Iverson Braids

Iverson Braids: Incredible & Stunning Styles

Famous NBA player Allen Iverson popularized Iverson Braids among the African American Community. He wanted to wear cornrows inspired hairstyles in different ways and brand himself with his hairstyle. He started wearing some special and unique kinds of braided hairstyles during the 1997 Schick Rookie Challenge. And today, you know, many, irrespective of profession, gender …

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[Pictures] Untapped Goldmine of Mohawk Braids Hairstyles

Mohawks Braids hairstyles, a symbol of excellence and gratifying hair trend is worn by millions of people across Europe, America, and Africa. Irrespective of color, race, and ethnicity, Mohawk braids are worn for achieving flawless beauty and glamour. Enormous designs, textures, braiding patterns, fade effects and other characteristics of these braided hairstyles have made people …

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Cornrows Hairstyles 2019

In the Caribbean, Cornrows or braids are also called canerows. It is an ancient African style of hair grooming, where the hair is braided very close to the scalp, using an underhand, upward motion to produce a continuous, raised a row. Cornrows are often shaped in simple and straight lines. But they can also be shaped in tricky geometric …

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Best Side Cornrows You Will Love

Cornrows are classic hairstyles used by Africans, Americans, and Europeans for thousands of years. The cornrows hairstyle is normally designed as a cornfield. That’s why the naming of this hairstyle is cornrows hairstyle. In recent decades, there have been a significant change and modification in its nature and design. And the side cornrows hairstyle is …

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