15 Most Popular Braids for Men with Short Hair

Men’s fashion starts with the haircuts and hairstyles. And as the hair structure and pattern of hair of the African American male is different than the others, they need special hairstyles to make themselves smart and handsome. If you have reached here surfing the world of hairstyle for men, you are welcome. Because you have reached your destination where you will be able to find the best short braids for men. In this article, we are going to drive you to a bunch of short braiding hairstyles for the African American men.

Twists for Men

The first one is the short twisted braids for men. This hairstyle is comprised of the little braids positioned by the two sides of the front part of the head. These black twists have the superpower to give you a dashing look as well as a smart effect.  You can use glasses to get the ultimate effect of this hairstyle.

Twists for men

Mens Braids with Fade

Have you ever tried tiny box braids with an undercut? If not, you must try this hairstyle. This hairstyle is one of the most popular hairstyles used by the men. The smartness, the confidence this hairstyle produces will let you rock. So let this hairstyle be the next hairdo of you.

Fade and Braids

Faux Locks Ponytail

Faux locks were invented for the females of the African American ethnicity to enhance their beauty. But with the passage of time the men started to use this super cool hairstyle regularly. And now this hairstyle is one of the top used hairstyles buy the African American men. Here, the lovely short faux locks are directed to the behind of the head and a beautiful ponytail has been made to create a dominating effect.

Faux Locks Ponytail

Braided Dread Styles

Ok, it’s for the dreadlocks lovers. Here, the dreadlocks braids are prepared in a very tiny nature. For most of the African American stylish men, this hairstyle is much more appealing than many other hairstyles. Men, this day like this hassle-free and less time-consuming hairstyle. Wherever you go and which season you are going through, this hairstyle can give you both comfort and perfection.

Tiny Dreadlocks

Cornrows with Knots

Now we will introduce you with the most common and conventional hairstyle for the black people. And it’s cornrows. This classic hairstyle has been modified a thousand times and still being modified. You can use cornrows like the picture with a lovely knot at the backside of the head to have this effect on you. Here the cornrows braids are directed to the backside to make this knot. The young stars are very much fond of this crazy look.

Cornrows with Knots

Twisted Braids with Cornrows

Here we come with another example of cornrows hairstyle. But the fun part is, it is a combination of cornrows and twisted braids at the same time to create this effect. This short braiding hairstyle is cool and classic. The short twisted braids give you a classic look and the cornrows design makes you perfect and handsome.

Twisted Braids with COrnbrows

Faux Locks with Undercut

In this part, we will introduce you with lovely short faux locks and the undercut at the same time. Here the boy has used some wonderful short faux locks directed to the front of the head. And the sides are shaved completely to add perfection.

Faux Locks with Undercut

Short Twists Black Hair

Here we come with another example of twisted braiding hairstyle for African American men. In this hairstyle, the lovely short braids are twisted and directed from the top portion of the head to the down. This design looks like a shower. However, the youngsters and the stylish men nowadays use this hairstyle widely.

Faux Locks with Undercut

Blonde Highlighted Dreadlocks

Blonde highlights on hair are mainly used by the women but the men use this hairstyle in a parallel way with the women. Here the basement of the hairstyle is made with the black or natural colored hair and the top of the head is covered with lovely blonde dreadlocks braids which are hanging towards the sides of the head. Trust me you will rock the party If you use this super sexy hairstyle.

Faux Locks with Undercut

Crochet Braids for Men

Crochet braids are one of the most beautiful addition to the hairstyle industry for the black people. In the beginning, these braids were produced for only women. With the passage of time, the men started to use the crochet braids inspired hairstyles like the pictures. And the result, as you can see, is awesome. No other braiding hairstyles could give the men hair this effect and stun in the past.

Crochet Bradis

Crochet Bradis

Feed in Cornrow Braids

While talking about braiding hairstyles you can never ignore the classic cornrows hairstyles. This classic hairstyle is equally used by the African American men and women. Here we have presented the short cornrows braiding hairstyle for men with a lovely topknot on the backside of the head. Besides some tiny cornrows, there is a large giant braid positioned vertically from the front to the back of the part. And the knot is originated from the edge of the braid. Awesome and sexy, huh?


Box Braided Ponytail

This is quite simple and easy.  This hassle-free hairstyle consists of some tiny box braids and a small ponytail on the back part of the head. It takes no time to prepare yourself and gives you the ultimate smart look with an attractive glamour.

Box Braided ponytail

Twist Beards Cool Guy

We have previously discussed the short twisted braiding hairstyles. But here we have come with a great addition with the twists. Besides the twisted braids, you can grow your beards as a supplementary of this hairstyle. Wherever you go, you will be the center of attraction with this awesome makeover.

Twists with Beards

Unique Tiny Braids

Tiny box braids are the latest trending hairstyle for the black men. The fun part here is the curly edges of every braid. Now you judge the look and effect of this super cool hairstyle and whether you need to do this too or not.

Tiny Box Braids

Braids and Beads

We have reached in the last segment of this article. And as the last option, we present the beaded braids hairstyle for the black male. I have hardly anything to recommend or explain about this hairstyle. But I must say that this one is trending in the USA in the present times.


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