34 Tasteful Faux Locs Styles with Pictures

Faux locs have proclaimed its peculiarity over the last few years. It’s a wrapping hairstyle with the yarn, Marley hair or Kanekalon hair which is added with your natural hair. Locks are versatile and handy hairstyles used as a heavy hairdo by women all over the world. Its amazingly popular for its protective, low-maintenance and affordable nature. On the other hand, you can play around with these locks as they contain various textures, styles, colors, and lengths. In one-word, these thick locks allow you to make hairdos traditional to modern. As a result, the use and popularity are always high among women like you and me.

Multi-colored faux Locks with Beads
Multi-colored Locks with Beads
Image Credit: @ozibeauty

First, let me make it clear what you are going get from this little article. We have designed our today’s discussion reflecting faux locks, its variations, use, and some recent styles made with these locks. This whole journey, we will be telling you everything you need to know about the faux locs hairstyles. Moreover, some lovely images of faux locks will be placed in front of you to help you make a decision picking the right hairstyle for yourselves. So, let’s start cracking.

Faux locks Updo
Image Source: @afro_hairstyleidf

What are Fauxlocs?

We all need to know the core concept of the hairstyles we use. This knowledge helps us better understand the techniques and allows us to make more playful and innovative hairstyles for ourselves. So, we need to know what faux locks really are. Well, the faux locks are temporary protective hairstyles just like box braids. It’s a protective hairstyle where the locks extension is wrapped with the natural hair to give it extra length, color, and flair. Additionally, different types of accessories are used with it to make it more stunning and lovable. As a result, your hairstyle receives the power to enlighten you and your appearance in front of others.

Goddess Faux Locks
Goddess Locs
Photo Credit: @reefa_hair

Designs of Faux locks by Length

Length is an important variable for all kinds of faux Locks. Different length of faux locks creates different dimensions and effect on your hairstyle and appearance. On the contrary, length decides the style of your hair. Whatever hairdo you want to make with this, it depends on the volume or the length of the locks you are using for yourselves. For example, if you want to make a bun style with the faux locks, you might need a high volume cum lengthy locks. So, you can understand the importance of length for making a hairstyle. Here are some ideas of  the long, medium and short hairstyles made with the faux locks with images.

Jumbo Faux locks Updo
Jumbo Updo
Photo Credit: @winnys_touch

Long Locks, The Lovely Impression

In general, a long hairstyle implies a hairstyle with long hair, locks or braids. To be honest, there is no universal measurement of long hairstyles. In most of the cases, the long hairstyle consists of hair, locks or braids from the lower back to the waist. But some of the faux locks hairstyles may be longer than the length mentioned above. Long faux locks are thick long faux locks that usually touch the waist. In the case of locks hairstyles, this length is very common and available. This length provides sensational glamour and mind-blowing aristocracy which can make you look like a queen.

Jumbo Long Faux Locks
Jumbo Long Faux Locks
Image Credit: @prisslyhairstyle

Medium-Length Artificial Locks

After the long hairstyles, the medium ones come to the limelight.  Medium hairstyles are tremendously popular among women all over the world. Its comparatively low maintenance with almost the same beauty and effect of the long hairstyles. The medium locks follow the same rule. The length of medium hair differs from hairstyle to hairstyle. If you focus on the medium bob haircut, it will be a different length. On the other hand, in the case of faux locks, the medium hairstyle implies the length till back. These medium locks are brought front from the back and positioned by the two sides of the shoulder. On the contrary, the long faux locks are generally positioned by the backside.

Medium Length Faux Locks with Beads
Medium Length Faux Locs with Beads
Photo Credit: @prisslyhairstyle

Short Faux Locks, Smarter and Cuter

Short hairstyles were introduced mainly for the women working out of the home. But with the passage of time, the need for beauty and glamour emerged. In the present time, the short hairstyle does not mean a beauty-glamour-less hairstyle. In the case of the short faux locks hairstyles, the shorter version is not only for the working women but also for the beauty-conscious women who love to maintain a low-maintenance hairstyle. The short faux locks hairstyles have another benefit for you. And that is this hairstyle look like a bob hairstyle. So, with thick locks, you can have an additional effect like bob through this hairstyle.

