Fishtail Braid | 39 Diversified Braided Hairstyles with Ponytails

The fishtail braid, a symbol of excellence and magnificence for women all over the world. Fishtail ponytail, fishtail, fishtail plait, fishtail hair or fishtail braids, whatever you call them, they are regarded as the royal braided hairstyles of all time, culture, country and ethnicity. And guess what? We are here today with a bunch of fishtail ideas specially designed for the lovely black ladies.

Fishtail braids can be transformed, modified and extended with various accessories. Moreover, you can play around with these braided hairstyles with different patterns, designs, and styles. Today we are gonna present 43 breathtaking fishtails ideas and a general how-to for you African American black Ladies. So, tighten your seatbelt and let’s jump over the master collection of royal braids.

Fishtail Braid: How to Do

The following steps can help you make a fishtail braid. But it is only for the beginners and not for pro. So, the steps are:

  1. Do a ponytail, divide the ponytail hair into 2 sections.
  2. From the right portion, create and grab a smaller section (the third section).
  3. Pull the third piece toward the middle across the center.
  4. Attach the third piece to the left portion, and pull tight.
  5. Now go to the counter side, and redo steps two through four.
  6. Keep alternating sides, finger-combing each piece before weaving.
  7. Do the whole braid this way, pulling tight as you go.
  8. Finish up your fishtail. Tie it all up with an elastic.
  9. Now loosen it up. For a more boho look, stick your fingers in to loosen it.
  10. Done!

And that’s how you can make lovely African Fishtail Braided hairstyles on your own a home. But we know you need some ideas and designs to choose from for you to make one for you. So, let’s get you some ideas about these royal braids.

Two Fishtails from Feed-in Braids

Teenagers love it. It’s a special combination of fishtail braids with the feed-in braids. The upper portion of this hairstyle (on the head) is feed in braids and the lower part is divided into two fishtail braids. This style gives you a pure innocence look like teenage girls.

Black Women hairstyles
Image Source: Pinterest

Thick Dreadlocks for a Lovely Fishtail Braid Ponytail

This one is for the locks and thick hairstyle lovers. Your thick dreadlocks can be a great element of fishtail braids. All you have to do is to treat the locks as the naturally straight hair. And the residual procedure remains the same.

Thick Dreadlocks for a Lovely Ponytail
Image Source: Pinterest

Sisterlocs with Fishtail Braid

Anything that is possible with dreadlocks is possible with the sister locks as the sister locks are the thinner version of the giant dreadlocks. A fishtail ponytail with the blonde sisterlocs creates a majestic look by mixing up the fishtail design and wild sister locks.

Image Source: Pinterest

Pure Fishtail Ponytail: The Grand Look

This what the actual fishtail ponytail looks like. A lovely thick ponytail and the fishtail designs. And yes, you can use some accessories too with this design to make it more perfect and attractive.

Pure Ponytail: The Grand Look
Image Source: Pinterest

What About a Fishtail with Cornrows and Insignificant Highlights?

Have you ever thought in this way?  As fishtails are flexible, you can blend it with different patterns and designs. For the exam, here you will get cornrows, blonde highlights, and fishtail at the same time. Awesome huh?

What about cornrows and insignificant highlights?
Image Source: Pinterest

Cornrows + Zigzag Designs + High Ponytail + Fishtail Braid

A wide range of elements has enriched this great combo. The fishtails take only the lower part of your hair to design. And the upper portion of the fishtail hair is all yours and you can play around with it.

Image Source: Pinterest

Majestic Fishtail Plaits for Dark Women

Some of the hairdos require no descriptions and details. And here is one of them. You can create these awesome fishtail plaits to enchant anyone around you. And do not forget to add some zigzag or crisscross designs at the edges.

Majestic Plaits for Black Women
Image Source: Pinterest

Magical Beads for Your Fishtail Braids

Beads can make these queenly braided hairstyles more adorable and captivating. Any kind of braids can be worn with the lovely and suitable beads. The fishtail braids also look more mind-blowing with some pretty beads.

Braids with Beads?
Image Source: Pinterest

Mohawk + Cornrows +Fishtail Braid + Beads

The more patterns, designs, accessories, and styles you add to your hairstyle, the more they are gorgeous and glamorous. This fishtail braid has been ornated with so many of them. And as a whole, this one is a masterpiece among all fishtail braids ideas.

Mohawk + Cornrows + Beads
Image Source: Pinterest

Fishtail Braid Bun: Wavy, Impressive and Flowery

Well, here’s a style with a different taste. The fishtail idea has been implemented with the bun hairstyle. And you can call it a lovely braided bun hairstyle. And you can go to the party, vacations, or occasions wearing this masterpiece.

Fishtail Bun: Wavy, Impressive and Flowery
Image Source: Pinterest

Giant Braided Fishtail

Thick hair braids have the ability to enchant anyone and with their jaw-dropping charm and effect. Giant brads and braided designs can also give you a heavenly look. You can try this giant braids with a fishtail pattern to discover the new you.

Giant Braid
Image Source: Pinterest

Micro Braids with Fishtail Plaits

What should you say now? Actually, there are some hairdos that make us speechless. And right here the fishtail patterns, the micro braids, and a straight hair ponytail have made me speechless.  Try it now if you are planning to make someone spellbound.

