Fade Haircuts for Black Men

The world of fashion is progressing and changing day by day. In this world, the importance of hairstyle holds a significant place that provides individuals with a new essence of life. The styles of hair have two different major types- one is for white men and another is for black men, which are getting new shapes and definition with the passage of time.

Considering the significance of this fact, we have furnished this article with a detail depiction of ‘formal hairstyles for black men.’ You are humbly recommended to read the entire section to make yourself more stylish with a formal sense.

#1 High Top Fade

This style is also called the box fade or box cut, which is perfect for you if you want to have voluminous and controllable hair at the same time. The style includes the disappearance of hair to the lower part of your neck, short sides and nearly 3-inches of hair on the top. The uppermost part of the hair usually holds a quadrilateral shape that from where the style has got its name. Although some people prefer a bit longer hair on the top, yet some other go for tight and short hair.

High Top Fade
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In fact, the mode in which your flat top is styled is mostly dependent on your personal fondness. For instance, there are some black men who choose high or low top disappears with portions or a temple disappears with a hair-style. Eventually, the flat top haircut is both a formal and classic for the black guys.

#2 Afro Fade

The style refers to the combination of a top with wild curly hair and short sides. This style requires less looking after than that of the box fade style. The afro fade is just a type of variety of the box cut with curly coils that allow the hair of the top to grow more naturally. The back and sides of the hair-cut are washed-out bald/skin, low, or high.

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It is basically an entire dissimilarity to the taper fade style as in it you can leave around 3-5-inches of hair on the top of your head to spread out so that you can style in the way you long for. Generally, the style is similar to the messier cousin that belongs to the box fade.

#3 Short Part with Fade

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The ‘short part line’ is quite a widespread and amazingly stress-free style to adopt for the hairstyle conscious men. It doesn’t matter how bushy and small your hair is, you can easily take it simply asking the barber to trim the hair in a solid part line on any side of your head. This trimming part adds a little-separated irregularity to the style that reflects the styles like the detached undercut or the side portion. However, a lengthy surgical portion can also be an aspect of an excellent hair design.

#4 Line Up


The style is perfect for those people who choose to have a clean and sharp hairline. The lineup style enhances the beauty of your hair and also gives a structure to it. This style is also called shape up or an edge, for what the barber is simply to shave a straight line around the temples and

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across the forehead for creating a boxy look. The look, actually, borders your face. For the black men, among the other types of hairstyles such as waves or buzz cut, the line up is completely a diverse and effective technique to highlight a sturdy carved face and jawline.

One important matter related to this style that you need to keep in your mind is that keeping some clippers available for consistent looking after of the hair can aid you to keep it eyeing well-ordered as in this style your hairline will come back relatively faster.

#5 Curls with Fade

Doesn’t your hair have the kind of close-fitting curls that is obviously obligatory for having an afro fade hairstyle? Does the hair look like ringlets? Then, undercut or slack curls with a disappearance can be a fabulous choice of hairstyle for you.

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The ‘curls with fade haircut’ is undoubtedly one of the most prevalent styles among the black men. The faded back and sides offer a solid dissimilarity to the curls on the top that can be fashioned loose and parted or messy on the side.

#6 Wave

Wave is such a hairstyle that is discordant in the world of hair-cut as the barbers are divided into two segments is opening the style. A group of them loves it while the other hates it though having the cut or not is depends on your palate.

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However, special products and tools including a wave brush, are a must need to preserve the hairstyle. The most important fact is that you must have thick hair to have the style. You may have a chat with a skilled barber to have the opinion regarding the consistency of the wave haircut to your hair type and lifestyle

#7 Buzz Cut

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The buzz cut is one of the most preferred hairstyles of a large number of black men especially to those who are unwilling to deal with tough hair or like playing various sports. For the black men who are to work regularly, this cut is the most perfect one as it always looks neat and soft with a very little looking after. You can even preserve the style with your own clippers and do it repeatedly by yourself just shaving the head using the same size as the guard.

In the end, it is seen that there are a number of formal hairstyles for black men. But, one should not randomly choose any of the styles. Instead of that, a black man should understand his hair type and find out the best match for his hair. You can even have a little talk over this with a barber. Otherwise, later on, you may have to regret choosing a style unwisely.

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