Crimped Hairstyles for Black Women

Cute Crimped Hairstyles for Black Hair

When you love curls and wavy in your hairdos, you do like Crimped hairstyles. African women and Asian and Indian women want to crimp their hair for casual and occasional purposes. These hairstyles were popularized in the ’90s and are still charming to women all over the world. However, we are here to discuss these wavy and messy hairdos from the perspective of women. And we will discuss categorized information about the greatly praised hairstyles. Additionally, we will be presenting some of the eye-catching hairstyles for you ladies who are significantly in search of a royal hairdo for something unique. So let’s get started.

Curly messy hair
Curly messy hair

In this discussion, we have categorized the hairstyles into ten categories. And you were selecting them in terms of popularity and glamour. Besides 44 images as a whole, give you excellent options to choose the right one. Besides, you will get some beneficial information about these hairstyles with the pictures. And after reading this article, you will be able to choose one and start looking beautiful. So, let’s dive into the main discussion.

Curly messy hair
Curly messy hair

Reason of Women Love Crimped Hairstyles:

  • There are some reasons African American women love wearing the 90’s crimped hairstyles more than any other curly or wavy styles. Let’s find them out. Though these hairstyles are worn for different occasions, you can wear them casually or for work. Women want charm, glamour, and gorgeousness at the same time. And very few hairstyles have these unique qualities. Among them, these hairdos are worth mentioning.
  • Crimping your hair makes you more intelligent and more confident. So you are the center of attraction wherever you wear these hairstyles.
  • Crimps allow you to wear them with short, long, and various hair types. So, it is flexible enough to establish your preference while wearing these styles.
Curly messy hair
Curly messy hair

Essential Elements for Crimp Your Hair

Crimping hair is not a one-minute job. It takes time. But obviously, it is not impossible or a herculean task. But you will need some of the essentials as preparation.

  • Shampoo.
  • Conditioner.
  • Wide-Toothed Comb.
  • Hair Straightener.
  • And a pair of a skilled hand.

Now We have this tutorial for you to do your hair crimped. Watch it and make it yourself. Besides, if you are an expert with this, please skip the tutorial and continue to the main discussion.

The crimped hairstyles are mainly crimped with the hair straightener and beautiful curly weaves are created on the hair. Your hair may be natural hair, synthetic or human lace but for each case, you will be able to crimp your hair just like the image below. And finally, we are going to dive into the hairstyles you are eagerly waiting to watch.

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Curly messy hair
Curly messy hair

Conventional Crimped Hairstyles:

In the first segment, we have arranged four different styled crimped hair as a general example. If you notice these hairstyles carefully, you will find variations in color, highlights, lengths, and hair types. However, these hairstyles are called long crimped hairstyles for women. You can use natural hair, synthetic hair, or human lace to make these long hairdos. Moreover, you have the option to colorize them, accessorize them and highlight them with color to gain extra beauty and charm. Modern women from the various professional arena are fond of these long wavy hairstyles to prepare themselves as a goddess of hairstyle and beauty. So, why don’t you try them too?

Crimped Hairstyles for Dark Women
Crimped Hairstyles for Women

Crimped Bob | African American Women Perspective

You, along with many other African American cute women, love to wear bob haircuts. There are several reasons for wearing the bobs. For example, the bobs are easy to maintain, comfortable, and easy to wear. Moreover, the bobs have thousands of diversification and styles that can enchant anyone—however, crimped bob hairstyles for you lovely ladies. Here the bobs are the long bobs as you have to add curls and weaves on the hair’s edges. The crimped bob gives you some extraordinary charm and flawless beauty with numerous color combinations, highlights, and bangs. Follow the images below, and you will get your preferred one instantly.

Crimped Bob Dark Women
Crimped Bob Women

Crimp and Colorize Hair | Feel the Modern You

As we said earlier,  crimp styles are flexible enough to let you apply numerous colors to the hairstyle. Most of the time, the women are seen wearing these crimps with ash, blonde, reddish, and other colors to gain extra charm and immense beauty in their hairstyles and appearance. For you, we have managed to collect some of the masterpieces of colorful crimped hairstyles to consider. We have collected each of them through intensive research and personal experience. And as a stylist, I can assure you that you will look just like a heavenly angel with these colorful wavy hairstyles.

