braids to make yourself presentable to others.

Dreadlocks Braided Bun
Image Source: Pinterest

9. Golden Box Braids

Box braids are super cool. These braids are wow in nature and sexy in effect. And if you use the golden-colored box braids, your beauty will be boundless. Wear this hairstyle and be ready to rule the whole world.

GOlden Bopx Braids
Image Source: Pinterest

10. Natural Colored Box Braids

The previous hairstyle was the box braids with blonde color but you should consider the natural colored box braids too. Because, although both of these are box braids there is a huge difference in the effect and beauty between these two.

Natural COlored Box Braids
Image Source: Pinterest

11. Red Black Braided Ponytail

Here comes the Braided Ponytail. Cornrows are flexible enough to let you make a ponytail with the braids. Look at the girl in the picture, she has worn cornrows braiding hairstyle in a ponytailed shape. And the fun part is that the braids are of two different colors, the bottom of the braids are colored naturally and the edges of the braids are reddish.

COrnrows Braided Ponytail
Image Source: Pinterest

12. Faux Lock Braids

We have hardly anything to discuss the Faux Lock Braids. These braids are super cool braids with a sharp look and sexy effect. The Faux Lock Braids can make any African American women look like a heavenly angel.

Image Source: Pinterest

13. Bob Braided Hairstyles

Okay, you like short braids? Then, this hairstyle is for you. Here the short box braids are decorated as a bob. this is simply a smart and confident hairstyle. Anyone is bound to fall in love with these cute little box braids at the first glance.

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Bob Braids
Image Source: Pinterest

14. Simple and Colored Cornrows

I hope, I do not have to tell you about the design and beauty of this gorgeous hairstyle. The black and blond colored thin braids are made with cornrows style to make you the center of attraction wherever you go or work.

Simple and Colored Cornropws
Image Source: Pinterest

15. Goddess Braids

Goddess Braids have been discovered to make the African women look like a goddess. This thick braids can enchant anyone at any time, any place, and any season. SO, irrespective of place, time, or season, you are free to use it for heavenly beauty.

Gdddess Braids
Image Source: Pinterest

16. Mohawk and Dreadlocks

Introducing The Mohawk and the Dreadlocks in a new shape. This is actually a combination of the Mohawk and Dreadlocks. The sides of the head are faded as usual like a Mohawk and the top of the head is designed with lovely and wild dreadlock braids. Try this one for being the smartest among the other African American women.

Mohawk and Dreadlocks
Image Source: Pinterest

17. French Braids

And the last one is the cute French braids. French braided hairstyles are made with giant braids (mostly two braids). And here we present to you the reddish colored giant braids to make you happier with your hairstyle.

French Braids
Image Source: Pinterest

Do not forget to let us know about your experience and suggestion about this picked hairstyle in the comment box.

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