Cornrows Hairstyles with 2 Braids

Best 12 Cornrows Hairstyles with 2 Braids

Which one is better? Braids or buns? I think the braids make you more attractive than the buns and most of you will agree with me. As a hairstylist, I can assure you that most of the women in the world whether she is black, white or Asian, like the braids most. Whatever, in this article we are going to show you best 12 stunning cornrows with 2 braids. So be ready to choose one because it will be difficult for you to do that.

  1. Horn Shaped Braids

Be crazy, do something like horns with your beautiful curls. It’s the widespread hairstyle of 2 braids all over the world. The braids on your head will look like horns and the edges placed by the two sides of your shoulder will give you a sexy and confident look. So let your surrounding turn their head towards you.

Horn Shaped Braids
Image Source: Pinterest

  1. Crowned Braids Combined in Cornrows

This cornrows hairstyle is almost same as the previous one except for the edges. Here, the lovely two braids are combined in the back. It gives you a look like a crown on your top. Amazing huh? A crown without something like synthetic substance. You can wear this amazing hairstyle wherever you go.

Double Braids Combined in Cornrows
Image Source: Pinterest

  1. Combined Cornrows Dutch Braids

Make a high style statement by braiding your locks from the center towards your earlobes in a sharp cornrow array. Now, here’s the exciting part – Dutch braid some curl extensions on any side of your head along with the ends of all your cornrows. You now have locks look that gives a jumpy twist to the innocent teenager pigtails style.

Combined Cornrows Dutch Braids
Image Source: Instagram

  1. Combined Cornrows

Be wild, be tremendous, be you with this modest golden cornrows style. Six straightforward backs pool to create two attractive braids at the hind and make a fantastic chic style. All you need to do is wear your most flamboyant guise and you’ll be spreading brightness ubiquitously!

Combined Cornrows
Image Source: Instagram

  1. Twisted Scalp

This goddess braid is made up of two copious braids on the side that fall into pigtails. The scalp is tied strongly with two very little braids on top. The small cornrows on top, bend around into half-moons. It’s a very exclusive look that is guaranteed to convey your joy. There’s something to be said about the imaginativeness of the design.

Twisted Scalp
Image Source: Instagram

  1. The Curved Cornrows

Most of the curls are left normal and heaved up into two buns, one on each side of the head. To attain this goddess look, you will want to add two cornrows down the center of the head and then bend them out on the way to the foreheads.

The Curved Cornrows
Image Source: Instagram

7. The Goddess Appeal

This is an astonishing appearance that looks astounding exclusively for an occasion. The braids are pulled strongly off to the side and then curled together in a gigantic bun at the bottom. It’s an inimitable style that is going to make you feel like a goddess.

The Goddess Appeal
Image Source: Instagram

  1. The Sideways Glance

These two king-size braids are pulled firmly off to one side. The middle part is a braid while the leftover of the hair is pulled fairly tight to the sideways of her head. The braids are profuse which necessitate a lot of hair.

The Sideways Glance
Image Source: Instagram

  1. The Pigtails

These pigtails are huge and vigorous. They are mutually pulled off to their particular side and drained into a pigtail. One sole braid is left in the central generating an uncommon design that will truly stand out in a crowd.

The Pigtails
Image Source: Instagram

  1. Flower Petals Cornrows

Let put a flower on your head. No, I am not kidding. I am just talking about a flower shaped design using cornrows hairstyle. Each of the four cornrows is designed as the petals of a flower and they subsequently produce two charming braids by the two sides of your head. The thick braids add an eternal beauty to your hair.

Flower Petals Cornrows
Image Source: Instagram

  1. 4 Rows 2 Braids

Now let’s try something different. The girl in the picture wears a hairstyle of 4 rows and 2 braids. At the same time, she has added some color to her hair. And ultimately the hairstyle looks stunning and sexy. This hairstyle gives you the ultimate beauty and confidence wherever you go.

4 rows 2 Braids
Image Source: Pinterest

  1. Side Cornrows and the Derived Braids

And finally the last one. Here, there are tiny cornrows by both sides of the head directed from the ear to top of your head. At the same time, two beautiful braids are derived just by the side of them and end in the back. This is simply gorgeous and imitable hairstyle. You can try this one for any kind of events, office or tour.

Side Cornrows and the derieved braids
Image Source: Pinterest


Now it’s your turn. We have presented a number of two braided cornrows in front of you and all you need to do is pick a hairstyle and go to the saloon for the hairdo.

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