Cornrow Hairstyles for Short Natural Hair

Cornrow hairstyles are new and unique. It has a very good advantage because of its looks. A lady with cornrow hair can definitely drag ones attention easily. This is a real advantage. But the cost and time are very much rich for cornrow. It also need’s a very good maintenance process, otherwise, it could be damaged. Now you all know that, high-risk high profit. So not to be afraid, just do it and make the other people amazed.

Bold Cornrow Hairstyle:

Bold Cornrow Hairstyle
Source: Pinterest

Cornrow hairstyle is a new thing and it’s getting very much popular among kids and mostly young age women. If you look at this demo picture, you’ll get an idea about cornrow hairstyle. It’s very unique and stylish as well. But the first important thing is to be the haircut. It should be clean and perfect otherwise, you can’t do a cornrow hairstyle in your head. So firstly cut the hair as per instructions and then make the bold cornrow hairstyle.

Snaky Cornrow Hairstyle:

Snaky Cornrow Hairstyle
Source: Pinterest

As you can notice this cornrow is totally looking like a snake shape. If you look at this hairstyle from the top view it will look like a bunch of snakes in her head. Here is also haircut is the most important thing.

Cornrow With Curly Hair:

Cornrow With Curly Hair
Source: Pinterest

This cornrow hairstyle is mixing up with curly hair. Actually, cornrow hairstyle suits mostly with the curly hair. As you can see in the picture, only one side of the head is in cornrow form. The other part of the head is fully covered with the curly hair. The haircut is important as well as hair density is also a very important thing in this hairstyle. Because curly hair is all about density and strongness. So do it now to impress your fellow partner.

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Star War Shape Cornrow:

Star War Shape Cornrow
Source: Pinterest

This cornrow is very much interesting and it is trendy. Who doesn’t know about the star wars? So if you are a movie lover you’ll obviously like to do this cornrow hairstyle in your head. And the worldwide rating is also supported by this star war hairstyle. So make it and be a trend.

Cornrow With Thick Hair:

Cornrow With Thick Hair
Source: Pinterest

Now thick hair holders has the advantage in all the hairstyle. Because it is so much easy to give any look or style in thick hair. So another one is this. Cornrow with thick hair, where hair density is pretty high. But the haircut is in bob cut style. No other extra things needed to beautify it.

Sharp Cornrow:

Sharp Cornrow
Source: Pinterest

Now, this is sharp, very sharp like swords. You can hurt anyone with this hair. So an extra advantage right? So this hairstyle looks like sharp where the cut and design of hair is so perfect that you can’t even take your eyes off from this hairstyle.

Short Cornrow Hairstyle:

Short Cornrow Hairstyle
Source: Pinterest

This cornrow hairstyle is linking up with the very short hair as you can see. Short in length, size, density everything. Hair is that much few that you think you can count that hair. So it’s unique in terms of look. Cost and time are also short for this hairstyle. So if you want to be a casual then you should try this cornrow hairstyle.

Cornrow With Side Loose End:

Cornrow With Side Loose End
Source: Pinterest

It’s a boy hairstyle. Isn’t it? But this woman also looks very ravishing in this cornrow hairstyle. You just grow your hair in middle and then after a certain time, you drag all your middle in a side. Left side or right side, that is totally your choice. Now the opposite will be like empty and you have to use that empty side to put it in cornrow hairstyle.

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Knop Cornrow Hairstyle:

Knop Cornrow Hairstyle
Source: Pinterest

This last cornrow hairstyle is in a different shape compared to the previous ones. It also shows us a sign or a symbol. It’s a knop symbol. Each and every row of the hair is with knop shape. Now whether that knop is the starting or ending point, we don’t even know or bother about that. Because it only about looks. You do whatever you want to do for giving your look extra points.

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