Cornrow Hairstyles for 12 Year Olds

Hello there, Are you a 12 year Afro-American girl or a parent looking for cornrow hairstyles for Scholl? Then you are at right place. Here, in this article, we will discuss and present the most popular and trending 12 cornrows hairstyles for 12-year-olds. Actually, cornrows hairstyles are the most popular and beautiful hairstyle among thousands of hairstyles to the Afro-American people. So, hold tight and start surfing these 12 cornrows hairstyles because you are gonna be jerked after watching these stunning hairstyles.

  1. Lovely Braids for Kids

The first one is simple and beautiful. There are multiple cornrows with multiple braids. And finally, the braids are placed only in one side. The finishes of the braids are safeguarded with flamboyant globules. Those who like simplicity will love this simple and beautiful hairstyle.


  1. Cornrows with Topknot

Well, this one is one of the most popular hairstyles for the 12-year-old Afro-American girls. Look carefully in the picture the braids are hanged below the shoulder and the most important part is the knot in the top. The knot has increased the beauty of it. You can discover various types of braids styles for your kids.

Cornrow with Knot

  1. Classic Crown Braid

She’ll sense like a queen when she passes through the lobbies wearing this eternal braided hairdo, especially if you rug in a few cute clips. To do this, simply round up the braids around the head with the help of clip, wear a necklace and try glasses. This hairstyle is tremendously gorgeous and popular among the 12-year-olds.

Classic Crown Braid


  1. Multidirectional Cornrows

The main difference between the conventional cornrows and this one is the direction. Normally the direction of cornrows is directed to one way where this style directs the cornrows in multiple ways. And that’s the beauty of it. But the braids are placed in one side. And the combination of these process gives her a trendy and smart look at the school.

Multidirectional Cornrows


  1. Pig Ponytail

Here is the little piggy ponytails. Just look at her. She is looking stunning in this hairstyle. The thick braids are hanged to the end of the shoulder. And the edges of the front braids are decorated with droplets. And thus a 12-year-old girl looks confident and matured.

Pig Ponytails

  1. Golden Braids

Golden braids are done mainly by the adults. But why the younger should avoid this trendy style. Let’s have a look at the image. She is 12 years old with beautiful golden braids. Is she looking weird? Absolutely not, rather she is looking gorgeous and stunning. You can try this style with longer curls for best effect.

Golden Braids

  1. Flower petal braids

What about a flower petal effect on the front of your head with the help of your curls? Look at the image. The braids are directed in such a way that the cornrows have taken the shape of petals of a flower. Moreover, the thick braids are placed beautifully in the side back. This girl is looking tremendously fabulous beyond any doubt. So why don’t you try this exclusive hairstyle too? It will simply blow up the environment she will attend.

Flower petal braids

  1. Star Braids

Well, now it’s time to talk about the space, stars etc. Ok, wait. I am talking about a hairstyle. We have tried so many natural shapes to our hair. But why not the star? Yes, it’s time to shape your cornrows like a star. The girl in the image has done the same thing we are discussing. The cornrows are directed in such way that the rows have formed a star combinedly. On the other hand, there will be only 4 thick braids which will be placed equally on both side of the head.

  1. Long Braids with  Two Bun

This style comprises two thick buns with multiple stunning thick braids. The girl in the image has made two beautiful side knots with the braids and the leftover of the braids are placed equally by the two sides. This is gorgeous and magnetic. The hallways will be just astounded after watching her.

Long Braids with Bun

  1. Curly Braids with Topknot

This hairstyle has three parts. The First part is the braids which have been ended to the bun. The Second part is the bun comprise of multiple braids from various directions. And the third part is the curls which are beautifying the back. And these three simple parts has created an angel looking hairstyle. People of all taste will love this style with their first look.

Curly Braids with Topknot

  1. Noodles Bun with Multiple Knots

The name is interesting. The braids are shaped like noodles and placed in the back. Moreover, there are three or for knots placed from one side of the head to the other. And the combination looks smart and confident. Try a glass with this hairstyle for best effect.

Noodles Braids with Multiple Knots

  1. Central Bun with braids

Well, this one is the last one of our article. But we have saved our best for the last. This hairstyle is the world’s one of the popular hairstyles among the 12-year-olds throughout Africa, America, and Europe. The African –American people love the braided bun from the forehead to shoulder and at the same time, the cornrows styles are also beautiful and gorgeous.

Central Bun with braids

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