Bob Inspired Short Faux locks
Bob Inspired Short Faux locks
Image Source: @winnys_touch

Designs of Faux locks by Color

Color puts life in your hairstyle. Some people think that the more combination of color you have in your hairstyles, the more they look gorgeous and flawless. However, opinion differs and depends. But in most cases, color adds something precious to your hair and hairstyles. On average, African American women use at least 7 colors with their hairstyles. And these colors vary in respect of hairstyle types, lengths, and purposes of the hairstyles. As we are talking about the faux locks hairstyles now, we want to see these hairstyles from the eye of the most used seven colors.

Colorful Goddess Faux Locs
Colorful Goddess Locks
Image Credit: @prisslyhairstyle

Red Locks

Among the most used colors for faux locks, red comes first. Apart from the hairstyle, the red-colored braids, hair, and locks are too cool to gain ultimate popularity among women. Red locs brings out the actual and inner beauty of whatever hairstyle you use. On the other hand, red locks make you shiny and notable among many. In recent times, you will see a tremendous use of red faux locks especially among women of a young age. That’s because they love to be colorful, they love to be unique and they love to have a hairstyle that really matters.

Red Locks
Red Locks
Image Source: @shana_missy

Blonde Locks

The next colorful hairstyle we are going showcase is the blonde locks. It’s needless to say that blonde color is the most used, most popular and most recommended color for using with your hairstyles. Every type of bun, braids, knots, locks, and hair can completely blend with the blonde color. When you are walking outside, you will see a huge number of African American women are using blonde hairstyles with different patterns and styles. This is because, the blonde is actually the color of youth, the color of glamour and the color of the future. So, use the blonde faux locks and start looking beautiful and glamorous right now.

Blonde Thick Faux Locks
Blonde Thick
Image Source: @indigoxhair

Purple Faux Locs

When you talk about majestic and charismatic locks hairstyles, the name of purple faux locks comes to our mind. Purple is our second preference after pink and that’s why the purple locks are so much popular among us. By the way, purple locks are not so available like the others. So, if you are willing to have a hairstyle with a different and unique color, you can avail of this wonderful opportunity. Trust me, you will look as good as a real-life queen.

Purple Fauxlocs
Purple Faux locks
Image Credit: @cinnamonempress

Gray Fauxlocs

Gorgeousness and glamor are just two synonyms of gray faux locks. Some think that the gray is the color of the aged and old. But the gray faux locks have proved this thought to be completely wrong. Gary locks can be even more gorgeous than the general hairstyles. Now look at the image and understand the beauty and effect of it.

Gray Faux Locks
Gray Faux Locks
Image Source: @Tatiana

Locks of Natural Color

It’s conventional, it’s natural and most used. There is hardly anything you do not know about the natural colored or the black colored faux locks. Black is always royal and gorgeous. When you are greatly confused to select the right color of your thick locks, black is your best option. It’s compatible with every face shape, hair color, and taste.

Locks and Beads
Locks and Beads
Photo Credit: @ma_coiffeuse_afro

Golden Faux Locks

Another great and colorful hairstyle is the golden color hairstyles. The golden color is used for natural hair, braids, locks and so on. And you should know that the faux locks are great with the golden colors. Although the use of golden color is not so common, it creates a charming effect on your appearance and hairstyle. The great benefit of using the golden locks is that you will get an automatically shiny and glittering hairstyle without using any kind of accessories like beads.

Golden Locks
Image Source: @versatile_styling

Highlighted or Mixed Locks

You can find many more hairstyles with different colors. But we have discussed the core colors used for the faux locks. However, here is the last one by color. And its multicolored or highlighted hairstyles with long thick locks. When you have no particular color preference or do not have a single color preference, you can avail of the opportunity to have locks hairstyle with highlights or multiple colors.

Blue Highlighted Black Faux Locks
Blue Highlighted Black Faux Locs
Photo Credit: @Sylette

Style by Thickness

Thickness is a great factor in the hairstyles. Normally the faux locks are thick and smooth. Because the locks are made with wrapped hair. When the faux hair is wrapped around the natural, it takes a tick form. But there is something more than the thickness in these hairstyles. So, let’s see how the thickness varies in different faux locks hairstyles.

