25 Cornrows with Beads for Adults

When life gives you lemons make lemonade, and when life gives you beautiful curls make cornrows. And what could be a great combination other than cornrows and beads? Cornrows with beads hairstyle are very popular among African people and it never goes out of fashion. This timeless hairstyle can be worn in various styles. Today, you will learn 25 Cornrow with Beads hairstyles that will help you to rock any festival.

1. Fulani Inspired Braids for Summer

The first example is here. These are simple cornrows with beads hairstyle with beautiful dazzling beads. It is actually Fulani-inspired cornrows thin braids. And the beads are positioned on the edges of each thin braids. This simple hairstyle possesses the superpower to make a positive impression regarding you to others at the first glance.

Fulani Inspired Braids for Summer
Image Source: Pinterest

2. Long Thin Braids with Wild Beads

Here, the braids are kept the same as the previous one. But the braids are decorated with some breath-taking beads. These wooden beads are being used from the primitive period by the African American people for styling hair. So, be classic to get the most modern look.

Long Thin Braids with Wild Beads
Image Source: Pinterest

3. Beads Beads and Beads

This one is only about beads. Anyone will be just enchanted to see the numerous colorful beads on your braided hair. The more beads you use the most you become wild and cute. Try these wild beads in the 21st century to make the trendiest hairstyle.

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Image Source: Pinterest

4. Braided Topknot with Beads

Cornrows with beads hairstyles are flexible enough to allow you to make a beautiful up straight knot on the center-top of your head. Look at the picture of the girl in the picture she has made a topknot on the head and organized the thin short braids by the surrounding of the head. Most importantly she placed some glittering beads on her braids. And all these elements have made her look like a princess.

Braided Topknot with Beads
Image Source: Pinterest

5. Bead Bun Braids

African American Women are gifted with the best locks in the world, as their hair can be decorated with any type of hairstyle. The picture below shows a beautiful bun hairstyle with cornrows braids. At the same time, the front positioned short braids and the coffee-colored beads have brought an extent level of beauty for her.

Bead Bun Braids
Image Source: Pinterest

6. Ponytail with Beaded Cornrows Braids

This hairstyle is almost similar to the previous one. But the main difference is the ponytail. And the beaded short braids are positioned slightly differently. But the effect of this hairstyle is far more gorgeous, I think.

Ponytail with beaded cornrows braids
Image Source: Pinterest

7. Stunning braided style with beads

These cornrows with beads style do not need any explanation or recommendation. You can judge this hairstyle yourself. The Timeless beauty of this hairstyle is certainly made other people around look back to you.

Stunning braided style with beads
Image Source: Pinterest

8. Blonde Braided Beads

Okay, stop being surprised now. The blonde braided cornrows with beads hairstyle here is additionally beautified by a number of dazzling beads. Get yourself prepared with this hairstyle and let the world fall in love with it.

Image Source: Pinterest

9. Braided Updo with Beads

This time is for Updo. Just look at her. Her hairstyle is the reason for which she is looking like wow. I strongly recommend this cornrows with beads hairstyle for any kind of party and gathering.

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Image Source: Pinterest

10. Pink Tribal braids with Beads

Time for color. And Pink is the first name that comes to our mind while speaking about colors. Well, use some pink-colored braids for your next cornrows with beads hairstyle to make yourself sexy and attractive.

Pink tribal braids with beads
Image Source: Pinterest

11. Double Knots with Beaded Braids

Knots are always awesome and having two knots is super awesome. So like the picture, if you make two knots with cornrows with beads hairstyle you will just rock. Try this hairstyle in the summer for getting the best effect.

DOuble Knots with beaded Braids
Image Source: Pinterest

12. Reddish Cornrows Bun

This is another colored cornrow with beads. If you are not willing to use natural colored braids, use this one, and do not forget to put some beautiful beads on it.

Reddish COrnrows Bun
Image Source: Pinterest

13. Inspirational Braided Beads

The previous hairstyle was a braided bun with a reddish color. And the same braids are positioned differently with the beads. And the effects of both of these hairstyles are impossible to describe in words.

