Attractive 4 Colored Faux Locs Styles for Natural Hair

Naturally, young African American women love faux lock. They can styles hair these 4 colored faux locs for her natural.

Faux Locks Purple Color Hair:

This is the style where every women dream comes true because of looking like the most stylish among all. You can see the picture. Aren’t you jealous? Oh yes. Because of this girl’s hairstyle. We call it faux locks hairstyle with the color of imagination that is purple.

Faux Locks Purple Color Hair
IMG: Faux Locks Purple Color Hair        Source: Instagram 

Colored Faux Locs

Faux Locks Brown Color Hair: This is another faux locks hairstyle but this one is on the black hair as you can see. Hair density is pretty high and the length of the hair is long. There is topper bun look-alike’s hair, but it’s not a bun. It’s just an amount of hair which are being tied that makes it broad.

Faux Locks Brown Color Hair
IMG: Faux Locks Brown Color Hair         Source: Instagram 

Faux Locks for Black Hair: This faux locks hairstyle is natural with pure natural black hair. There is some feed in braid and beads too. So it’s a combination of all the styles you can say.

Colored Faux Locks
IMG: Faux Locks for Black Hair           Source: Instagram 


Faux Locks for Black Hair
IMG: Faux Locks for Black Hair             Source: Instagram 

Faux Locs with Mixed Color: Now this is rainbow. Hair with lots of color like a festive. You can use any color in your hair as your choice. But remember, the combination of color is very important for your look. Otherwise, you could make yourself fool by looking like a joker. No braids or beads, it’s totally faux locks.

Faux Locs with Mixed Color
IMG: Faux Locs with Mixed Color       Source: Instagram 

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