Micro Braids
Image Source: Pinterest

Fishtail  + Feed-in Braids + Beads

Cornrows inspired feed in braids is a great companion of the fishtail hairstyles. This ponytail is differently designed from the previously described hairstyles with feed ibn braids. The long thick fishtail ponytail is the main attraction of this hairstyle.

Feed in Braids + Beads
Image Source: Pinterest

Cornrows Updo with Fishtail Plaits

Ponytails and updo have a great combination of chemistry. So do the cornrows updo and the fishtail plaits. Here the high ponytail hairstyle is designed perfectly with fishtail ponytail idea for you. Get it done and let the world bow down in front of you.

Cornrows Updo
Image Source: Pinterest

Fishtail Braided Updo

Maybe it’s similar to the previous one. The difference here is the fishtail design which is applied to the updo. The ponytail braids are regular here but the actual fishtail idea is positioned on the updo.

Image Source: Pinterest

Mohawk with Blonde Highlights

Fishtails are charming as always. But when you want it to be a wild and craze hairstyle with much serenity, you have this great option to manipulate. Shave your sides, and make some fishtails on the vertical center of your head. And make sure you have these lovely blonde highlights.

Mohawk with Blonde Highlights
Image Source: Pinterest

Horizontal Micro Braids with Fishtail

Let the micro braids wrap your head horizontally and position your fishtail ponytail vertically. It’s a mohawk inspired hairstyle for the women of African American ethnicity. Get it done and imp[ress the crowd around you.

Hrizontal Micro Braids
Image Source: Pinterest

Center-Partitioned Two Fishtails

Diversity is beauty. The more different you are in your hairstyle and fashion the more cute and charming you are. Now let’s check out this one, what about a hairstyle with center-parted with braids and two giant fishtail plaits?

Center Parted Two Fishtails
Image Source: Pinterest

Cobra Braids, A Modern Approach

Make three fishtail designs on your hair, part them with micro braids and connect them as a ponytail. Now enjoy a cobra look in your hairstyle. Don’t worry, it will work as an anti-venom for all your style stresses.

Cobra Braids
Image Source: Pinterest

4-Braids with Fishtail pattern, Blonde Highlights

What about a gorgeous blonde highlight with the thick giant fishtail plaits? For African American women it is one of the hairstyles they crave for most. The designs, color combination, length and thickness it has made it a masterpiece.

4 Braids with Blonde Highlights
Image Source: Pinterest

Red Braids, Micro Braids for Partition

Just like the previous two hairstyles, here is another one that can make you look like a princess. The main difference is the color of the braids. Some of you might prefer a red color than a blonde color. That’s why this one has been included in the list.

Red Braids, Micro Braids for Partition
Image Source: Pinterest

Triangular Fishtail Designs

Shapes matters. And that’s what we are gonna tell you with this hairstyle. With fishtail, you can make enormous shapes, designs, and decorations like this. And we assure you that all of them have the same bombastic effect like this one.

Triangular Designs
Image Source: Pinterest

Fishtail Updo with Bangs

Updo is great for summers and? And you can do updos for different social gatherings and get-togethers. Fishtail updo can give you the most charming look than all. And the new addition here is the bangs of the front part of the head. As a whole, you can gain unimaginable beauty with it.

Updo with Bangs
Image Source: Pinterest

Blonde Highlighted Cornrows Updo with Fishtail Plaits

Now go to the 14th hairstyle and understand the similarity of these two. Well, I think you will find the difference only in the highlight color. But the simple highlight has created this immense effect on your hairstyle.

Blonde Highlighted Cornrows Updo
Image Source: Pinterest

Fishtail Braid Ponytail

Royal hairstyles are always royal and great. Even the simplest of them with no decorations, accessories or highlights they can be more beautiful than the blinking stars. Heres one of them for you.

Image Source: Pinterest

Messy Fishtail Braid

Let your fishtail plait be messy and wavier. Indisciplined braids can bring cuteness and awesomeness like this braided hairstyle.

Messy Fishtail
Image Source: Pinterest

Mohawk with Fishtail Bun: The Magic of Fishtail Hair

Use your fishtail plaits to make beautiful bun like the image below. The shaved sides (the Mohawk) is just the supportive design to make your main pattern noticeable and attractive. So let’s make them bow with it.

Mohawk with Bun
Image Source: Pinterest

Fishtail Braids: The Mohawk Again

Come for another great mind-blowing design. Unlike the previous one, this mohawk has fishtails but the shaved sides and decorated and designs to add additional charm and enchantment to your hairstyle.

The Mohawk Again
Image Source: Pinterest

Fishtail with Braided Headband and Rosy Top

Wrap your head with a braided headband, Make a lovely fishtail in the back and make a rosy design with your hair to cover the center top part of your head. It’s really a great application of fishtail braid to modern hairstyles. And get ready to hear “your majesty”.

Fishtail with Braided Headband and Rosy Top
Image Source: Pinterest

Fishtail with Floral Bun

You know the bun designs with the fishtails. But what if you put a lovely flower garland on your fishtail bun? The image will clarify that. And if you are going for a wedding or quinceanera, try it, it’s marvelous.

Fishtail with Floral Bun
Image Source: Pinterest

Whats now? Its time to pick the great fishtail braid for you. You have to remember your preference, face shape, personality and purpose of wearing a fishtail hairstyle while choosing the design for you. And let us know your experience in the comment box. In addition, you have the option to follow us on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter to ask us questions and keep you updated. 

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