Thick Faux Locks
Thick Locks Style
Image Credit: @chantie2us

Modern Locks

First, let’s see the conventional faux locks. Its thickness is what we see every day using people. It’s not so thick or thin just like the image. Most of the people around us prefers using these conventional locks. It can be used with different colors, shapes, styles, and accessories. Consider the following image for identifying the conventional faux locks.

Conventional Faux locks
Conventional Fauxlocs
Image Source: @chantie2us

Jumbo Faux Locs

When locks are thicker than the regular thickness, we call it jumbo faux locks. It make you different among many. These royal locks create a perpetual charm and enchantment to your hairstyle and appearance. Moreover, jumbo locks make you really look like an angel. Follow the below image to better understand the beauty and effect of the jumbo faux locks.

Jumbo Faux locks
Jumbo Fauxlocs
Photo Credit: @anixclusive

Accessorize Your Locks

Faux Locs Allow you add different types of accessories to your hairstyles with locks. It enough to make you look like a queen but the addition of extra accessories makes them more flawless and glamorous. Since the African American women have started to use the synthetic faux locks, they love to add some designs or something shiny to their locks. Now let’s see how impressive the locks can be with the accessories.

Criss-Cross Faux locks
Criss-Cross Fauxlocs
Image Source: @beautymattersci

Beaded Hairstyle with Locks

When we talk about the accessories, the first thing comes to our mind is beads. Beads are widely used hair accessories around the world. Beads are used with straight hair, natural hair, braids, knots, locks, and ponytails. Likewise, the faux locks are also greatly compatible with the beads. Beads create a shiny effect and a dazzle on the smooth locks just like the image below. Moreover, beads help you draw the attraction of others toward you more quickly than any other hair accessories.

Faux Locks with Beads
Locks with Beads
Image Credit: @Sylvia

Locks with Criss-Cross Ribbons

The criss-cross pattern on the braids and locks are too much popular among African American women.  These patterns are actually some designs making a crisscross on the locks and braids. Generally, some multicolored threads are used to make these wonderful designs. In the case of the faux locks hairstyles, the crisscross designs have a great charm and effect. You yourself can judge it through the image presented below.

Criss-Cross Faux Locs
Image Source: @homeoflocs

Ribbons for Magnetic Look

Accessories and Ribbons are just the two sides of the same coin. From the very childhood, we use these ribbons with our hairstyle as hair accessories. With the passage of time, the use of ribbons reduces but does not just wash away. Some of the hairstyles of the adults still mandatorily require the ribbons to be its accessory. However, here we have got a hairstyle with locks and ribbons for you and to make you understand that ribbons can be a great way to make your hairstyle well furnished.

Faux Locks with Ribbons
Faux Locs with Ribbons
Image Source: @nocckkyy

Hair Styles with Different Designs

Apart from the length and color variable, you can apply various types of styles with the faux locks. The faux locks are not the only element we use for hairstyles. Natural hair, different types of locks and synthetic hair are used to make hairstyles. Now its time to see how you can manipulate faux locks to make different types of gorgeous and glamorous hairstyles.

Faux Locks Ponytail
Faux Locks Ponytail
Image Source: @itsanyango

 Bun, Beauty Starts from Here

First, come to the buns. Buns are gorgeous and great hairstyles for the women of all ethnicity and region. Buns are used both casually and formally. Moreover, buns are being used as a wedding hairstyle for decades in the west. With fauxlocs, you can make lovely buns with necessary accessories like the image below. These buns are structurally the same as the buns made of other hair or locks. But the glamour and effect of these buns are far better than any other.

Faux locks Bun
Fauxlocks Bun
Image Source: @PEACHEZ

  Knots, Bantu Knots, and Locks

You can try the minified version of the buns like knots. Knots are smaller buns positioned o various places on the scalp. Or you can try the Bantu knots too with multiple knots around the head. However, these knots hairstyles are very much popular across Africa and America. Women like to wear them with natural hair, braids, and locks. So, you can try these knots hairstyles with lovely faux locks.

Faux Locs with Bantu Knots
Faux Locs with Bantu Knots
Image Source: @jmandy1112

 High Ponytail with Artificial Locks

The ponytail is another great example of charming hairstyles. Women worldwide use this hairstyle maximum time. These hairstyles are easy and less time-consuming. If you have lovely long faux locks installed on your scalp, you can make ponytails or half ponytails to have a quick hairstyle. Besides, you will get a captivating hairstyle that will simply blow up your mind.