Inspirational Braided Beads
Image Source: Pinterest

14. The Conqueror Braids

Want to rule the world? Try these cornrows braids with beads. This beautifully textured hairstyle will give a sharp look and power to make others bow down in front of you. Are you ready for it?

The comquerer Braids
Image Source: Pinterest

15. Long Fulani Braids with Beads

We have discussed Fulani-inspired braids in the first topic. And here is another example of Fulani-inspired braided beads for African American women. To be sexy and seductive, this hairstyle is a great option.

Long Fulani Braids with Beads
Image Source: Pinterest

16. Super Cool Cornrows Braids

What should I say about this? This is already a well-known and popular hairstyle among black women all over Europe and America. Try this hairstyle for any kind of occasion or tour to rock.

Super Cool Cornrows Braids
Image Source: Pinterest

17. The Wow Braids

This hairstyle is the modified version of the previous one. But as this is a wow hairstyle I have nothing to say except ‘wow’ regarding this hairstyle.

Image Source: Pinterest

18. Cornrows Ponytail

A ponytail can be a great option for your next hairstyle. / Look at the hairstyle below. This hairstyle is a combination of cornrows braids, beads, and ponytail. These elements in a single hairstyle can make any African American women look like a princess.

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Cornrows Ponytail
Image Source: Pinterest

19. Cornrows Braids Bun and Ponytail with Beads

Introducing the side cornrows, beads, and bun at the same time. Make this crazy hairstyle for the next party you are going to attend.

COrnrows Braids bun and ponytail with beads
Image Source: Pinterest

20. One-Sided Cornrows with Beads

Modified cornrows hairstyle is always of great beauty. This side-braided cornrow is looking gorgeous with the dazzling beads attached with the braids.

One Sided Cornrows with beads
Image Source: Pinterest

21. Cornrows Updo and Ponytail

Presenting the cornrows braided ponytail, the second look. This ultra-modern hairstyle can make the impossible possible. You wear this hairstyle and you have a world to rule.

One Sided Cornrows with beads
Image Source: Pinterest

22. Beautiful Ponytail

Here is another ponytail example for you. Use this during this summer and get comfort and fashion at the same time.

Beautiful Ponytail
Image Source: Pinterest

23. The Masterpiece

Hello, African Americas, here you see the masterpiece braids. The beaded thick braids and the bun emit endless beauty to your hair. If you want to enchant anyone, try this masterpiece for him.

cornrows with beads
Image Source: Pinterest

24. High Ponytail with Beads and Cornrows

Judge the effect, beauty, and charm of this one as the last topic of this article and take your decision.

High Ponytail With Beads And Cornrows
Image Source: Pinterest

25. Short Bob Cornrow with Beads

Well, this is the last but not the least one. However, a bob is lighter and more fun than long cornrows, which may be Some people wear bobs with cornrow dreads if they live a relaxed and easy lifestyle.

Image Source: Pinterest


1. Are Beads Good for Hair?

You can easily decorate your hair with beads. It is very popular among African people to decorate their braids, cornrows, twists with beads. It is not harmful to natural hair at all.

2. Does Cornrow Damage Hair?

If you use cornrows, which strain at the base of your hair, you may experience hair loss.  It is possible to avoid hair loss by wearing looser braids and changing your hairstyle every two or three months.

3. Do Cornrows Pull Your Hairline Back?

Tight hairstyles can result in significant hair loss, or traction alopecia, which is defined as a receding hairline caused by continuous tugging on the hair cells. When hair is fashioned in cornrows or the ever-popular Senegalese twist top knot, the risk of traction alopecia is quite real, especially for women with colored hair. So, it is better not to wear cornrows for a long time.

4. Can I Take Shower with Cornrows?

Yes, you certainly can. Cornrows will not be disrupted by water. However, you must make sure that they do not become soggy.  Dry cornrows after washing, lightly wipe them with a towel.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to call your hairstylist and try any of our cornrows with beads ideas, or more! And do not forget to let us know about your experience, suggestions in the comment box regarding our discussions.

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