Attractive 8 Feed in Braids Ponytail for Women

Feed in Braids Ponytail is another popular attractive hairstyle right now. You can barrier your hair during events, party, college and much more time. Here are attractive 8 feed in braids ponytail for Black Women.

08. Ponytail with Long Braids:

Very much popular natural braiding style for black women. This one is the longer version of the ponytail with feed-in braids.

Feed in Braids Ponytail with Long Braids
Feed in Braids Ponytail with Long Braids  Source: Pinterest

07. Black Ponytail For Long Hair:

Deep black ponytail hair with few feeds. Hair length is long and feeds depth is also very high. Feed under the feed is noticeable.

Black Ponytail For Long Hair
Image: Black Ponytail For Long Hair               Source: Pinterest

06. Finicky Ponytail With Feed:

So much hard feed is here. Observable long hair tied also with the hair, no use of band or clips.

Ponytail With Feed
Image: Ponytail With Feed             Source: Pinterest

05. Blonde Ponytail :

This blonde style strikes with long hair and filled with dashing brown color hair. Not so much feed, but hair tied with hair in upward scale.

Blonde Ponytail with Feeds
Image: Blonde Ponytail                                    Source: Pinterest

04. Screech Ponytail with Beads:

Medium length black hair with four or five feeds. Noticeable off-white color beads make this Screech Feed Ponytail is one of the dashing hairstyles.

Screech Feed Ponytail with Beads
Image: Screech Ponytail with Beads          Source: Pinterest

03. Ponytail for Long Black Hair:

Slice or thick & thin feeds with huge long black hair. Hair direction goes to upward and tied. The downward hair goes like long tail.

Ponytail for Long Black Hair
Image: Ponytail for Long Black Hair           Source: Pinterest

02. Ponytail with Outstanding Braids:

Feed under the feed is noticeable here. This fair feed-in braids style is very much popular among Afro-American women.

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Fair Feed in Braids with Ponytail
Image: Fair Feed in Braids with Ponytail         Source: Pinterest

01. Ponytail Braids with Rubber Band:

Thick downstream feed with heavyweight upstream feed. Tied lots of hair with the black rubber band in upward makes its total length is medium.

Fair Feed in Braids with Ponytail for Medium Length Hair
Image: Ponytail Braids with Rubber Band  Style              Source: Pinterest

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