8 Awesome Faux Locs for African American

Faux Locs are the pretty hairstyles right now. Some African American women are crazy about faux locs. This article consists of awesome bun, beads, black long hair faux locs.

Black Faux Locs for Long Hair:

Black Faux Locs for Long Hair
Image: Black Faux Locs for Long Hair Source: Instagram


Faux Locs Bun
Image: Faux Locs Bun  Source: Instagram

Faux Locs with Pretty Clipper:

Faux Locs with Pretty Clipper
Image: Faux Locs with Pretty Clipper   Source: Instagram

Medium Faux Locs with Beads:

Medium Faux Locs with Beads
Image: Medium Faux Locs with Beads   Source: Instagram

Locs Bun with Long Hair End Loose:

Locs Bun with Long Hair End Loose
Image: Locs Bun with Long Hair End Loose  Source: Instagram

Locs Beads with Glasses:

Locs Beads with Glasses
Image: Locs Beads with Glasses   Source: Instagram

Pompous Faux Locs for Girl:

Pompous Faux Locs for Girl
Image: Pompous Faux Locs for Girl   Source: Instagram

Small Bunch Mixed Color :

Small Bunch Mixed Color
Image: Small Bunch Mixed Color    Source: Instagram


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