Colorful Crimped Hairstyles
Colorful Crimped Hairstyles

Make it Blonde Crimped Hair:

In the previous paragraph, we have talked about colorful hairstyles with crimps. You know the most used and worn hair color is the blonde itself. In each hairstyle of the African American women, the presence of blonde color can make it successful and glamorous. In the case of wavy hairstyles, the blond color is just a boon. The blonde weaves give you tremendous charm to your hairstyle and appearance.
Moreover, like the braids, curls, afro, updos, and other hairstyles, the crimped hair makes a lovely combination with the blonde color. And now, you can see the natural effect of this color on the hairstyles below. We think we do not need to spend any more words to explain these effects to you.

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Crimped Blond Long Hair
Crimped Blond Long Hair

Make Crimped Ponytail:

Ponytails are exceedingly comfortable hairstyles for women all over the world. Besides natural hair ponytails, women, these days, wear various ponytails as extensions of synthetic hair or human hair as we are discussing crimping. We are now going to show you the crimped ponytail hairstyles for African American women. Well, you can call them ponytail extensions. They are practically as beautiful as natural hair ponytails and give you hassle-free movement all day long. Moreover, these ponytails are competent and confident that can give you a charming effect and a cute appearance in front of the whole world. So, we were hoping you could wear it to have a different taste of the hairstyle.

Crimped Ponytail for Ebony Women
Crimped Ponytail for Ebony Women

Short African Hair:

Short hair doesn’t care. It’s a famous saying in African American society. The short hair and hairstyles are exceptionally comfortable and competent hairstyles of the women of the present era. Well, that doesn’t mean that short hairstyles are uglier and less charming. Instead, short hairstyles and haircuts can be something more than conventional hairstyles and haircuts. For example, we can produce the hairstyles presented below. These are short crimped hair with different types of colors and highlights. The essential benefits of these hairstyles are hassle-free and relaxing. Moreover, proper arrangement of length, color, and decoration can make them more attractive than the regular hairstyle we wear.

Short Crimped Hair Black Women

Highlight Your Hair

We have talked a lot about the highlights of hairstyles previously. Now it’s time we experience some of the highlighted hairstyles. In most cases, the highlights are made with blonde color. But no worries, you can choose your color own. For example, the red, reddish, and pinky highlights are often seen with the crimped hairstyles in African American culture.
Moreover, the highlights create a great appeal on your hairstyle and appearance that help you get the crown’s attraction around you. The images below are arranged with lovely highlighted and crimped hairstyles for women. If you like the highlights of hairstyles, We are sure you will enjoy all of them.

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Highlighted Crimped Hair
Highlighted Crimped Hair

Blonde Bobs Styles

We have discussed the crimped bob hairstyles as well as the blonde colors with it earlier. Now it’s time to explain it more, barely. Well, we are talking about the crimped bob hairstyles with blonde color. These bobs are the same as the bobs are shown previously in this article. But the difference is only in color. The blonde color with these bob hairstyles has made these more appealing and seductive. Moreover, some blonde highlights on these bobs have made these styles more perfect and charming. So, you can make some great bobs hairstyles with crimped hair and blonde color or blonde highlights to get a heavenly charm on your hairstyles and appearance.

Blonde Crimped Bob
Blonde Crimped Bob

Synthetic Hair to Make it Look Gorgeous

This segment is specially designed for synthetic hair, where you will notice the crimp in hairstyles. In recent times, synthetic hair, human hair lace, and artificial hairstyles have increased drastically. Some of these synthetic hairstyles suck while some others rock. The crimped synthetic hairstyles are just rocking hairstyles of the modern era. Women are seen with this hair and hairstyles frequently.
Moreover, these hairdos are remarkably flexible in terms of color, length, accessories, etc. So, we should give these hairstyles some priority. And the images below are examples of the crimped styles with synthetic hair. And we strongly hope that these styles will blow up your mind.

Synthetic Hair Crimped
Synthetic Hair Crimped

Wavy Crimped Hair

We have reached the last part of today’s discussion. And the previous topic we are going to discuss wavy hair. In our day-to-day lives, we wear weaves in our hairstyles, especially with straight hair. Besides, these days, men are very much attracted to wavy hairstyles and haircuts like the 360 weaves. However, we have managed to collect some of the great designs of your ladies’ wavy hairstyles to consider. These are a type of crimped hair popularize in the ’90s and still on the top of the present time’s ll wavy hairstyles. We strongly recommend you to wear these styles if you plan to attend a trip, social occasions, or a date. Trust me; you will rock with these hairdos.

Weavy Crimped Hair
Wavy Crimped Hair


So, what is the plan now? Over the whole article, we have categorized the hairstyles, provided grid images of the corresponding categories, and presented valuable information about all of the categories. We believe, we have become able to satisfy your quest for crimped hairstyles for women. All you need to do now is pick the right one for you according to your face shape, personality, and personal preference and make it done.

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