Cornrows Hairstyles 2019

In the Caribbean, Cornrows or braids are also called canerows. It is an ancient African style of hair grooming, where the hair is braided very close to the scalp, using an underhand, upward motion to produce a continuous, raised a row. Cornrows are often shaped in simple and straight lines. But they can also be shaped in tricky geometric designs.

Both men and women wear cornrows and sometimes decorated with beads depending on the region of the world. You can leave cornrows for weeks at a time often favored for their easy maintenance. If you carefully wash the hair and regularly oil the scalp.

Cornrows have been one of the most popular protective styles sported by African women for many years. There are lots of options to decorate your cornrows. You can braid, twist, thick, thin, and use colors and ornaments. But when you have more options then it is really difficult to choose one. In this article, you can learn a few iconic cornrow hairstyle.

Let’s get started!

Cotton Candy Cornrow

Image Source: Pinterest

You will look like a sugar pop princess with this bright pink hairstyle. You have to use candy floss pink and black box braid extensions to make braids. This look will portray your inner craziness a very fun way.

Cornrows Mohawk 

Image Source: Pinterest

Mohawk is always a sporting look. This picture is an example of one side braided Mohawk hairstyle and this look makes the girl super stunning. That will reveal your badass side to the world with this edgy and fresh look.

Cornrow Bun

Image Source: Pinterest

This is most simple and edgy cornrow. This look will suit you in any dress and any day. Make little sections of hair and form braid with them. Create a bun with the braids like the picture.

Electro Cornrow

Image Source: Pinterest

This look will make you insanely awesome. You definitely have to have a crazy mind to carry this look. You can make a bun and leave other braids straight like the picture. By this look, you will be undoubtedly the talk of the show.

Cute Double Bun Cornrow

Image Source: Pinterest

If you don’t have time and still want to look cute then this style is just for you. This look suit at any age. It will pull out your inner child. Simply make double buns with your cornrow braids.

Unicorn Cornrow

Image Source: Pinterest

Who doesn’t love unicorn? By hearing this name we can see a splash of colors. If you use this splash of colors in your hair look then you will definitely feel like the mother of the unicorn. You can use several colors of extensions to create the cornrows.

Rainbow Cornrow

Image Source: Pinterest


It is not necessary that you can see rainbow only in the sky, you can make people see it in your hair look. This is my personal favorite. Because it does not only make you cute but also full your heart with joy. Use yellow, orange, blue and other rainbow colors to make each cornrow braids.

Ponytail Cornrow

Image Source: Pinterest

This is simple and very much time-saving. If you have a college or office the next morning and do not have much time to get ready and you can simply ponytail your cornrow braids like the picture.

Flower Queen Cornrow

Image Source: Pinterest

This is my another favorite. Just look at the picture how pretty this look is. You can wear it at any festival for having the look of a fresh girly girl.

Cornrow Braided Pony

Image Source: Pinterest

This is another simple and similar to ponytail cornrow. Simply make a ponytail with your cornrow braids and then make one braid with these braids.

Maze Cornrow

Image Source: Pinterest

If you go outside with this look someone will definitely get lost in your hairstyle. Separate your hair in several sections and then make cornrow in a zigzag pattern.

Royal Blue Onesided Cornrow

Image Source: Pinterest

Show your love for the midnight sky with this gorgeous midnight royal blue onesided cornrow. This look is very suitable both long and short hair. Just make cornrows with blue extensions in one side and leave the other hair untied in one side.

Purple Ombre Cornrow

Image Source: Pinterest

Purple is the color that is not very girly or very sporty. This color makes the cornrows so gorgeous. Nowadays purple ombre cornrow is now a trend. Purple ombre extensions are available in the market. You can create cornrow braids with them and use beads like the picture.

Hot Cheetos Cornrow

Image Source: Pinterest

This hairstyle is making me crave for Cheetos. With bright orange hair extensions, you can form your cornrows. This color is so daring is that you don’t have to do anything extra else. Just simply bun or make braided ponytail as the picture.

Multiple Bun Cornrow

Image Source: Pinterest

If you are a bun lover then this is the appropriate hairstyle for you. This hairstyle will go for any parties and it is so secure that you don’t have to manage your hair always. It looks a bit critical but not that much hard. You just have to make several buns by sectioning the cornrows.

Red Cornrow Narrow Bun

Image Source: Pinterest

Kylie Jenner is rocking this hairstyle so gorgeously in this picture. All you girls with medium length hair out there who want to do cornrow bun this is for you. With medium or short hair you easily can do a narrow bun. Go for a vivacious red shade, it will totally look bomb.

These are the most trending cornrows in 2019. So, style up your hair with various style and colors and rock the world. Don’t forget to check our other articles on hairstyle and care.

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