Blonde Half Ponytail with faux Locks
Blonde Half Ponytail 
Image Source: @2santos_hair

Get Updo, Be Comfortable

Like the bun hairstyles, the updo hairstyles are mostly used during weddings and parties. On the other hand, the updos are mostly used in the summer seasons. The main benefit of these hairstyles is the coolness it maintains during the summer.  Mover, the updos are top used hairstyles during the wedding too. With faux locks, you are free to make whatever type of updo you want to make.

Faux locks Updo
Faux locs Updo
Image Source: @hairstylehub

Mohawk: The Locs Perspective

The shaved side and vertically covered center of the head are universally known as the mohawk. Mohawk is generally practiced with straight hair. But the use of braids, dreadlocks and faux locks with the mohawk hairstyles is very common today. With the fauxlocs, you are free to make the same mohawks. In the image below you will find an example of that.

Mohawk hairstyle with Faux Locks
Mohawk Hairstyle 
Image Source: @joelsaintis

Yarn Locks; More than Locks

Woolen or yarn locks are one of the most used faux locks. Many of the African American women prefer yarn over Marley hair for making locks. The yarn locks are smoother and more durable. Moreover, there is a variety of colors which you can avail of. Apart from these, you will be able to avail of all other opportunities of the faux locks with the yarn locks. For you, the following yarn locks image is presented.

Yarn Locks
Yarn Locks
Image Source: @niquewallace

Goddess Fauxlocs

This locks hairstyle is the most cherished hairstyle for every woman all over the world. The goddess locks version of the faux locks is tremendously popular for one main reason. And the reason is the human hair used to make these locks. One more significant characteristics of the goddess faux locks are the curly or wavy edges. And you can use the same accessories with it.

Goddess Locks
Goddess Locks
Image Source: @girliegirl40

Fauxlocs with Curls/ Real Locs with Curly Ends

Some of us try to find the faux locs hairstyles with curls often on the internet. These curly are actually the goddess faux locs which are described in the previous paragraph. Mostly with the human hair, these thick locks are prepared with the curls at the edges of each lock. However, here is another image of  faux locks with curls for your consideration.

Curly Faux Locks
Curly Faux Locks
Image Source: @_goddessgang_

How to Maintain Faux locks and the Recommended Products

The most asked question about the faux locks hairstyles is the maintenance. How to maintain it regularly at the night? And what should be the haircare products for maintaining the faux locks? We do have a suggestion regarding this concern.

Faux locks Updo
Image Source: @freedom.locs
  • The faux locks hairstyles primarily require the hair you want to use for making thick locks. There are four different types of hair that are generally used for it.
  1. Marley Hair
  2. Yarn
  3. Human Hair
  4. Kanekalon Hair
And we have discussed the maintenance procedure for all these three hair products. So let’s start the maintenance.
  • Step 1. Make small bundles off your faux locks so that the scalps are open enough. Spray water lightly on the scalp and massage the whole portion of your scalp.
  • Step 2. In this step apply ‘NOW Foods Organic Jojoba Oil’ on the locks and scalp of your hair. This will make your hair moisturized and avoid vulnerability.
  • Step 3. Apply ‘Lily of the Desert Aloe Vera Gel’ on the locks. This step is optional but you can try it to get the best result over the maintenance.
  • Step 4. ‘Curls Blueberry Bliss Curl Control Paste’ is the third product you need to apply on your hair. This paste will take care of the growth and hair breakage for you.
  • Step 5. And finally, Cover up your lovely faux locks with ‘Extra Jumbo Day and Night Cap’. It will provide cover and protection of your hair during the night and day time.
Double Knotted Faux Locks
Double Knotted Faux Locs
Image Source: @makeupwithmagz


Fauxlocs Hairstyles for African American Black Women
Faux Locs Hairstyles for African American Women
Image Source: @slaygoddessj


So, its time to finish up. This article covers the faux locks from different angles. We have managed different styled and colored fauxlocs hairstyles with different length and taste. It will help you pick the right locks hairstyle for you. Additionally, we have provided you with some tips to care for your favorite hairstyle. Our aim is to provide the most informative article regarding the hairstyles of African American people. We hope you have enjoyed it and expect a “thumbs up” in the comment box.

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